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Wednesday, June 26, 2002:

The World According To Aaron: 

 Aaron Carter firmly believes the record company can best be compared to a clever little system known as the food chain. The fans at the top, media savvy and ready to either embrace you or throw you to the lions, Aaron believes that a lot of media big wigs underestimate the power of the people. Sitting on the astroturf in the practice bubble of Giant's Stadium, Aaron reflects on the importance of the fans(besides the fact that they pay his bills).

"Fans are the most important thing to me, " explains Aaron," I think a lot of people at labels put fans aside and think press is more important than the fans...but, press IS the fans. If I had to choose between an interview with 'People Magazine' or a signing with fans, I'd take the signing with the fans without even thinking about it. " For being 14 years old, Aaron sounds wise beyond his years.

Speaking of a new album, Aaron's success with his previous efforts have ensured him main stream success, and this upcoming album should fair no differently. Aaron has plans to devise his final track list of surefire fan favorites. How will he do this, you ask? Why, by getting his fans to pick those very tracks themselves!

Genius, I know.

"What I really wanna do," says Aaron, "is just take the 20 or so tracks that I've recorded and put them on my site and just have the fans pick and choose what they want. Sort of get back to a more interactive thing, I guess. I want this new album to be something the fans really love."

Aaron's new album, tentatively scheduled for release on August 20th, will be titled "Not Another Earthquake," the name representing how the boy wonder is back to shake up the music industry. Collaborating with writers and producers and trying his hand at writing this time around, Aaron explains why he's slightly hesitant to become a one man show where writing and producing new material is concerned.

"Well I mean, I will always have people helping me out with writing and producing, ya know? Producers are there to do a job, and they do their thing like no one else, so I don't think that right now I'll be trying to do all the producing or writing."

Aaron will be going out on tour to support this new album, but fans, there is a catch---Aaron is touring ala Nsync and Britney style, playing his new material before it's released to the general public, taking his new music live one city at a time.

Also deciding to harness his star power to raise awareness on issues that are important to him, Aaron's decided to start his own charity benefiting cerebral palsy, a disease that hit close to home when he learned someone on his road crew was affected.

"It's good to make a difference, and it's good to help people, " says Aaron thoughtfully. " I mean, I'm the type of person who would do anything to help anyone, I'd give an arm and a leg to someone if I thought it'd help them lead a better life. I'm definitely planning on doing events like football games and basketball games to try and raise money for this cause, or even just try to get the fans to learn more about what's going on with cerebral palsy, ya know?"

With Aaron's hordes of fans, I don't think that will be hard to accomplish.

After working on new material for an album, sharing philosophies on the music industry, and sharing his plans to make the world a better place, Aaron also mentions something that he's been striving to achieve for the last 14 years: being cool.

"I just try to blend in and act like everyone else. I'm really into dirt biking," says Aaron with a lopsided grin, "and I love when I break a leg or something doing dirt biking, because I can just go up to people and be like 'Yeah, ya know, I was dirt biking on this huge hill, and I just fell and broke my leg. It was so dangerous.' Because, how can you not be cool when you're pulling a stunt like that?"

Oh, Aaron.

Aaron To Perform At Nation's Capital:
 Aaron will perform at "Independence Day with A Capitol Fourth" on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Tune in to PBS on Thursday, July 4, 2002, 8:00 to 9:30pmET (check local listings) for music, dance, a salute to Old Glory, a tribute to American composer Richard Rodgers and fireworks. This year's program features Barry Bostwick, Aretha Franklin, Aaron Carter, Lee Ann Womack, Richard
Chamberlain, Chuck Berry, tenor Jerry Hadley, jazz singer Jane Monheit, tenor Russell Watson and the National Symphony Orchestra led by guest conductor Erich Kunzel. (repeats at 11pm, 1am, 4:30am)
Nick Carter Was Floating But His Feet Are Grounded Now:
  Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter briefly appeared on Access Hollywood on Tuesday where he addressed his brush with the law back in january, when he was arrested outside this nightclub in Tampa, Florida. Nick admits, "Being with the boys and touring and constantly working, I was in a situation where I couldn't slow down." He admits that the incident was a wake up call though adding, "There was a point where I wasn't quite all there and I was just kind of floating and now, I got my feet on the ground and I'm ready for anything."

The following annoucement appeared :

A brand new cast for 2002 and a heaping helping of new characters - what more could you want from the number one kids sketch comedy show on TV? How about a whole galaxy of stars as guest hosts? Thats right - All That is back with a vengeance: hilarious kid cast, crazy characters, loads of laughs AND a new celebrity guest host, every week! Catch the likes of Britney Spears and Tony Hawk yukkin it up with the cast - now THATs All That!

Nickelodeon's popular sketch show is adding an eighth cast member for the upcoming season...Jamie Lynn Spears the 11-year-old sister of Britney Spears, will join the seven other kids in the cast - Chelsea Brummett, Jack De Sena, Lisa Renee Foiles, Bryan Hearne, Shane Lyons, Kyle Sullivan and Giovonnie Samuels. "All That" has been on Nick for seven seasons, acting as a kids' version of "Saturday Night Live." The show has launched the careers of Nick Cannon ("Men in Black II" ), Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell ("Good Burger" ) and Amanda Bynes, who stars in the upcoming WB comedy "What I Like About You." About 3.3 million kids watch "All That" each week.

Scheduled musical/celebrity guests (subject to change!):

June 21 - yasmeen
June 28 - B2K
July 12 - Fabolous, Play with Chris from Dreamstreet, Lil Bow Wow
July 19 - to be announced
August 2 - Music Day - Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, BBMak, 3LW, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Monday, June 17, 2002:
    The Savannah Grand Prix is next up for NCR. It will be held July 3 - July 7. For more information, log onto www.apbaoffshore.com.
Fond du Lac, WI -- Mercury Racing powered 'Nick Carter Racing' won the Super Vee contest at the 'Cape Cod Rendezvous,' June 8-9, in Yarmouth, Mass. Driver Bob Carter and throttleman Lee Murray averaged 61.10 mph to win the event. The race was round three of the 2002 APBA Offshore Pro Series presented by Mercury Racing. Unseasonable cool weather with heavy rains and high winds forced race officials to run the race on a "storm course" which still produced 8-10 foot seas. Several boats sustained structural hull damage due to the rough conditions. 'Media Master' and 'Phonix Waste' rounded out 2-3 in Super Vee. Both 'Nick Carter Racing' and 'Media Master' are powered by twin Mercury Racing Super Vee race engines coupled to Mercury Racing Dry-Sump Six Drives/Lab FinishedTM propellers
Saturday, June 16, 2002:
   Nick is scheduled to be the Special Guest Host at the Tommy Hilfiger Summer Jam at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY on Thursday, July 18, 2002. More details in the coming weeks.
Friday, June 14, 2002:
Pop Stars Celebrating Father's Day:
 Father's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to thank dad for doing what he does best: being a dad We caught up with some of today's hottest stars to find out what they're doing to celebrate their fathers on the big day.
 Like the Carter kids, Father's Day may take you by surprise, but it's Sunday (June 16).
   "I don't know," Nick Carter told Katrillion in response to whether he'd be spending the holiday with dear old dad. "I have a really hard time remembering anything. I remember two holidays: Halloween and Christmas, that's it."
   "I am," Aaron Carter gloated.
Source: Katrillion
Saturday, June 8, 2002:
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Preparing To Release Solo Album:
  Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will be the first member of the multiplatinum group to release a solo album on Jive Records this fall. Carter told LAUNCH that while a firm release date has not been set, he expects the album to be released this September.
"Right now I've been in the studio, and I've got, like, over 30 songs recorded," he said. "And they are thinking about a single in a couple of months, and the album later on this year--maybe late September".
   The 22-year-old singer added that the album will feature a combinatin of both pop and rock songs. "Of course, I can't stray too far from what I've done, so I'm stuck with that. And I've added a new element of which I've loved since I wa a little baby: rock music. So, I had to add a little bit of rock with it. It's going to be interesting to see how the public accepts it, but at the same time I'm very happy with what I'm doing personally, so it's going to be cool," he said.
   Carter also wanted to dispel any rumors about his solo career marking the beginning of the end for the Backstreet Boys (news-website). "We are not breaking up. I mean, everybody's all, like worried: 'Nick's doing this anf the Backstreet Boys are over,' and all this stuff. I mean, you know, I've been in the group for 10 years, since I was 12, so I mean, I'm 22 now and I really want to try something new," he explained. "That''s basically what I'm doing. Sometimes you can;t make everybody happy--that's the one thing I've learnedin life--but the guys are supporting me, so that's good."
   Carter performed with his younger brother Aaron Carter at the New York radio station Z100's Zootopia 2002 concert at Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Sunday (June 2).
Nick Carter on BSB Breakup Rumors:
  When a cryptic posting appeared on the Backstreet Boys' offical website recently, fans were confused about whether the "hiatus" the group was said to be on was actually another way to say "breakup".
   We went straight to the sourse and checked in with Nick Carter backstage Sunday at Zootopia, a music festival sponsored by New York radio station Z-100.
    "We're not breaking up." the group's resident hottie said. "Everybody's all like worried---"Nick's doing this and the Backstreet Boys are over, --and all this stuff. Imean, I'm 22 and I really (want to) try something new. That's basically what I'm doing. Sometimes you can't make everybody happy; that's the one thing I've learned in life. The guys are supporting me, so that's good."
     Nick said the release date for his first solo album isn't set in stone, but fans can expect it to be in stores "maybe late September".
Source: Katrillion
Red Jacket Resorts Back Backstreet Boy's Boat:
    Yarmouth-based Red Jacket Resorts has signed on as a sponsor of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's offshore powerboat racing team, in the APBA offshore race to be held off the shores of Yarmouth June 7-9.
    Carter's 43-foot Super Vee powerboat features two 750 horsepower engines and can reach speeds of up to 130 mph. It won its divisin in the Daytona Harley Davidson Grand Prix in April.
     "We jumped at a chance to be a part of this exciting event." said Red Jacket's Executive Vice President, Paul McBride. "This race is a great opportunity for our community, and it will provide a tremendous boost to the local economy. Red Jacket operates three beachfront motels in South Yarmouth, where the races will be held.
    According to McBride, Nick Carter and his younger brother Aaron are expected to sing the National Anthem at the opening of the races.
Source: aaronnews.com
Nick's secret visit to Sweeden?
   The Backstreet Star arrived yesterday (6/4) and spent the day in bed at the hotel in Stockholm.
   "It's nice to be back in Sweeden again," he said when Aftonbladet met up with him outsice the hotel.
    Tonight it's time for the worldwide superstar to go out in Stockholm's nightlife again. And then, seems like anything could happen.
    Two months ago, his night out at Cafe' Opera got an abrupt ending when he got into a fight with his friend/bodyguard. They started yelling at each other and suddenly Nick punched his friend hard in the face.
     Nick Carter was in Stockholm to meet songwriters and producers, and to record for his upcoming solo album.
      He styed for a week. Sources to Aftonbladet are saying that this time, he's supposed to stay just as long, if not longer, even 2 weeks.
       Things are very secret around who Nick Carter is working with in Stockholm. The Backstreet Boy has worked with, for example Max Martin in the Cherion Studios before.
      But this time it looks like Nick is working in the "La Carr Studio" with Douglas Carr amongst other people, who earlier worked with Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Ace of Base.
Source: Aftonbladet
Monday, May 27, 2002:
Nick & Aron Expected at Cape Cod's Rendezvous Race:
    Word is, Backstreet Boy blondie Nick Carter and his little bro, Aaron, are expected to sing the national anthem at the Cape Cod Renezvous Power Boat Race in Yarmouth, June 7-9. Carter's 43-foot Super Vee (which sports two 750-horsepower engines) will be among the 70- plus boats competing in the American Power Boat Associations' race. The people at the Red Jacket Resorts are sponsoring Nick's sea demon.
Sorce: Boston Herald
CBS' Early Show:
    Don't forget to set your vcr's. Nick will be performing with Aaron on CBS' Early Show, Friday, May 31 (during the 8am hour). They will sing their duet "NOT TO YOUNG, NOT TO OLD" off Aaron's "Oh Aaron" cd.
Nick wrote a Book?:
     Yep, it's true. Nick wrote a book tiltled : Brotherhood. It's about he and Aaron and their relationship. It's scheduled for release in September 2002. To pre-order the book, log on to amazon.com.
 Aaron's Summer Tour:
     That's right folks, AC's on tour this summer, and he's coming to your area.
     5/28: 98 PXY'S SUMMER JAM 02
               Rochester, NY @ Tech Center
     5/31: 92 PRO-FM BIRTHDAY BASH
               Providence, RI @ Dunkin Donut Center
     6/1:   KISS 108 CONCERT
               Mansfield, Ma @ Tweeter Center
     6/2:   Z100'S ZOOTOPIA  2002
               NY @ Giant Stadium
     6/8:   FM 106.1 KISS PARTY 2002
               Dallas, Tx @ Smirnoff Music Center
     6/9:   93.3 FLZ- THE BIG ONE V2
               Tampa, Fla @ Ice Palace
     6/13: Z107.7 SUMMER JAM
                Maryland Heights, Mo @ UMB Bank Pavillion
     6/14: CHANNEL 93.3 "YOUR SHOW3"
               San Diego, Ca @ Coors Amphitheater
               Pasadena, Ca @ The Rose Bowl
     6/22:  B96 SUMMER BASH 2002
               Koliet, Il @ Route 66 Raceway
*** To purchase tickets to any of these events, call    
Monday, May 20, 2002:
Carter Racing's Boat drops out of Keys Race:
   Marathon, Fl--- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's Super Vee offshore raceboat broke down Sunday, forcing his team to drop out of the Marathon Grand Prix in the Florida Keys.
   The drive shaft broke on one of the 40-foot Fountain powerboat's two engines during the thrid of 20 laps around a five-mile race course.
   " I was very disappointed and so was the crew." said Carter, 22, who owns the boat, but is not driving it during the 2002 American Power Boat Association's (APBA) racing season.
    "Things like this do happen. That's racing."
Source: Jacksonville.com
Sunday, May 19, 2002:
Carter Racing has disappointing Day in Marathon:
    Nick Carter Racing came in 3rd place after completing only 3 laps due to a broken drive shaft in the second race. NCR is now in 2nd place in the Super Vee Class with a total of 183 points....only 10 points behind the leading team Media Master.
Nick Seeks His Team's Second Win:
   Marathon, Fl-- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter seeks his team's second win of the year at the American Power Boat Association's Offshore Grand Prix in the Florida Keys on Sunday.
   Carter, a Keys resident who arrived Thursday following a two-week solo recording session in London, is eager to see whether his 43-foot Super Vee-class boat can duplicate its victory at the April 28, season opener in Daytona Beach.
   "I didn't expect to win, because it was the first time I ever did it." Carter said.
    A back ailment has kept Carter's father, Bob, from driving the boat. Lee Murray and Steve Oropeza of Key West are to handle piloting duties in Marathon.
Monday, May 13, 2002:
Nick to Appear at 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT:
   Timebeat subsidairy 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT is hosting a Music Industry Summit with Nick Carter and other industry leaders in Orlando, Fl, May 23, 2002.
    Particpants will discuss the current state of the music industry including, consolidation of distribution, the short-term profit motives of major lables, and reasons why major record companys are reducing their efforts to develop new talents.
    At the conclusion of the summit, the participants will discuss opportunites presented by 2 LIVE ENTERAINMENT business plan that includes: identifying new artist, obtaining distribution, developing a music asset catalog,(listings of artists), developing a creative support team,(writers, musicians, choreographers), developing a revenue stream for the mastering & production of compact discs, and acquisitions of an exsiting digital production facility.
 The objective of the summit is to lay the foundation for new exectutives to join the management of 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and to begin capitalizing on the opportunites present in the 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT business plan.
Nick Carter- a Grammy nominated Jive recording artist, who is one of the five members of Backstreet Boys. Nick has been in the music industry for over 10 years, and apart from his recording career, he owns a management company (Ncontrol Management) where he is currently shaping the future of new rock artist "Breakout".
Saturday, May 11, 2002:
Nick & Aaron to performa on CBS Early Show:
   Nick will be performing with Aaron on CBS Early Show, Friday, May 31, (during the 8am hour) on the corner of 59th and 5th Ave. They will sing their duet "NOT TOO YOUNG, NOT TOO OLD" off Aaron's "Oh Aaron " cd. If you live or are visiting the New York City area, come on down and party-- It's free.
Carters & Disney:
   The Carter Clan, including Nick and Aaron, set sail on the Disney Cruise for a week of family relaxation. Their voyage began on April 28, and concluded on May 2, 2002.
Nick Carter Racing Televised:
   Begining June 22, 2002, The Speed Channel will be televising the American Power Boat Association Offshore's 2002 Season. Check local TV listings for channel, and www.apbaoffshore.com for TV schedule.
Sunday, May 5, 2002:
Nick & Aaron to perform at B96 Summer Bash in Chicago:
  The B96 Summer Bash 2002 is Saturday, June 22, at the Route 66 Raceway in Juliet...featuring live performances by Shakira, Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige, Brian McKnight, Ashanti, and Nick & Aaron Carter, plus more artists will be announced soon. Tickets for the Summer Bash 2002, go on sale Friday, May 3 @ 6:00 at all Ticketmaster outlets. Ticket prices are $20-$75. For more information, go to www.B96.com .
Source: B96
Nick Carter Racing Team Set for Hometown Debut in the Florida Keys:
Marathon, Fla.-- May 4, 2002- Nick Carter, one of the acclaimed Backstreet Boys' pop musics group, loves offshore powerboat racing.
His father, Bob Carter, is even more enamored of the sport.
Between them, the two residents of Marathon, in the Florida Keys, have established the Nick Carter Racing Team and are sheduled to have their first hometown start Firday, May 17, though Sunday, May 19, at the APBA Marathon Offshore Grand Prix, the second race of the American Power Boat Association's 2002 offshore racing season.
To view the full story and to get Marathon race information, log onto www.apbaoffshore.com  
Tuesday, April 30, 2002:
TV ALERT!!!!!!
   Aaron and Nick will be featured on 48 Hours "Teen Idols" tomorrow 5/1/02 on CBS at 10:00pm. Tune in to watch the adorable Carter Bros.
Monday, April 29, 2002:
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's boat racing team wins debut
   Daytona Beach, Fla,- Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter is once again at the top of the charts- this time in high-speed powerboat racing.
    The 22-year-pld pop star on Sunday watched his team, Nick Carter Racing, win the first race of this year's American Power Boat Association Offshore Tour.
    The event marked the debut of Carter's 40-foot, 130-mph Super Vee-class boat, which had never been tested in open- water competion. " I didn't expect we would do so well," Carter said. "I would have been happy just to place."
     Carter started the team in February so his father, Bob, could pilot the boat in races. Bob Carter let Key West chiropractor Steve Oropeza take the helm Sunday while fellow Key West resident Lee Murray handled the throttles.
     Nick Carter also announced that he was "seriously thinking" about buying another race boat and running it himself. " I've really gotten into the sport. I'll start off in one of the smaller classes, learn all I can." Nick Carter said.
     The Carter family lives in the Florida Keys. They were introduced to high-speed powerboat racing during last November's Offshore World Championships in Key West.
      The Offshore Tour makes it's next stop in Carter's hometown of Marathon  May 17-19.
Source:The Associated Press, Jacksonville.com
Sunday, April 28, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing takes Victory:
   Nick Carter Racing have just finshed their debut race at Daytona Beach with a Victory. The team placed 1st in the Super Vee race with maxium speeds of 88.9 mph. Below are the offical results as reported by the APBA offshore racing,
    1st - Nick Carter Racing
    2nd- Media Master
    3rd- Lady Sarah
Backstreet Boy in Town
    Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his family have set up Nick Carter Racing's dry pit in the DIS infield along with the other boats here for the APBA offshore race.
    The Factory 2-class boat has one of the more noticeable paint jobs in a class of participants that generally run basic white. Mostly blue, it'll be easy to spot from the shore.
Source: Daytona Beach News
The Super Vee Race begins at 12:00pm on Sunday. To listen live to the race, log on to the APBA website.
*** side note***- For more information on the APBA Offshore Racing, log onto their website at www.apbaoffshore.com
Saturday, April 27, 2002:
Nick to sing before offshore race
    Daytona Beah, Fl - Teen heartthrob Nick Carter of pop music's Backstreet Boys will introduce his 43-foot offshore racing powerboat--with two 750 horsepower engines Sunday's offshore powerboat race along the beach.
    Carter. 22, won't actually be in the boat racing in American Power Boat Association's Super Vee class. The 130 mph boat will be piloted by his father, Bob Carter. Nonetheless, the whole Carter family will be in Daytona Beach and Nick Carter will sing the national anthem on race day.
Source: Daytona Beach News
Aaron & Nick Summer Appearances-
    Aaron and Nick will be teaming up once again this summer. Not to record, but to perform. They are schedule to appear at the following events:
     6/1 : Boston, KIIS 108 Great Woods Radio Show
     6/2 : NY Giant Stadium, Z100's Zootopia 2002
     6/15 : Passadena Rose Bowl, Wango Tango

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