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SEPTEMBER 28, 2003: Sorry for the lack of updates this Summer but, I'm back. A minor update for now. I've updated the following sections: POTM, NEWS, and PICS. Stay tuned for more updates this week.
JULY 1, 2003:  Minor update. POTM, NEWS, AND PICS (radio/tv), have all been updated.
JUNE 16, 2003: Amajor update this evening. The following sections have been updated: POTM, NEWS, CONCERT PICS, and EL DIABLO RACING. Enjoy! And please remember to sign the guestbook.
MAY 8, 2003: A Major update this evening. The following sections have been updated: NEWS, CONCERT PICS, INTERVIEWS & QUOTES, and EL DIABLO RACING. Enjoy! And please remember to sign the Guestbook.
MAY 5, 2003: A major update this evening. I have organized the PICS section. I have 6 sections that pics are located in. I'm not done yet, but hopefully I will be by the end of the week. Until then, enjoy!!!!
MAY 2, 2003: A Semi-major update. Changed the POTM. I've also added a new section "El Diablo Racing". Here you will find the latest news and pics from the exciting new race team. For those of you who asked about the PICS section, I'm working on a way to organize all the pics into sections. This way, it will be easier to download them faster. So, for now, ENJOY............................................
APRIL 20,2003: a minor update this evening. NEWS on the debut of Nick's EL DIABLO Racing and upcoming appearances. Enjoy!!!!
APRIL 9, 2003: a minor update tonight. First, NEWS on the new race team, "Nick Carter's El Diablo Racing", and a new May tour date for Nick. And last, PICS from Nick's Saturday performance in Valdosta. Enjoy!!!!!!!
APRIL 6, 2003: A semi-update tonight. As you may have noticed, I've changed the POTM. I like this one much better. I've also added the YTV Hitlist interview with Nick. You can find that in the INTERVIEW & QUOTES. That's all I have for now. More updates later.............................
MARCH 30,2003: A semi- update. I've added a new POTM for April. And, I've also added some BSB news about their "furture" plans as/not as a group. So, without further ado......And remember to sign the guest book!!!!!
MARCH 23, 2003: A semi-major update tonight. I've added some NEWS and new Nick PICS. Enjoy! Remember to sign the Guestbook Please. 
MARCH 10, 2003: Small update tonight. I've added new PICS of Nick in InRock Magazine. Enjoy....
MARCH 6, 2003: Big update tonight. NEWS, some PICS, and a new INTERVIEW & QUOTES. Enjoy!!!
MARCH 3, 2003: I've added a new POTM. Also added NEWS and PICS of the tour. I hope you enjoy.
FEBRUARY 26, 2003: A minor update this evening. Added some NEWS and a new INTERVIEW & QUOTE with Nick and Aaron. More updates this weekend.
FEBRUARY 23, 2003: A few updates today. I've added some NEWS about the tour. Added a new section NICK CARTER RACING. Here I will be posting race relating info. I also added a section for the NICK CARTER STREET TEAM. Also posting any relating info concerning the street team. And, I have pic from Thursday night's concert in NJ, in the PICS section. Enjoy!!!
FEBRUARY 9, 2003: A few updates today. I've added some NEWS from Japan and U.S. tour dates, as well as some other things. And I've added PICS from Japan. Enjoy!!!
FEBRUARY 1, 2003: Well, a few updates today. Added new POTM for February. Added some NEWS about Nick and Aaron's Awareness Campaign. And added various new PICS. So what are you waiting for...GO CHECK IT OUT!!!
JANUARY 26, 2003: First off, HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY NICK (1/28)!!!! Okay, a few updates. I've add some news to the NEWS section, about the upcoming tour. Also, there's info on the bonus track from the single, "I Got You". And finally, new PICS of Star Search and 8 Simple Rules. So, what are ya waitng for...go check them out.
JANUARY 12, 2003: First off, HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY BEEJ!!! Now on to the updates. I've added to the NEWS section. Mostly about Nick's upcoming solo tour. Dates are also avaliable. So, go check them out.
JANUARY 5, 2003: Happy New Year everyone. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season. Now, to the updates...I have added Birthday wishes for BJ and Nick on the HOME page. And new and tour dates in NEWS. Enjoy!!!
DECEMBER 29, 2002: This is my last update in the year 2002. And it's a mior update. POTM and NEWS have been updated. See ya in 2003!!!!
DECEMBER 15, 2002: I apologize for the lack of updates. I've been busy with holiday shopping and other stuff. You all know what I'm talking about. Okay, update time....I've updated the following sections: POTW, NEWS, PICS, & INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. So, please check them out. And HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!!!!
NOVEMBER 25, 2002: A minor update. Just a few PICS of Nick on The View today. Enjoy!
NOVEMBER 24, 2002: A pretty big update. First, new POTW. Second, a ton of NEWS. Third, a ton of new PICS. and finally, a new interview with Aaron in INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. So please check it all out. And remember to sign the guestbook.
NOVEMBER 17, 2002: A big update tonight. First off, I've added a new POTW. I've also added to the following sections, NICK'S OCEAN CAMPAIGN and POEMS (formally known as fan fiction). This section has a few Poem by Nick himself and my friend Amy. And finally, I've added a new LYRICS section. Here you will find the lyrics to the US version of NON. Well, that's all for now. Check back during the week for more updates. :)
NOVEMBER 15, 2002:I've added some NEWS and PICS. Go check them out. More pics very soon.
NOVEMBER 13, 2002: I've added some NEWS and PICS. Go check them out.
NOVEMBER 12, 2002: Little update tonight. Check out the NEWS & PICS sections. More soon.
NOVEMBER 10, 2002: I'm sorry for the lack of updates. I've been having problems with my computer all week. As a result, I bought a new computer. Anyways to the updates. I've added a new POTW, as well as a new MISSION from the street team on the HOME page. Also, more reviews of Now Or Never in NEWS. And finally, new PICS of Nick. Stay tuned..more updates soon.
NOVEMBER 1, 2002: A major update. I've worked on the HOME page. Added some NEWS. Also added a ton of PICS from the NON Promo Tour. And finally, the MSN Chat in INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. Enjoy!!!!!!
OCTOBER 24, 2002: I've added NEWS, PICS, and a transcript of GALA Magazine with Nick in INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. More updates soon.
OCTOBER 21, 2002: Just a few updates tonight. First, Information on NOW OR NEVER In the NEWS. New pics of Nick on Regis & Kelly in PICS. And an interesting interview in INTERVIEW & QUOTES. Go check them out!!!
OCTOBER 20, 2002: I changed the POTW. I didn't like the one I originally posted.  And I posted IMPORTANT NEWS  about Bob in the NEWS sections, along with infortmation on Aaron and upcoming appearances by Nick. So get to it.
OCTOBER 19, 2002:  I've added a new POTW and team information on the HOME page. Added some NEWS, and the Blender interview and transcript from Q100 in the INTERVIEW & QUOTES section. Enjoy!!!
OCTOBER 16, 2002: I've added the new POTW and information on Nick's new Team Website "Nick's World" to the HOME page. I also added very important NEWS on Bob, as well as news concerning Nick and Aaron. And finally, there are new PICS and INTERVIEWS & QUOTES with Nick. That's all for now folks.
OCTOBER 8, 2002: I've added the first Street Team Mission to the HOME page. Also, upcoming t.v. apprearances in the NEWS. Stay tuned for more updates soon.
OCTOBER 5, 2002: I've added the ton of PICS that I've been promising forever and a new POTW. Enjoy!!!!
OCTOBER 2, 2002: I've added some NEWS, and transcripts for Europe in the INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. And of course, the POTW. Check back for another update later. I have a ton of pics to post.
SEPTEMBER 22, 2002: I've updated the POTW and added 3 new PICS of Nick from his offical site. Which I've added the link to in LINKS. That's all for now.
SEPTEMBER 19, 2002: I've added a ton of new PICS and a NEWSflash.
SEPTEMBER 16, 2002:  I updated the NEWS and PICS sections.
SEPTEMBER 15, 2002: Updated the POTW, NEWS, PICS, and INTERVIEWS & QUOTES sections. Also added reminders of upcoming cd releases on the HOME page. Scroll down to the bottom. That's all for now.
SEPTEMBER 10, 2002: I have a lot of NEWS, PICS, and a few transcripts in INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. Please check it all out.
SEPTEMBER 5, 2002: I added some NEWS about NRC and an article from the Toronto Sun. Also added some PICS from Canada AM. And finally, a transcript from a Canadian Radio Station in INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. So, what are ya waiting for? GO...
SEPTEMBER 2, 2002: I added a transcript of an Australian radio interview that Nick recently done. It's in the INTERVIEW & QUOTES section.
SEPTEMBER 1, 2002: I 've done a lot of updating. Check out the following sections: NEWS, PICS, and INTERVIEWS & QUOTES. And remember, please sign the guestbook.
AUGUST 26, 2002: Yes, I changed the outlook of the site. Hope you like the more "mature" look.
AUGUST 25, 2002: Awsome NEWS on NCR.
AUGUST 24, 2002: I changed the outlook of the site. Please tell me whether you like it or not. Let's see, Added some NEWS and PICS. Enjoy!!!!
AUGUST 19, 2002: Added Nick's transcript of Y100 interview. QUOTES & INTERVIEWS.
AUGUST 18, 2002: Hey Gang...I'm back from vacation. This being the reason why I haven't updated in 2 weeks. With that said..on to the updates. I've updated the following sections: POTM, NEWS, PICS, QUOTES & INTERVIEWS, LINKS, & LIVE JOURNAL. Go to it....
JULY 27, 2002: Sorry for the lack of updates. It's been a pretty busy month for me. I've updated the POTM (form. potw), NEWS, and ,QUOTES & INTERVIEW, sections. So what are you waiting for. GO!!!!
JUNE 30,2002: A new POTW (pic of the week).
JUNE 26, 2002: A semi-major update. A lot of NEWS & PICS. Also HOME page. More this weekend.
JUNE 17, 2002: Just an article on NCR in NEWS, some more PICS of Wango Tango 2002, and LIVE JOURNAL entry.
JUNE 16, 2002:  Um, not much updating. I added some NEWS and LIVE JOURNAL entries. Untill next time...
JUNE 15, 2002: Tonight's updates...PIC OF THE WEEK, PICS, and FAN FICS. That's pretty much all for now. I do have pics from NCR-Marathon and my NCR Experience in Cape Cod for my Live Journal but, when I have the time. So..stay tuned for those..
JUNE 14,2002: Just a small update tonight., NEWS. Why? Read my live Journal entry. It's all there. I'll update more sometime this weekend.
JUNE 8, 2002: As promised, a MAJOR update. Check out the latest NEWS, PICS, INTERVIEWS,  and FAN FIC. I've also added a new sections called HUMOR. Hey, we all need a little laughter in our lives. So what are you waiting for, go.......
JUNE 5, 2002: I've added a new PIC OF THE WEEK and a special message to Leslie Carter on the intro page. Stay tuned for a major update sometime this week.
MAY 27, 2002: Hi everyone. I have added some NEWS about Nick and Aaron. So go check it out.
MAY 20, 2002: Added two new articles on NRC in the news.
MAY 19, 2002: Hi. Added some news about Nick Carter Racing. And a new pic of the week. I'm hoping to have some pics of the Marathon Grand Prix within a few days. Check back.
MAY 15, 2002: Hello all. I've add 6 new pics of Nick at the London permire of Star Wars Episode 2 : Attack of the Clones.
MAY 13, 2002: Hey all. I've added a new article to the NEWS page. Go read it. It's interesting.
MAY 11, 2002: Sorry for the lack of updates. I've been busy this week. Okay, as you can see, I've changed the appearance of the site. To much blue in the old one. I really hope you all like this one. I've also added some news on the Carters. Added a few more links too. So, without further a do....go check out what's new.
May 5, 2002: Sorry for the lack of updates. Betwen being sick and busy, I haven't had the opportunity to update. I've added some news about Nick & Aaron, and Nick Carter Racing, so check that section out. I've also added a new Pic of the Week, and last but not least, new journal entries. So with that, I'll let you get on your way to check out what's new at KAOS'Korner.
May 1, 2002: I've added a few pic of the race in the pics section. I also added a link to live journal. Go check them out.
April 30, 2002: Just a few updates today. Added a TV Alert in the News and a pic of Nick at Sunday's boat race. I also added today's journal entry. That's all for now.
April 29, 2002: Hey Everyone! Hope you had a great weekend. I did some updating today. Posted an article about NC Racing. Speaking of the Race Team, I've also added a few more pics from the race yesterday. And finally, I've added a Biography page. Check back for more updates during the week.
April 28, 2002 : Hello again. Some updates to tell you about. I added the link to Cosmogirl's Survival of the Sexiest Contest. Yes, our Nicky is in the finals. Better hurry and vote. I also added the latest news on Nick Carter Racing. And I 've added pics of the boat in the pics section. So check them out.
April 27, 2002 : Hey all. I've done some minor updating today. As of right now, I have only updated the news section. Hopefully, I will have worked on the charity and fan fiction sections by Monday. I'm also thinking about adding a new section for the Nick Carter Racing Team. With the offshore powerboat race season starting, I'm sure I'll have a lot of news on the race team. So what are you waiting for? Go find out what our 'KAOS" is up to.
April 26, 2002 : I created KAOS' Korner. This site is still under contruction but, hopefully within a few weeks, I'll have it up and running. Please be patient. 

Remember send E-mail to : cp810@earthlink.net