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The following Poems were written by Nick Carter:


If I could sell
My soul to the devil
I'm sure I would
In exchange for a longer life.
Just one day more
If I could
I'm sure I would

Some people say
And they're not wrong
That life is bitter sweet.
A little happiness
And a lot of pain.

Devil I don't care
Let me taste a little more of life
Even if the day will be sad.
Devil I don't care
Give me more life
A little more
And in exchange
I want to keep on feeling
What life gives me:
Wine to get drunk on for the rest of my eternity.

Crazy they call me
Who cares!
Crazy to grasp life
To suffocate death


When the dawn smiles in a way
That the frost turns
Into the warm milk of a fig-tree
Your soul, at last, will bathe in the Prairie
And shouts to the sun that blinds you
"I was born to life"
Then the sun will be extinguished
And your soul will take its place


For you I was a Poet, one night in your arms
With you the night became fire between your legs
And groans of love for your prairies
I loved, love
Your whole life.
My arms envelop your waist
My hands draw your silhouette
And my mouth sew embers across your face
That my kisses had left
Like water filtering through the Earth.
The proof of my love melted in your soul
And like sparks that jump out of the fire
I covered you with my kisses.
My stare left you naked
I took the secret of your soul.



The following Poems were writtien by my friend Amy Trunnell



My Dreams


What can I say? 

But the only thing on my mind

That is I care about you

More than you would

Ever know

Because I dont think

You will ever know

So, for now

You will just

Be in my dreams


Amy L Trunnell 4-12-02




Written by: Amy Trunnell

I love the way that you always make me laugh

When I look into your eyes I want to melt

Our relationship seems like an eternal path

Is love a crime that punishment must be delt?

When I'm around you it feels like it could be Summer

The grass is green and the air is cheerful with song

From the animals that walk the ground and make the sky hummer

The only bad thing is that Summer is not that long

We never really have time to converse

And I wonder if you feel as I

And I don't think you could handle the transverse

With that, it makes me sad inside

So as you see, I compare you to my favorite things

And I hope that you finally see that love too, has wings.








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