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Nick Carter's Ocean Campaign:
Nick is learning about different ocean-based issues, and wants to use his position as a well-known entertainer to speak out and gain attention for these issues, so that more people become aware and take action. For example, Nick has made a statement about the Navy's plan to conduct sonar testing and how it would negatively impact the world's whale population. By him sharing that information, many joined in the cause and signed the NRDC's petition to the National Marine Fisheries Service to stop the sonar testing. If people work together, to make these opinions known, they can stop environmentally harmful things from destroying our oceans and marine life. In addition to his issue-based statements, Nick will support oceanic education and outreach.

Some Current Ocean Issues:

Navy sonar testing and its effects on marine mammals like whales and dolphins
Factory trawlers that "clear-cut" the ocean bottom by dragging huge nets along the seafloor, destroying everything in their paths. These nets not only capture the fish they are harvesting, but all the coral, rocks, grasses and other organisms necessary to support sea life. They turn thriving ocean floors into underwater deserts.
Killing of whales by many countries for commercial use
Off-shore drilling for oil and natural gas
Pollution from rivers loaded with city and agricultural wastes. This pollution causes dead zones in ocean waters where fish and other animals have almost disappeared. One dead zone exists in the Gulf of Mexico at the mouth of the Mississippi River.
Beaches littered with garbage and medical waste
Sewer and storm drain runoff from cities that make it unsafe to swim and surf

Some More Ocean Organizations

American Oceans Campaign (founded by Ted Dansen)
Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
The Sierra Club
The Surfrider Foundation






"How Can I Make A Donation to Help Nick's Oceans Campaign?"

Kevin Richardson's Just Within Reach Foundation is helping Nick manage his campaign. If you would like to make a donation specifically to Nick Carter's Oceans Campaign, make your check payable to "Just Within Reach" but write "Nick Carter's Oceans Campaign" on the "note" line at the bottom of your check. Your donation will be deposited into Nick's account. If you send some other form of donation, please be sure to clearly mark that your donation is for Nick's Campaign by attaching a note or letter stating that fact. Make sure to include your name and address so that you receive a receipt for your contribution. Send checks to:

Just Within Reach Foundation
Attention: Nick Carter's Oceans Campaign
3940 Laurel Canyon Blvd., PMB 256
Studio City, CA 91604

NCOC's Shark Fin Surfer Bracelets:
    You've seen Nick wear both his whale and shark fin surfer bracelets in photos (Feb. Pop Star, pg. 33) and on stage (Black & Blue Tour). And you may have heard that JWR and NCOC gaveout free bracelets at Backstreet Boys concerts last year. Well now you can have your very own pewter style shark fin bracelet and support Nick Carter's Ocean Campaign, a division of Just Within Reach! Proceeds from bracelet sales support NCOC and the American Oceans Campaign. To order yours, go to  and click on the GIVE/SHOP botton. Supplies are limited.

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