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A Little Laughter Never Hurt Anyone

Ways to annoy Nick  

1.Break out a map and tell Nick to find Norway and Sweden.

2.Hide Nick's Nintendo or Game Boy Color....then play the hot/cold game with him while he searches for it.

3. Sit down and explain to Nick that power outlets can only take so many plugs before you blow an entire floor out of it's power supply.

4. Take Nick to Blair Witch Project. Then when hes asleep make little wood figures and hang them from his door jam and pile rocks in front of his door...HEH
5. Ask Nick what language they speak in Spain.

6. Everytime nick goes to speak Cover his mouth and say "shhh dont speak just be pretty"

7. Walk up to Nick, pinch his cheek, and say "You're soooooo cute!"

8.. Every time Nick walks by say really loudly "I NEED TO GO TO THE BATHROOM" and then run off.

9. Ask Nick if he laughs like that on purpose. 

10. Call Nick's cell phone pretending to Britney Spears, and curse him out for that phone prank...... 

11. Throw a pack of pens and Nick and scream "there, NOW YOU HAVE YOUR OWN!!!"

12. Walk past Nick and say to your friend "so like, the alien is totally coming out of her stomach, and all he can do is hand her a glass of water?" Betcha Nick will jump in to tell you the rest of the movie!!

13. Ask Nick if he has a pen you can borrow.

14. Flick Nick in the head until it pisses him off.

15. Tell Nick a crazy story and when he says "really?" say "nope...."

16. Ask Nick for an autograph and hand him a pen that doesn't work....see how long he keeps trying to write with it. 

17. Watch Arachnaphobia with Nick and then let a spider crawl up his arm.

18. Ask Nick if someone has to approve his outfits before he leaves. If he says no, tell him that he should!!!

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