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He Said What?

This interview was given a few days ago.....
How was your tour?
It was awesome real awesome.I love beeing out there.The fans have been really supportive about my album and everything.
Do you have any plans of a new album?
Everyone is curius about that arent they? I had more sings than what i was able to put on the album si i definitely have more material.
You've done a lot of solo shows now.What is it like to do everything alone?
It's definitely a new experience, but its something that i welcome.I love a challenge.
Is your audience the same now as it was when you were touring with The Backstreet Boys?
I'd say its more 18 and up now.But of course some younger fans too.There are many different age groups that wants to listen to it and likes my music. And i'm not the kind of person to rock it all out cursing on stage and all ya know.
Are you by any chance dissapointed that Justin Timberlake's album has sold more than yours and is doing very well in the charts at the moment?
The whole thing.....*sighs*...Ya know...No.I'm so focused on what im doing.and thats the way i feel it has to be.If i was to start worrying about things like that i couldnt be 150% dedicated to what im doing.Im just trying to be me.Im not focused on looks or having everyone focused on me at all times ya know.Im just doing what i love to do.Im just Nick.
You had a tourbus this time.Were you tired of the endless hotellrooms?
My tour got delayed becayse of the bat weather up east, and i was asked if i was up to doing a new show everynight and not cancel any shows.I had to do like 10 shows in a row.It had never practically been done before but it was cool.A tourbuss was the best way to get around and it brought back a lot of memories when i was on tour with the fellas and everything.It was good.
So a whole tourbuss at your service.Your own house on wheels for 10 days?
Yes,*laughs* It was fun.
What is the most personal song for you on the album and why?
I got you.And there are many reasons for that.
Are you coming to Europe?
Yes, definitely.I love Europe.Its my home away from home.Europe is where it all started for us so it means a lot to me.


Nick's Interview with Rob from YTV'S HITLIST

Nick Carter did an interview with Rob of YTV's Hitlist. In the interview, the Backstreet Boys star admitted that his favorite sibling is Aaron Carter, he has 20 tattoos, his favorite *NSYNC member is Joey Fatone, he hates liver, and favors his Cadillac Escalade. Read on for the transcript.

[From YTV's Hitlist]

Nick gets Robbed

Rob: Alright are you ready to get robbed?
Nick: Rob me

Rob:What's your name?
Nick: Nick

Rob: How old are you?
Nick: *laughs* 23..

Rob: What's your favourite colour?
Nick: Green

Rob: What's your favourite car?
Nick: Escalade..

Rob: What is it?
Nick: Escalade....Cadillac

Rob: K.. favourite holiday?
Nick: Umm... Halloween

Rob: Whats the weirdest costume you ever had?
Nick: uh.... i dunno.. G.I. Joe

Rob: Ok and I take it that was last year? haha, just playin..

Rob: Ok, favourite video game?
Nick: Mortal Kombat

Rob: Favourite Nsync member?
Nick: *laughs* umm.. i dunno, Joey?

Rob: Favourite sibling... you don't have to answer
Nick: uhh.. Aaron

Rob: Aight, Aaron if you're watching your brother loves you

Rob:How many tattoos do you have?
Nick: oh man.. i can't remember

Rob: well, give us an estimate.. 5..
Nick: 20..

Rob: 20?? Wow...

Rob:Any peircings we don't know about?
Nick: *Nick looks down* no! haha, jus playin

Rob: What food do you hate?
Nick: I dunno.. i like all food

Rob: even liver?
Nick: Oh no.... I hate liver!

Rob: K, I'm gonna same some names and you finish them..
Nick: ok..

Rob: Avril
Nick: Lavigne

Rob: Mariah
Nick: Carey

Rob: Craig
Nick: David

Rob: Elton
Nick: *laughs* John

Rob: K, i'm gonna sing a song and you finish it.. "Help Me.."
Nick: Figure out the difference.... between right and wrong...
*both of them laugh*

Rob: Congratulations, You've just been Robbed!

Las Vegas Sun Interview With Nick

By Spencer Patterson, LAS VEGAS SUN

Nick Carter was just 13 years old when he became the youngest member of teen pop group the Backstreet Boys.

From 1994 through 2000 the five-member ensemble released three albums and a string of hit singles, garnering a devoted international following.

Now 23, the sandy-blond Carter is hoping to become known more for his music than for the throngs of teenage girls downloading his image from the Internet.

In October, Carter released his solo debut, "Now or Never," on the Backstreet Boys' Jive Records label.

Last month he kicked off his first U.S. tour sans Backstreet mates Howie Dorough, Brian Littrell, A.J. McLean and Kevin Richardson. Backed by a new band of musicians, Carter stops off at the House of Blues at Mandalay Bay Friday night at 7.

In a phone interview outside Boston's Avalon Ballroom last week, Carter talked about his solo plans, his first stabs at songwriting and the status of the Backstreet Boys.

Las Vegas Sun: You've played four solo shows so far on this tour. What has it been like to be onstage without the other Backstreet Boys for the first time?

Nick Carter: It's definitely a new experience, but it's something that I welcome. I love a challenge.

The thing that I didn't realize was how difficult it is performing on your own for an hour and a half. I'm the kind of singer who tries to give it my all during a performance, so my voice is gone after the show and I'm just mentally and physically exhausted. But it's good because at least I know that I did the best I could, that I put all my energy into it.

Sun: Have the audiences been similar to Backstreet Boys' crowds, with lots of young fans coming to your shows?

NC: It's probably like 18 and up, with maybe a couple of younger fans each night. There are more older people this time around, which is cool. But I feel like music is for everybody wants to listen to it. And I'm not the kind of person that goes up onstage and curses or anything like that, so anyone can come to my show.

Sun: You co-wrote five songs on the album. How did your first foray into the world of songwriting go?

NC: It was really cool because I got an opportunity to let all my influences come out. It was a lot of fun. I didn't write the entire album, but I didn't want to. I've always felt like some of the best albums are the ones that you get other people involved in. I mean, Celine Dion doesn't even write half of her songs.

I don't proclaim to be the most incredible writer in the world. I'm an entertainer first, but I do want to learn how to be a better writer someday too, and that's what I'm kind of in the middle of doing. What everybody saw me write on the album is very premature of what could happen.

Sun: Do the Backstreet Boys still exist?

NC: We're talking about possibly doing another record together, maybe this year sometime. March, April, something like that.

Sun: So despite your solo endeavor, you guys remain close?

NC: Oh yeah, I'm still in touch with them. I grew up with them from a young age, but this is something I had to do. I had to do this in order to become the artist that I want to become in the future.

It is scary. It's a whole new thing. I started when I was 12 years old with them, so I didn't know anything but the Backstreet Boys. But I'm very adventurous. I love to spread my wings and fly.

Sun: 'NSync performed a tribute to the Bee Gees at the Grammys on Sunday night. Do you have any regrets about missing out on those types of opportunities like that by putting the Backstreet Boys on hold?

NC: That whole scene -- and I'm not just talking about the Grammys -- is great to do. But there's so much politics involved in that stuff and to me, it's all about the music and entertaining and performing.

Personally, I'm not the kind of guy who strives to be like, "Look at me, look at me. I need to be everywhere." I'm not a male diva. I'm just Nick.

Sun: Are you disappointed that your album hasn't sold as well as ('NSync member) Justin Timberlake's solo debut?

NC: No. I'm so worried about what I'm doing, and that's the way I feel I have to be. If I start worrying about other people's careers and things like that, then how am I going to dedicate 150 percent to what I'm doing?

Sun: Despite their popularity, the Backstreet Boys never got much respect from critics. Do you think that will change for you now that you're out on your own?

NC: What I'm trying to do is be myself and do what I want to do. And if I get respected in the future for it, great. If not, well then I still was happy doing what I felt was true, whether it was the Backstreet Boys or my own stuff.' I'm not a male diva. I'm just Nick."


Nick and Aaron Interview in Kidsday

In today's Kidsday, the comics section of Newsday, there's an adorable interview with Nick and Aaron.

We interviewed music pop stars and brothers Aaron and Nick Carter at the Kaufman Astoria Studios recently. Afterward. we watched them sing with some of the muppets. The segment, about sibling rivalry, will appear next month on "Sesame Street."

Who's your favorite Seseme Street character?
Aaron: Elmo
Nick: I like Grover

What do you prefer, singing or dancing?
Nick: Singing
Aaron: Singing, that's cause we can do it better.

Aaron, is it true you sang the theme song for the movie "Jimmy Neutron."
Aaron: Yes. Reaching out to a lot of different audiences with Nickelodeon was pretty cool.

Do either of you plan on being in a movie?
Aaron: I have 2 feature films I'm doing; one for Fox and one for Dreamworks. I just finished doing the the TV shows "Family Affair" and "Touched by an Angel."
Nick: I did "American Dreams". I just released my album recently, so now I'll have more time to do acting.

Nick, did the Backstreet Boys break up or are they just taking time off?
Nick: We're just taking time off.

Which Backstreet Boy are you closest to?
Nick: It changes, but at the moment I hang out with Howie a lot.

What kind of music did you listen to while growing up?
Nick: We listened to the same stuff, Journey, Bob Seger, Nirvana.
Aaron: And M.C. Hammer. Nick would make me head bang to Nirvana. Recently I got to sing "Eye of the Tiger" with Survivor.

Do you feel the need to compete with each other in the business?
Nick: No, I never consider us in competition.
Aaron: If anything, we'll help each other.

Do you have any obsessive fans?
Aaron: In Germany out buses used to get swarmed with fans, about 7,000 girls knocking on the buses. One time, I got out of the bus and there was a girl climbing on the back of the bus.
Nick: Once [The Backstreet Boys] had two girl stowaways in the compartment at the bottom of our bus.

What was your most embarrassing moment onstage?
Aaron: I was singing in a mall, and I picked a girl to come up onstage with me. As I was grabbing her hand, I fell off the stage. It felt like I was in the air forever, flying like Superman.
Nick: It's so embarrassing to fall onstage. One time in Japan, I tried to do a back handstand and fall on my back. I looked like a turtle; I couldn't get up!

What would you be if you weren't performers?
Aaron: Nick would be a nerd. I'd be a football or basketball player.
Nick: I'd probably be in the coastguard

If you formed a new band, who would you choose to be in it?
Nick: We've talked about starting a band with our family, like the Jackson 5 kind of thing.

When you're touring, what is your favorite fast food restaurant to stop at?
Nick: Probably Krispy Kreme. I don't eat fast food that much anymore.
Aaron: I love Taco Bell

We've read that both of you enjoy playing basketball. Who wins playing one-on-one?
Aaron: We just finished playing basketball at my house and I beat him!
Nick: You did not! No way!


Nick Radio Transcript 02/12 (Michigan)

EOB: On the phone right now it is Nick Carter. Nick What up, What is going on?
NICK: Just chillin man, Hanging out.
EOB: Very cool very cool. Hey congratulations on the tour, How's it going so far?
NICK: Oh, It's going great, we just got back from Japan. Um sold out gig and everything so It's really hot.
EOB: Wow, How much different is it traveling by yourself, is there moments where you go "wow this is pretty good, I'm all by myself".
NICK: Well It's cool I do.. I definatly get alot of peace of mind, I get to like, you know, just think about things, and really let everything absorb, and you know, I'm learning new things being on my own. That comes with everything from music to personal.
EOB: And the new single is going to be "I Got You" which we will be hearing very shortly.\
NICK: That's like probably one of my favorite songs on the record.
EOB: The end of the month you'll be playing the probably one the coolest venues in all of Michigan. Clutch Cargo's in Detroit, Have you been there before?
NICK: I.. Don't believe I have , No.
EOB: It's very very cool you will..
NICK: I could be wrong! If I did it like along time ago, But I believe.. You know the cool thing about it you know, that I'm so happy That I can do smaller places. We've been blessed to big places, But when you start to doing them big venues and things like that people start to get further and further back in the crowd and you know, you know it's like, When we were doing it I was like "damn I wish we could do smaller places" So now that I'm doing the solo thing.. I can do that.
EOB: Do you find that doing the smaller shows re-energizes you as a musician cause you get to be so close to the crowd?
NICK: Oh yeah. it does everything, You, you get the energy from the crowd it just like hypnotizing, It's incredible. You know, That's the thing. we really, me and my band we we.. the kind of show we planned. Is a show that we can play with the crowds emotions.You know, Jump em' up. for you know. hold em' there you know. Then bring it back down. let em' smooth sail for a little bit. Then come back up with some more songs.. It's really up and down. It's such a high energy show.
And It's different too, Don't go there expecting to see like you know, dancing and typical Backstreet show, Because you know, what we specialize in with Backstreet Boys were singers, Now really that's what I'm doing the whole time is singing.
EOB: I called my cousin lastnight cause she is like the biggest Nick carter fan ever and I wanted to let her know so she could listen on the internet and she of course posted that on a message board that I was going to be talking to you, and I had about 725,000 emails, about when are you coming back to Europe.
NICK: Look, When I said we were coming back to Europe, and I'm coming back to Europe, we still going to come back there, and you know, Those fans over there, They mean just as much as the US and every place around the world. Because they were there in the beginning.
EOB: And after you get all this touring wrapped up is that when you guys are going to start to get back together, and maybe do another Backstreet Boys album?
NICK: Well... You see the thing is, That is something we have to discuss whether or not I either go back to Europe by myself or come back with the boys. You know what I'm sayin'. Because, You know in probably late March we are going to start recording a record possibly, you know and them um.. we are going to have it done probably around May or June and it might be a whole new ball game.
EOB: Nick, I know that you are super swamped so I'm going to let you go, Have a great rest of the tour and we will talk to you when you come back with the Backstreet Boys.


Aaron on The Today Show, (November 25,02)

The interview was done in Aaron's home in Marathon (crossed live from Rockefellar Plaza, New York) as you notice during the interview he was having some audio problems but he managed to get through the interview without a hitch!

KATIE COURIC (KC): You might know him as the youngest brother of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter but his name is Aaron Carter - his got an impressive career on his own. And he's got some music fame of his own as well. Not only is he a platinum selling artist, Aaron Carter has a new job for the upcoming holiday season - his a military first celebrity Santa Trecker! Yes, Aaron Carter is tracking down Santa Clause for us... Hi Aaron, how are you?

AARON CARTER (AC): How ya doin'?

KC: Good! Now, did you land this gig? and what is it all about?

AC: (Having trouble hearing) I'm sorry.

KC: How did you land this gig? And can you tell me what's involved?

AC: Well NORAD wanted me to come and be the Santa Trecker, so I heard about that and we went to the whole base and it was really cool and it was a lot of fun, we went inside the cave, and I got to meet Santa...I was like, 'You really Santa? You gotta show me some ID.' So he pulled out his ID card and I was like what?'

KC: (Laughs) Now of course we should mention that NORAD stands for... (didn't get the rest cos of interruption on TV) When did the military decide to get into the business of tracking Santa Clause, Aaron?

AC: I'm sorry...(Having problems again)

KC: When did the Military decide to get the business of trackind Santa Clause?

AC: Well, I heard it a long, long time ago when a phone call came in from a little kid and there was something going on about getting a hold of Santa and talking to Santa. And the number got switched around and the kid ended up calling the NORAD Station instead of the Santa Place. And he asked for Santa and NORAD got it for him.

KC: Well you must have some pretty high-tech and impressive equipment that you able to use to track him down. Are you looking forward to doing this at any sort of tips for kids who might be wondering where Santa's gonna be on Christmas Eve?

AC: (Having problems again) I'm sorry, I didn't what you said...

KC: We're having audio problems apparently Aaron...Any tips on kids who might be wondering where Santa's gonna be on Christmas Eve, in terms of NORAD's capabilities of tracking capabilities?

AC: Well, kids can find out where Santa's going to be cause you can see Rudolph's nose. You know the one around all over and it goes really fast and that's what I heard. And you can see his big, big bright nose!

KC: And they also can get updates on right if they need more information?

AC: Yeah, Absolutely!

KC: Alright. Well, Aaron, thankyou for doing this important job this Holiday Season...It's great to talk to you...

AC: No problem!

KC: We'll see you soon!

AC: Alright, thankyou very much!

KC: Ok, bye. Cute, isn't he? (To co-host Matt Lauer)

MATT: Absolutely, yeah!

You can check out the NORAD Santa Tracker website at


Aaron's Teen People Chat on November 19th, 2002

Host: I'm Zena from, and tonight we're here with the one, the only, Mr. Aaron Carter.
Host: I know we've got a deluge of questions from both our AOL and Web users tonight, so we're going to get right into them...
Host: How are you, Aaron?
Aaron Carter: I'm just hanging out here with my brother, and we're having a great time!
Aaron Carter: We're about to go to the boat races and watch my brother's race.

Host: Speaking of your brother, I was with you guys when you did Sesame Street a couple weeks ago. What was that like?
Aaron Carter: That was very fun. I had a great time. It was cool, getting to see my childhood fun.
Aaron Carter: I used to watch that show all the time, so it was like wow!
Aaron Carter: It was pretty amazing to get to see that stuff.

Host: Well, we've got tons of other questions...
Host: From CrazyLittlePartyGirl...Who is your celebrity crush?
Aaron Carter: My celebrity crush-I think everone knows that it's Mary-Kate and Ashley.

Host: Both at once?
Aaron Carter: No-just Mary-Kate.

Host: From Nonstopflirt2003...hey aaron my name is abby and i was just wondering if ur gonna come out in a movie in the future? I LUV YOU AARON KISSES AND HUGS LUV ALWAYS UR #1 FAN ABBY
Aaron Carter: Actually, I'm going to be doing a movie in Febuary-and this if for sure, actually.
Aaron Carter: It's being done with No Secrets and Lindsay Lohan, it's all in the making now. It'll be out around fall. It'll definately feature a lot of different music of mine-more rap, rock.
Aaron Carter: My brother is helping me do my new album right now. He's been helping me a lot. He's helping me write some new songs for it.
Aaron Carter: He wants me to become a different Usher.

Host: So you're going to have your shirt off all the time?
Aaron Carter: That's all I've been doing right now-working out at the gym every day. I have a six-pack. Actually, it's an eight pack!

Host: No you don't!
Aaron Carter: Yes I do! I don't have an ounce of fat on me. But I've gained pounds because of muscle. I'm 140. I was 120 pounds six weeks ago. That's from working out three hours a day.

Host: What's your favorite workout music?
Aaron Carter: I don't really listen to music when I work out.

Host: From CHASINGFAME12...If you were older, would you get a tattoo? and of what?-xox Robin
Aaron Carter: If I was to get a tattoo, it would be of Tupac. He's a big idol of mine, in his rapping.
Aaron Carter: A lot of people think he was a bad person, but in reality, if you listen deep down, you can understand him, because all of his music was poetry.
Aaron Carter: He gives people a reason to understand life.

Host: What's your favorite Tupac song?
Aaron Carter: To My Unborn Child, and probably California Love.

Host: From Dessiree...Who is your role model?
Aaron Carter: Probably my brother. Think about it-most little brothers, their big brothers are their role model.

Host: From aaron. tell us what a normal day is for u?
Aaron Carter: Normal day - getting up at 2 in the afternoon, 2 hours of school, at 4, taking my boat for a ride, playing video games all night, and going back to bed.

Host: From Emgirlz...aaron, i am a huge fan!!!!!! i wanted to know: if you were to come live back in Tampa, what would you most likely do first. {besides go to the nearest fast food shop or beach} thank you!!!!!!!!
Aaron Carter: Go watch a Tampa Bay Bucs game.

Host: From AaronsGirl12...What is your favorite song on Nick's solo album?
Aaron Carter: Probably My Confession. I just like the beat and the way he sings it. He does it great.

Host: From IcEpRinCeSsAnm29...aaron, i just want to know what was the best part about making the new cd and why? amber from ky
Aaron Carter: The best part was having fun with all the producers. And getting in there and singing and just loving it.

Host: From BlindRider5555...hey aaron its me again aaron i love your performances i might be a boy, but your music rocks. how do you do it man? peace out
Aaron Carter: I know you! It's a great thing, man, that you love it because think about it-there's nothing better in life.
Aaron Carter: If you think about it, people have been healed by songs-Chicago, Journey, Survivor. It's inspirational, and that's my job-to cure people of any problems they have in their life.

Host: From BBALLLUVER1990...what do you look for in a girl? physically, spiritually, mentally, or personality?
Aaron Carter: Everything that she mentioned. I look for a girl who likes to have fun, who is a believer in God, who i up to having fun, going places, hanging with my friends, stuff like that.
Aaron Carter: Who understands what I do, and is high on life.

Host: From FLIPPY10...Do you like playing video games?
Aaron Carter: Yes! Zelda is my favoirte game-the Ocarina of Time on N64. I can beat that game in four hours.

Host: From LizGurl2723... Hi!!! I'm 13/f/Ga and I wanted to tell you that I love what you are going becuz you are so down to earth and very talented.. Are you still going to go into oceanology when you get into college ?
Aaron Carter: Actually, yes-I'm going into marine biology, but not when I'm 16-when I'm 19, 20.

Host: From Alybird517...where do you like to dirtbike?
Aaron Carter: Right in my backyard!

Host: From Laura_Ac1207...Hey Aaron! I love your new album! My favorite song is probably When It Comes To You! I was wondering what's yours?? And when do you think you'll have another tour?
Aaron Carter: Believe it or not, that's my favorite too! I like it because it reminds me of a lot of rock out now.
Aaron Carter: And it's a great song to listen to. It's fun-it's more of a story.
Aaron Carter: I'll tour probably in March.

Host: From Robin...Have you gotten any new pets lately? xox-Robin CT
Aaron Carter: We have a wolf named Akayia.
Aaron Carter: My brother got it for my dad this Christmas.

Host: From Jessica...Ok my question is that if you and your bro, Nick is going to tour together someday?
Aaron Carter: Actually, next year, we might. It's in the works now, but we're definately thinking about it.

Host: From Treil...I heard your dad was sick, hows he doin?
Aaron Carter: My dad was sick. He is not anymore, and he is doing great. He's much better. He's healthier than a bird. He's good to go.
Aaron Carter: Racing boats and having fun.

Host: On that happy not, Aaron, thanks for joining us!
Aaron Carter: Thanks for coming, guys.
Aaron Carter: If you don't have my album, please go get it.
Aaron Carter: Love you very much-good night! And I can't wait to see you.

Host: Good night!
Host: Thanks for joining's chat with Aaron Carter.


Nick's Interview w/ Shock Magazine

October 29th was the worldwide release of Now or Never, the first
solo effort by Nick Carter, with the first single being "Help Me".

More than one girl that reads this article will be shocked to know
that when we interviewed Nick Carter it was in a beautiful suite at
a famous South Beach Hotel (so glam and 5 stars that a bowl of fruit
was $20.00). He welcomed us with a hug and a kiss on the cheek (yes,
you can all die of envy right about now), and sat down on a sofa. He
then asked us to sit next to him. He said wonderful things about
Colombia, even more after he saw Ana Sofia Henao on the cover of our
magazine. We had just one little beef with him though, up until
today he thought Cabas was Mexican.

Shock: Are the Backstreet Boys separating?
Nick: No, we have not separated, we just wanted to give each other
some time to be able to work on individual projects. This solo album
is something I wanted to do a long time ago and I'm very excited
with the results.

Shock: What does Now or Never mean to you?
Nick: I felt this was the right time to put this project out as a
solo artist and to stop and think what it is that I really wanted to
do with my future. I needed to learn how to be an individual and do
things for my self. Since I was 12 I've been in the group and I need
to be by myself. I learned to play the guitar and I want to learn to
play other instruments. I know right now I'm not considered a
respected musician but I want to become one some day.

Shock: After sharing the stage with 4 guys, how do you feel now when
you're on stage alone?
Nick: I don't dance anymore. I play the guitar.

Shock: If you could have on BSB working with you on your solo
project, whom would you choose?
Nick: AJ without a doubt. He knows a lot about music and like myself
he has an open mind to new sounds and rhythms.

Shock: What do you think about the fact that Justin's and your album
came out about the same time?
Nick: I don't really have a conflict/problem with that. We have two
different styles of music. His style is more R&B and hip-hop and
mine is more pop-rock. I support him in what he does and I don't
worry about it because I don't think of him as my rival.

Shock: How is your relationship with Aaron going?
Nick: It's incredible. We always have fun together. Unfortunately I
don't have enough time to be with, as much as I'd like to.
Especially now, since I'm promoting Now or Never.

Shock: How do you see his career in the future?
Nick: He's very good on stage, but he is still young. He has a lot
to learn, but he will definitely will be a great artist in the

Shock: Have you thought about doing a duet with him?
Nick: Of course I have, we've talked about it, but it'll have to be
in the future.

Shock: Is is true you've received acting propositions?
Nick: Yeah is true and I've been writing some scripts also, but I'm
not planning on doing any acting at the moment. My priority is to
make the cd a success.

Shock: Tell us about the time they arrested you when you were
leaving a club?
Nick: I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. When I was leaving
the club, some people were fighting and I ended up in the middle of
it. I talked back to a police officer and he arrested me. I didn't
do anything wrong.

Shock: The Backstreet Boys left thousands of fans waiting for them
in Colombia. As a solo artist are you planning on going over to tour
South America?
Nick: I would love to visit Colombia. The women are divine down
there (meaning south of the border) like Shakira and now that I've
seen Ana Sofia, I definitely have to go to Colombia.

Hit by cupid

We have a little thing we do with all of the artist we interview,
before we started the questioning we asked Nick to pose with Shock
so we can put it on our hall of fame. Well, it almost didn't happen,
because he was so impressed with Ana Sofia that he even got up and
showed the picture to his manager. He was mesmerised. He went
through the whole magazine and stoped to look at her picture
display. He asked everything he could think of about her and almost
begged us to give her an autographed picture of himself, which you
can see in the magazine. As you can see, he ran out of space because
he wrote so much on it.

When we got back to Colombia we were surprised to know that Nick was
trying really hard to find Ana Sofia so she can be in his next
video. We hope that happens since it would be great for Ana Sofia's
career. We don't think that it is going to be beyond that though
since she is not single


Nick's Interveiw w/

Now, Meet Nick Carter
Having grown up in a group, it's Nick's time for solo shine

This is an exciting time for Nick Carter. As the Backstreet Boys, the fivesome that made him famous, near their tenth year together, he's just released his solo debut, Now Or Never. talked to Nick about his solo prospects and where he sees himself in the future...

Your new solo album has been a long time coming. Are you happy with the result?

I'm very happy. I'm just starting. This is just the beginning of stuff to come in the future. I talk with people, like my producers and everybody, and they're like, "We know that you're just starting to learn new things and really come into your own." I'm not even sure what I'm capable of. Everybody's going to be able to see a glimpse of what's to come in the future.

The Backstreet Boys are heading into their tenth year together. What have been the high points of that time for you?

We've had so much success with the Backstreet Boys. Beign able to put out records and consistently sell a lot of them; it's just a blessing in disguise, because a lot of people don't get that kind of opportunity. We were able to be one of those groups from that whole era, when it came to pop music, who were hopefully very memorable to people.

Where do you see yourself in, say, five years?

Possibly producing stuff. Not necessarily my own stuff, but I might do my sister Leslie's album. I really feel like I could get in the studio, write her some good material and produce her. because I was producing for a while and things like that.

And hopefully, I'll be doing as well as I can on the solo thing. I just want to grow as an entertainer, as a musician, as an artist, and I know I'm not all the way there yet. I have a lot more to learn, and that's fine.


Nick's Takeover:

Hey, this is Nick Carter, and this is my Takeover. Right now we're
going to start off with one of my favourite songs - this is from my
group the Backstreet Boys, it's 'Quit Playing Games With My Heart'.

Right now we're going to play one of my favourite songs. This is 'In
The End' by Linkin Park. The reason I picked this song is because I
love rock music and I really like this group. I was jamming this
group out in America when they first came out. Nobody was listening
to the CD and I loved it. You should check this song out.

Clare asks: Why did you decide to go solo and does it mean the end of
the Backstreet Boys?

Sorry Clare, I'm not quitting the group! I grew up with those guys
since I was twelve years old and I love them, they're like my
brothers. I'm not quitting, I'm just doing something that I've really
been wanting to do since I was really, really little. I've always
loved rock music, and now I'm getting a chance to actually do it! I
couldn't necessarily do it with the Backstreet Boys, even though
we've done what we've done for so long.

Heather says: What's been the highest point of your career so far and
have there been any really low points?

I've had some extremely high points in my career with the Backstreet
Boys in particular. I've had some really cool things happen - I've
been able to travel all around the world. There was one point where
we were able to get on a plane and hop around to every single country
in different continents in 100-hour period! The crazy thing was that
we were able to hit all those different countries - we went to Japan,
Africa, South America, Europe, then back to America, oh, and also
Australia! . That was a very high point. We've had some low points
where we've had to cancel tours because of problems in the group, but
we've been able to make it through all those things. I love what I've
done in my career with the Backstreet Boys, and hopefully I'll have
some high points in mine too.

Right not it's time to play another one of my favourite songs. This
actually is a new song that's out that I really, really love. The
girl is hot as hell! Her name is Christina Aguilera and this is a
song called 'Dirrty'.

I love Red Man, he's in that song too. I love rap too. I love all
sorts of music.

This is another of my favourite songs. I picked this because when I
was over here recording recently with Guy Chambers and Steve Mac I
heard about this group. I liked the group and I loved their new song
ten times better than their older stuff. This is Sugababes
with 'Round Round'. I saw this video and it's hot, and these girls
are hot, and this song is hot, so check it out!

Kelly says: If you were ever on a show like 'Big Brother'
or 'Survivor', which stars would you most likely be stuck in a house
or on the island with?

Britney? No, I'm just joking! Holly Valance - I'd be stuck with her,
I'd love to be stuck in a room with her. I don't know if she'd be
able to deal with me though!

Natasha says: I have listened to your new album, it's very rocky! Are
you giving up on pop?

When I went into the studio and I started creating music, I wanted to
create something new and fresh and different. I didn't want people to
have expectations of me. I wanted to surprise people a lot. I went in
and I did a little bit of a rock feel to my album. It's old rock
mixed with new rock and pop. It's not too far off - it's still got
the melodies and the pop hooks, but it does have rock guitars to it.
I love listening to rock and I wanted to put it in there. I'm not
giving up on pop because I can go back to the Backstreet Boys and
always to pop music of some sort with them. It's about evolution, and
that's what I like about this.

Right now I'm going to play a song from my 'Now And Never' CD coming
out on October 28th. This song is a ballad, it's one of my favourite
ones that I wrote for the album. It's called 'Do I Have To Cry For
You'. It's kind of a sad song.

Now the next song I'm going to play is by a girl I was just talking
about. This is Holly Valance with 'Kiss Kiss'. I really like this one.

I'm playing a rock song and you're not going to be able to stop me!
This is System Overdown 'Chop Sui'.

Louise asks: How much rivalry is there between the Backstreet Boys
and NSync?

There's not! That rivalry was created by the press and all those
people in the media. We've known each other since we were young guys.
Even now when I'm doing a solo thing and Justin's doing a solo thing
we talk with each other. Now we're both getting to do one of our
dreams at the same time. There is no rivalry and I'm glad that the
two groups are in the music business because we both get a chance to
show two different sides to music and hopefully do a good job at it

Christina says: What do you think of TV shows like 'American
Idol', 'Pop Stars' and 'Pop Idol'?

Those are cool shows, they're very entertaining, and it's cool
because you get a chance to try to find new talent out there. Those
people get the opportunity of a lifetime and there's a lot of people
out there who don't get chances like this. They should never take
those things for granted and they should always respect it.

I'm going to play this next song because I like the guy, Justin's a
cool cat, this is 'Like I Love You' by Justin Timberlake.

I had a great time doing the show, thank you for all your emails. I
loved all the songs I played and I hope you loved them too. Coming up
is my song 'Help Me', the first song that kicked off everything. I
hope you enjoy it. I had a blast and I'll see you later!


Nick Interview With Star Magazine:

Your editor, Sandy Lo Grasso had a chat by phone on October 22, 2002 with Nick Carter about his solo album and the future of the Backstreet Boys and being sexy...

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So first I just want to say congratulations on your solo album!

Nick Carter: [laughs] Thank you.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): You're welcome. So Now or Never is exactly one week away...

Nick Carter: Mmm-hmm...

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Are you nervous? [laughs]

Nick Carter: I'm a little nervous, but I'm so excited that...[laughs] it's like a mixture of both...nervousness and excitement and all that great stuff. I'm lovin' it.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Cool. Your first single, "Help Me" is really--I'm being honest--it's such a great song. I love it so much!

Nick Carter: Oh, you like it?

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Yeah, I love it.

Nick Carter: Thank you.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Um, it's more on the rock side as the rest of the album is...

Nick Carter: Actually...have you heard the album?

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): They sent me a press kit, but they didn't send me the whole album...they just sent me "Help Me", but I've heard--

Nick Carter: The album's a little more rock actually.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Yeah, I've heard clips because um, I have Aaron's [Carter] album too, so I've heard clips from that and I've heard some on the internet and everything.

Nick Carter: Mmm-hmm. Okay.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So since it's more rock, do you think when people hear like "Help Me" or the rest of the album they're like "That's Nick Carter?"

Nick Carter: Ummm, I think they will. I hope they will. I mean I think honestly from the beginning this is just my preference in music. People are gonna--in the beginning probably be a little bit scared to--or maybe like uh, you know interested to see what it's gonna be like because you know they're so used to see me doing pop music and stuff like the Backstreet Boys, but I think the cool thing is that they'll really be able to um--hopefully, it'll be a good shock, you know? A nice surprise hopefully for them.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Well, it seems like everyone's taken to it so far. I mean I'm the editor of my magazine so...

Nick Carter: Mmm-hmm.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): ...And I get tons of e-mails saying--like once I mentioned you were going to be in the magazine, they were all like--all these comments saying, "Oh my God, I can't believe Nick Carter's going to be in it." And they were so excited. [laughs]

Nick Carter: I'm like...I'm honestly...I'm just shocked at the support. I really am. I'm just like--it is amazing to me. Uh, I really...I didn't expect it and I still don't expect it with all like the stuff that's going on right now. I mean it's just--I'm just happy. I'm SO grateful for all of the support.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Well, you know since the fans--they're pretty supportive, but you know they're still kind of worried about the whole Backstreet Boys not together thing. So I just wanted to clear that up. Can you give them any kind of clarity on the status of the group?

Nick Carter: Well, this is how clear it was...I mean I had a meeting with all the guys the other day and we're still together, you know? So um, we're talking about doing another album like middle of next year, after I do my album and everything and that's where we are right now.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So everything's great with that then?

Nick Carter: Mmm-hmm.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): And they don't have to worry. [laughs]

Nick Carter: Nope.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Do you miss the guys at all? I mean you're all on your own now.

Nick Carter: Yes, I miss them to a certain extent. I mean all the other guys have kind of started their lives and stuff like that. Like Brian's married, he's about to have a baby and you know AJ's going to get married and know, it's like I miss them, they're my brothers, but at the same time I'm like excited about what's going on. [laughs happily] And like excited to start a part of my life and that's you know, the solo stuff.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Yeah. Actually, that brings me to my next question. [laughs] What's it like to be alive in a sense that it's all up to you and to be able to do what you want with your music?

Nick Carter: Umm...well, it's amazing to be able to--to do what I want to do because I get a chance to let it all out, you know? Let everything out inside and really just have a lot of fun in it because I came to a decision like where I'm at right now...I really have to have fun doing what I'm doing and you know, I love--I love being in the entertainment business. I love doing music. I love rock music so I wanted to slowly, but surely enter into the rock world. I know it's going to be really weird for people at first, but um, I got a long way to go and I got a long career hopefully ahead of me...and a lot of work to do. [Nick and Sandy laugh]

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay so let's talk a little bit more about the've written a lot on it. Has song writing always come easy to you or was it something you had to work on a little more?

Nick Carter: Writing is...I have to be very inspired to do it. I feel like--that's the way I am in everything. Until like fate has to sort of kick me in the butt and show me what to do and what to write. That's the way I've always written and I love--writing has never been too easy for me, but when I'm inspired then it is easy. So a lot of the songs on the album are very personal--not necessarily personal situations, but just they're human emotions--they're things that come out of people and I'm a person so it came out of me.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Which would you say is the most personal to you? Like that you feel is the most in touch with your life.

Nick Carter: Uh...what? Songs?

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Yeah, which song on the album?

Nick Carter: Um, probably "I Stand For You" because "I Stand For You" is a's a--like a breakout, freedom song--like rebel-like just I wanna be young...I wanna have fun and basically what I've been telling you. You know, the words are like if I wanna have a tattoo, I wanna have it. If I want to say what I want to say, I'm gonna say it. If I want to ride across the country on a Harley or something like that, I'm gonna do it, you know? [Sandy laughs] The fact was that's everything that it was. So I think that's why that song is very personal to me. It's a very American song. [laughs]

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): [laughs] Yeah. Do you plan on touring for the album soon?

Nick Carter: Yeah, I'd love to. I'd love to get on tour. I think the one thing that's gonna be cool about being a solo artist is that I get a chance to really get close to fans again. And like um, I'm almost starting from the ground up again so if there are fans out there who have been wanting to be close to us and stuff, well now is the time because I'm going to go to small venues and play like places that are very intimate--maybe like 2,000 seat places and just get REALLY close to the fans and they can see me sweat, they can see me play instruments, you know...I'll sing to them, all that kind of stuff.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): That's really great because I mean not a lot of artists want to do that again...want to start from the beginning.

Nick Carter: I do. Big time.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): [laughs] Well, good. I'm sure your fans really appreciate that.

Nick Carter: Thank you. I really think they deserve it, you know? After all those years of playing big venues and being far away from them and now, you know--come and check it out...come and check out the concert because honestly...[laughs] they're gonna rock. I'm gonna put one hell of a show on.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): I'm sure you will. You're Cosmo Girl's sexiest guy in the does that feel? Do you consider yourself sexy?

Nick Carter: No, not really. I don't know what I'm like. I guess I'm just normal. I'm who I am. You know, I don't try to be anybody that I'm not. I'm the kind of guy who would really walk out in jeans and a t-shirt and not really just worry about how I look at certain times...I just--I'm a guy. I'm the kind of guy who would be--you would catch me working on an engine or you know, driving boats or just you know driving a car--like a corvette or something like that, you know I never came from a clean family--I was kind of always dirty myself. [Sandy laughs] You know I was always the kind of kid who would be in the dirt and rolling around in it. I'm just a...I'm one of those...I wouldn't say roughneck Americans, but I guess I am a little bit in a way. [laughs]

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay, so as the sexist guy in the world, the girls want to know...what are you wearing right now?

Nick Carter: What am I wearing? I'm wearing jeans and a t-shirt.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay. Simple enough. [Nick laughs] So I know you've probably been asked this so many times and I apologize for asking it, but in my magazine, we don't like any rumors at all...

Nick Carter: Mmm-hmm.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Like we try to keep everything true and just get all the garbage out. So maybe you can clear this up...are you involved with Britney Spears in any way?

Nick Carter: No, not at all...Nope.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay. I didn't think so because I thought it would be too typical, you know?

Nick Carter: Yeah, I know. I'm not typical. I'm not easy to predict. [laughs]

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Yeah, but everybody's been like--because I try to get close to my readers so everyone's been telling me all this kind of stuff, so I'm like "Uhh...I'll ask him." You know? [laughs] So everyone knows you've had some trials and tribulations in your lifetime personally and career-wise, but let's talk about the lighter side of things...what was the funniest thing to ever happen to you?

Nick Carter: The funniest thing...I would say is...God, I know I've had some really fun times. I'm just trying to pick them out. I' know what was a funny time? [laughs] Me and my dad, we went sailing for the first time and it was on like a catamaran boat and um...we went out and the funniest thing was--like 'cause these catamarans, you can tilt them to the side and they can ride on one part too and um...[laughs] We tilted over and we've never done that before and we just fell off! [Sandy laughs] And like the boat tipped over, but then we, you know you gotta get back on and pull it over. So that's what we did, we pulled it over, but then the boat TOOK OFF on us!

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): [laughs] Oh God...

Nick Carter: And the wind picked it up and it it sailed like a hundred yards away from us and this was down in the [Florida] Keys.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So were you guys stranded there?

Nick Carter: We were cracking up! Because we were...thank God the thing actually flipped over like about fifty to a hundred yards. It was just really, really so funny. It was the hardest I laughed in a long time.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): [laughs] Okay, so the music business is what you've always known and being in the public eye is just a part of your life. What kind of effect does that have on you as a person and in finding your true identity?

Nick Carter: Well, I've always been the kind of person to be very secluded to do my own thing. Keep my friends close to me. Keep my people around me. And not really get too involved in that whole spotlight drama crap, you know? So that's what I've basically have done and you know, I stay normal. I stay true to myself. You wouldn't really catch me doing all that crazy Hollywood stuff too much, you know? That's how I stay normal and you know, I don't like to go too far away from that. I've always been really--I'm the kind of guy--people who know me...if you ever ask them questions about me, they'll just tell you, "Trust me, he's Nick." [laughs] There ain't nobody like me, you know...I'm just very normal.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Mmm-hmm. You've accomplished so much in your music career already and you're only twenty-two, what's next for you?

Nick Carter: What's sexy?

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): [laughs] No...

Nick Carter: What'd you say? I'm sorry. [laughs lightly]

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): It's okay. What's next for you? Like what's the next step?

Nick Carter: What's the next I want to really get much better as a musician. I just started playing guitar like about a year ago and I'm getting much better at it. So I wanna all around...I wanna do another solo album, hopefully. I wanna do another Backstreet album. I want to grow as a musician. I want to play even more instruments. I wanna develop into like maybe a like Madonna or a David Bowie type of person. You know?

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Wow. Yeah, best of luck with that. And here's your chance to speak to your people...the fans in StarShine Magazine...what would you like to say to them?

Nick Carter: Well, I just want to say thank you for all the support you know, it's been a very scary situation and time for me because you know, this is a whole new world for me--the whole solo thing and people supporting and the fans supporting me and really showing love all over the place and on...even just voting on TRL and all that stuff, it's just been overwhelming and so like amazing and I just want to thank them for that because they're making it more comfortable for me and they're making my dreams come true and I just thank you.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay, I just wanted to say some things for me. [laughs] I'm a big fan. I'm a big fan of the Backstreet Boys and you and I just want to say that it's an honor to do this interview with you and thank you so much for speaking with me.

Nick Carter: Thank you for having me.


Nick Interview from Hitkrant Magazine:


Imagine: youre as popular as Nick Carter. Its a dead giveaway there are many rumors curculating about you. We asked him about some of them

Nick always wears briefs instead of boxers
Thats not true. I wear whatever I find in my closet. I dont care whats on my butt as long as it fits and is clean.

Nick collects beanie babies
That WAS true, but I quit a while ago. There are certain hobbies that you cant maintain after a certain age. Im not collecting anything now, except maybe for CDs and clothes.

Nick is afraid of the dark

Uhma little. I would lie if I said it isnt true. But I hate the night. Other people may get romantic ideas about the nighttime, but I dont. I used to check under my bed at least 3 times a night because I was scared Gremlins would attack me at night. Thats another thing Ive grown too old for haha

No matter how scared he is of aliensNick would love to have a part in a science fiction movie
Yes, thats true. In fact, I would WANT to play an alien. I love science fiction en action movies. So if Id ever get the chance to play in one I would say yes immediately. If I can act? Sure, why not?

Nick is crazy about Nintendo games
Yep! Always has been, always will be. I swear, Nintendo is the best! The new FIFA game is awesome. Wow, it rocks. Unfortunately I dont have enough time to play Nintendo.

Nick has never really been in love
Thats true as well. No, never. Is that so hard to believe? I dont think so myself. I just never really let myself go, thats my explanation. Im only 22 so lots could happen still.

[b]Nick got his first kiss at age 7[/b]
I cant remember hahah. But yeah that could be true. I think I must have been about 7 or 8, yeah. It probably wasnt like a deep kiss, just a little kiss.

Nick is a shy guy when talking to a girl he likes
Yes. Im not one of those slick womanizers that always know how to start a conversation. I always feel uncomfortable and think the girl has all kinds of prejudices against me and it makes me nervous so I let her do the talking. I prefer it when girls come up to me and say hi or whatever.

Nick once dated 2 girls at the same time

No, thats not true. Not guilty your honor!

In Junior High, Nick got picked on for looking like a girl
Yeah, thats true. Yet another fact. Although I didnt look like a girl, but my hair was longer than that of the other boys and I was blonde. I guess they didnt think that was cool.

Nick is a great cartoonist
Thats true as well. Im not THAT good. I need to take my time, but if I do, I can draw really well.

Nick has been playing the drums since he was 14-years-old
Yep! Altough Ill always be a better singer than a drummer

Nick doesnt smoke
True again. I tried it before, but I dont like it much

Nick thinks beer is disgusting

Nick considers himself to be rolemodel for othersNo, definitely not. I couldnt say that about myself. Im just a normal guy that tries to be real and natural. And I make just as many mistakes as the next guy, so not much of a rolemodel huh?

Nick doesnt like it when people tell him he looks like Leonardo DiCaprioNo, thats not true. I honestly dont care what people say as long as they dont tell me I still look like a girl!

In clubs and on stage its clearNick is a horrible dancer
I wont pretend to be a great dancer, but I CAN dance. I dont hate it. I need to dance on stage, but its just entertainment

Nick once stole a bible from a hotel

Yeah, thats true well, I didnt exactly steal it I just borrowed it and forgot to took it back

Nick gets mad when things dont work out the way he planned
Im a perfectionist, but if something goes wrong I get over it. I never get like MAD-mad about it


NICK'S MSN CHAT, 10/28/02

DishDiva says: Welcome to MSN Live! This afternoon we are very pleased to welcome Nick Carter to MSN Live! Nick was last seen on MSN when he joined his bandmates for their very first webcast on MSN in November of 2000.

DishDiva says: Please join us in welcoming Backstreet Boy Nick Carter to MSN Live!

DishDiva says: Nick, it's great to see you!

DishDiva says: You know there are fans who have been waiting in the chat room since last week!

Nick_Carter_Live says: Thank you so much for writing in. I'm just glad that you're supporting me on everything I'm doing. From Backstreet Boys to the solo record I'm doing. It means so much to me. I love you.

DishDiva says: We have so many questions, so let's get started!

nicksgirl28 in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Nick! Has releasing a solo CD changed you in any way?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I think it's made me a better person. In regard to that, I feel like I learned so much as an entertainer, as a writer, as an individual. I hope this is just the beginning for what is to come for the fans in the future. I've learned the meaning of being in the entertainment business and that is to entertain. I love to make my fans happy, and at the end of the day if they enjoy the music and are happy, then I've done my job.

ReXaY in Onstage_1 asks: Are there DEFINITE plans for you to do a small venue tour?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I wanted to finally get the album out so I can tour. Touring is one of my favorite things to do. Singing, sweating, (laughs). Performing in a small venue tour is what I think is the most intimate for my fans and that's what I'm going to do. I think it's only fair because I've been so far away from them when I was performing on a large scale and I just want to give back to the fans now.

Love2LoveNick1 in Onstage_1 asks: My favorite song from your album is "Blow Your Mind." What is your favorite?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I love "Blow Your Mind" but I really have a hard time picking anymore because I'm so proud of the album. I worked really hard on it, probably the hardest I've ever worked. I just wanted to show everyone what I was doing and that it was for real and show my fans what I was creating the best I could for them. It's very important to me to do the best I can.

DishDiva says: This question is from Team Nick Carter: Who's the girl you talk about in "Miss America"?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I don't know, I think that song in general, is a generalization of the American Girl. Beautiful. If you listen closely, that song really does sum up beautiful girls. I am not going to lie, I think that the female species is the most beautiful thing God created.

DishDiva says: Nick, I've gotta ask because I see we have about 10,000 people asking this question: What is your favorite type of woman?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I think that's what I said what I just said, I have no favorite type. I think they're all beautiful, different colors, different personalities, different looks, I think personality is one of the most beautiful things. I would be lying if I picked only one type.

GCsStinkyMonkey in Onstage_1 asks: Sharon here fron San Antonio, Texas. What's up Nick? Just wanted to know What has been the happiest day of your life?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I've had so many happy days. My life in general has been so blessed. Just to meet people around the world, maybe meet someone who isn't as healthy and light up with joy because you talk to them or they enjoy the music. It's the simple things in life. Just to see other people smile makes me happy.

Sweet_Carter_angel in Onstage_1 asks: How do you feel about everything you have been able to do now and what do you wish you can go back and change?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I'm very happy with the route I've taken in my life. Maybe I've had bumps, but that's what has made me the person who I am today. If I wouldn't have had those bumps I wouldn't be the person I am and I like the person I am. I just want to show everyone how happy I really am.

Im_Super_Girl_ in Onstage_1 asks: In the song "Help Me" it sounds like you are very confused. Did you write this as a response to growing up in the spotlight with everyone watching your every move?

Nick_Carter_Live says: "Help Me" sums up the kind of person I am. I'm a very normal person even though I do music. I don't look down on anyone, I respect people for who they are. I just wanted to show I'm just an ordinary man, not an angel, I make mistakes. I don't want a false representation of who I am. I don't want to live that typical Hollywood bullcrap. I'm Nick, I've always been that way. I started out with my family and what I have now I charish. I am thankful for everything given to me by my fans and I'm trying to give back to them.

DishDiva says: Outside of your family, what is the one item you cherish?

Nick_Carter_Live says: If there was an item I cherished, there's a necklace I have that has different charms from around the world that different fans have given me. Hopefully as time goes by in my life I can look back on that. I charish it because it's like my good luck charm.

DishDiva says: Well, Nick, judging from the audience here, you can expect that charm necklace to grow.

Nick_Carter_Live says: I feel that I am taking every fan with me that has given me a charm.

i_love_frack in Onstage_1 asks: Do you miss the backstreet boys when you are on stage alone?

Nick_Carter_Live says: Yes I do. I sometimes look around and wonder where they're at. But I realize everything they've taught me, everything I do, and everything I've done, they've taught me. I feel no matter what happens, they'll always be with me. I do enjoy being on stage, even though it's by myself. I like to show people what I love to do and that's sing. I love to entertain and make people happy.

DishDiva says: From Team Nick Carter: What's the strangest question a fan has asked you and what is the answer?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I've had fans ask me to the prom, and I wouldn't mind going with them because I never did go to prom. I've had people ask me to marry them. It must mean something to them and I've very honored. I think they could pick someone better than me.

DishDiva says: Nick, you are such a great guy!

Nick_Carter_Live says: I just be myself.

DishDiva says: Anytime you want to go to Prom, you know where to find a date! =)

Nick_Carter_Live says: =)

Chaos80_ in Onstage_1 asks: If one day MTV ask you to make a reality show like The Osbournes will you accept? Why?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I don't know. It's a really hard question because reality, what is reality. Reality is the things that people don't act and do. I don't know. I can't say I wouldn't but I am a pretty private, in a way, person. You never know with me though, I am adventurous. Maybe that's why I wouldn't do it, because it wouldn't be different.

Janine_Carter in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Nick, i was just wondering where you got the name "Now or Never" for the album?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I came to a point in my life where I just felt like I needed to start it now, right now, my solo career, because I have so much to learn as a solo artist to become the person I want to become as an artist. I'm just chipping the tip of the iceburg right now. Hopefully everyone is seeing what is to come in the future. You'll never hear me say I know everything or that I'm the best. I always feel I have room to grow. I feel knowledge is infinity. I hope to grow into a great artist some day, I'm not there yet. I did work my hardest on the album, but I have a long way to go. You're getting a glimpse of what's to come, hopefully.

MG4Lyfe in Onstage_1 asks: You've recently said in various interviews that you have changed the way you live life and view life. That you were at a downpoint recently. What made you change for the better and how do you see yourself now rather than then?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I don't know, I think when I was able to get into the studio, and I say the studio, because that's what I did right when I got off tour, and started writing just to write. When I did I was able to be by myself. Not tour, not be so looked at by so many people. A lot of people didn't know what I was doing and could down play myself. And because I was able to be by myself I was able to find out who I am as an individual. I'm getting there more and more each day and people can tell and I'm so happy. I feel like I'm finally starting to find out who I am. Words can't explain how happy I am.

ajzchick4eva in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Nick! I heard some things about your dad? Are they true. If so. How is he doing?

Nick_Carter_Live says: My dad is doing much better. We thought he might have had a serious colon condition called diverticulitis. All we knew was that he had a swollen colon. He's recovering now and much better. He was in the hospital for two days and that freaked me out, but he's recovering now.

DishDiva says: Lots of prayers and best wishes from your fans here!

Nick_Carter_Live says: Thank you all so much.

-CosmicPrincess- in Onstage_1 asks: Hey Nicky; If record Sales go Incredibly well tommorow, do you think you will Keep working SOLO? (hey Chrissy!)

Nick_Carter_Live says: Whether or not they sell five or 5,000 the numbers are not what matters to me anymore. What matters to me is making other people happy. I enjoy being a solo artist and I enjoy singing. I feel that is the most important thing right now. When that was going on with record sales, I felt that people were losing the real meaning of it all, that it was about music. When I am in the Florida Keys in Marathon, I'll go to a local bar and perform in front of 10 people because I love to sing. If the record sales are good, that would be great and all, but I'll still believe it's not about the sales.

bufftochar in Onstage_1 asks: I saw your boat win in Cleveland, OH this past summer. Congratulations! Were you there?

I don't believe I was in Cleveland, and I wish I would have been. There is a big race at the end of the year November 22-24 in Key West, my boat is racing in it. It's so much fun and I enjoy it, so I'll definitely be there. And you might catch me at one of the local bars performing.

cyberchickaroo in Onstage_1 asks: Nick, how is your foundation going?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I've been really concentrating on what I'm doing right now. It's hard to concentrate on a lot of different things at once. I respect other entertainers that can do that. I'm still keeping it up and after the record is released I'll be able to do it more. There are so many charities that effect the world and me that I may go into doing something else.

OceanAngel_56 in Onstage_1 asks: How's Aaron and Leslie coming along with their careers? I really love the songs that you and Aaron collaborated on. Keep it UP!

Leslie has put it on hold. What I think would be cool, you know how Dr. Dre does a whole album with somebody. I really feel, like my sister is the most credible singer in the whole family, I want to write and produce her next album. When I slow down and start to play that Dr. Dre role. I have talked to my brother and we could do some stuff too. I'm not the kind of person that discriminates and I think anything can happen.

pink_kaos04 in Onstage_1 asks: What is the definition of the word "passion" for you?

Nick_Carter_Live says: Passion is a touch of your soul. My definition, and what I mean by that, when I sing, I sing with passion. I feel I sing with (passion can come in all different forms- love, hate) all different emotions wrapped up in one. When I sing I sing with every drop of my body. I'm a very hard singer and I feel like when I sing, I sing with passion, I sing with what comes out of my soul.

Sherry02571 in Onstage_1 asks: Do you believe in fate or destiny?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I believe in fate. I think what fate has gotten me to where I am. Although fate and destiny are pretty much the same thing. I believe in both of them, but usually I say fate. I think everything happens for a reason, I know for a fact because I've seen it happen. I'm living proof. What is happening right now. I went into the studio to write, I met Kenneth, my manager a few years ago through my girlfriend Mandy. I ran into him a few times and never thought of having him be a manager and then we just clicked and he signed with The Firm. And everything just fell into place. There were people who worked with Avril Lavigne with the Matrix. Scott is a friend of mine for years and then one day a tape came across my desk by Scott and listened to it and loved it. There is a song "Do I Have to Cry For You?" And when I wrote that song, there were a lot of things happening with me, and it all just came together and everyone loved the song and they said they wanted me to continue to write and record based on this one song. They didn't even know I could write. Also Max Martin used to be in a rock band before R&B, but he was a brilliant writer and started writing pop songs with a cool edge. Then he was going to take a long break but heard I was doing this album. He knew I loved rock and he came to me and asked if we could work together. He also asked if the band he used to play in could come back and I let that happen because I knew it was supposed to happen. I feel these things happened for a reason. I'm the kind of person that lets life take it's course. I feel if you don't push against it and you let life live it's course, you are taking the right path and fate is inevitable.

DishDiva says: Nick, tomorrow is a big day for you. What are your plans tomorrow as your new CD "Now or Never" drops?

Nick_Carter_Live says: I'm doing a Virgin Megastore signing. I did a Macy's signing today and it was so fun. I had girls come up to me and tell me they had been waiting for 5 years to see me because they were Backstreet fans. I stayed as long as I could and it was so fun to be close to my fans. It's so cool. They show me pictures of when I was younger. I feel, honestly, we as a group and now I feel I've been blessed with some of the greatest fans in the world.

DishDiva says: Nick, thanks for joining us tonight on MSN Live. It's been great having you back! From all of your fans here on MSN, best of luck tomorrow with "Now or Never."

Nick_Carter_Live says: Thank you so much. I will definitely be coming on tour. If you want it, I'm doin it!! =) I want to sweat for you. Thank you for being so supportive. BSB Forever!!


Nick from GALA Magazine:

He's still cute although he doesn't like to hear that for sure. Nick
Carter, 22, the "baby" of the Backstreet Boys is going his own way
now. At the age of 22 the singer wants to get away from the softy
image. Physically with tattoos and wild outfits, musically with an album
that sounds like something between Bruce Springsteen and Blink 182. His
album has the promising title "Now or Never" and is going to be
released on October 28th. At a photo shoot in Cologne, the heartthrob
spoke to us.

Gala: The Backstreet Boys Baby is going rock, did we always misjudge
you as a
Nick: I always had a wild side in me but I couldn't let that out in the
group. You could almost say that I have a split personality. I'm a quiet
guy, but when I go on stage, I change. That was sometimes a problem with
the Backstreet Boys. The guys had to stop me on stage to get me under
control. But I don't like to be under control, I wanna be wild.

Gala: The new album shows your real personality then?
Nick: If it would've been my decision, the album would've been even
more rock. But since I come from a pop band, it didn't work. The change
would've been too drastic, people wouldn't have accepted that.

Gala: But still people are going to put you in the Boyband genre ...
Nick: I'm sure that's what's going to happen at the beginning, but
later on that'll change. Even Michael Jackson was the Jackson- Five-
Baby in the beginning and Robbie Williams an Ex- Take That member.

Gala: Is Robbie Williams something like a role model for you?
Nick: I respect him very much. He didn't chose the easiest way to reach
his goal. And yeah, I'm comparing myself to him. Honestly, it would've
been easier for me to record songs that sound like the Backstreet Boys
to be sure about the success. But that's something that I didn't want.
Me and Robbie do what we feel is right, no matter what other people
might be thinking. I think that this boldness is going to pay off.

Gala: Many Boygroup stars have drug problems, among them are Robbie
Willams and your bandmate AJ McLean. Why didn't it catch you?
Nick: That was the good thing to be the youngest, you could learn from
other's mistakes. I knew that I don't want to end like this. But I'm 22
and I still want to have fun, I want to be young and crazy. This is
going to be a hard test for me.

Gala: Can you tell us about your bad characteristics?
Nick; I like to pick around in my face. That is driving the Make Up
people crazy. I also like to pick on others. I can be a real pain in
the neck.

Gala: Doesn't sound too exciting. Other Rockstars would mention their
weakness for groupies and parties ...
Nick: I don't have time for girls. I like to party, though. I like to
go clubbing, especially when live bands are playing. Sometimes I'm
jumping on the stage and sing old Grunge songs, but also oldies like
Elvis, the Beatles or Elton John.

Gala: What would you sing to seduce a woman?
Nick: Probably a Frank Sinatra Song.

Gala: Good Choice. Are you a ladies' man?
Nick: Yeah, maybe. You'll have to decide for yourself (winks).

Gala: The glance is already perfect. Tell me about your tattoos, what do
they mean?
Nick: I have too many! On my legs, on my back, on my shoulder blades
... I have two black feet on my chest because I have blackfoot indian
blood in me. And the shark on my arm stands for danger and the ocean. I
love the danger, I surf, I scuba dive and I go fishing. I live on a
small island on the Florida Keys and I'm on the water a lot.

Gala: It's been quiet in Backstreet Land, do you still see the other
Nick: Sure, but we're more colleagues than friends. Some of the guys
have their own lives now. AJ is going to get married and Brian is about
to have a baby.

Gala: Are you ever going to record together again?
Nick: We thought about it. But I want to do my own thing first, it's just
begun. I want to go on tour in January, only small venues with 2000 or
3000 people. I want to start from the beginning and also build up a new
fan base without losing the old. And I want to be closer to the
audience, which sometimes was hard in the huge arenas the Backstreet
Boys were playing in.

Gala: If you think back to the time with the Backstreet Boys, is there
something that embarasses you today?
Nick: Oh yeah, whenever I look at pictures and see my old hair styles.
But I think everybody knows something like this. Look at old pictures
of Madonna. I'm sure she often thinks, "Oh my god, how could I?" now.


Nick in Australia Herald Sun:

Nick Carter Q&A

Nick Carter tells NEALA JOHNSON how it feels to be the first solo Backstreet Boy.

Are you happy with your first solo album, Now Or Never?

Yeah, Im ecstatic about it.

Does it feel different to be talking about a project thats come from you, and you alone?

Yeah, its different. I mean, its weird because Ive got so much to say. Its like, man, I didnt realise I had so much I wanted to talk about.

Why was Help Me chosen as your first single?

First of all, I didnt write the song. But the songs that I didnt write on the album, Id listen to em before Id record them, and if it didnt, word-wise, have anything to do with what Im trying to say, or what Im going through in my life, I didnt need to record it. So that song right here, it hit home with where Im at right now. It talks about how Im trying to find my way, and Im soul-searching. You know, Im 22 and Ive gone through the business and theres a lot of stuff in this business that can really mess with a young kid.

Do you look at what youve been through with the Backstreet Boys and wonder how you came out with your sanity intact?

Yep. Definitely. Theres a lot of situations that make me think, God, man, how did I even get there? But getting through those things and learning only makes people stronger, from what Ive noticed (laughs). And thank God Ive been blessed and Ive been able to learn, and learn quickly, and not do em again.

Have you written or co-written many songs on Now Or Never?

Most of the songs, Ive co-written. But even though I co-wrote with people, a large portion is my ideas. Everything on the album, its very personal. Its stuff that I either have gone through, or I really, really love, or would love to have. So whoever listens to the songs, theyre going to be able to tell what Ive been going through for the past how long, because Ive been able to use the writing as a therapy. Instead of writing in a diary, I wrote it on paper and recorded it.

Who did you write with?

I worked with Max Martin again. I did some stuff with Teddy Riley (Joe, Mary J. Blige), I did some stuff with Guy Chambers (Robbie Williams) and Steve Mac (Westlife) in England. But Ive also worked with a lot of underdogs, people who are on the up, people whove really got a lot to say.

Are you nervous that Now Or Never is an open book, without four other guys to hide behind?

I know its gonna be very open, and Im prepared for that. Very prepared. But hey, Im willing to tell people, finally, through the music, about stuff Ive been going through. I think the fans wanna know.

Youre still part of one of the most popular bands in the world, so what are you hoping a solo album will achieve for you?

Personally, Im not really into the whole success thing to the point where I need it to be this huge magnitude or anything. What I really want is (for) it to be successful in my own mind and my heart and in my soul. Ive been very happy recording it. Im very positive right now, and all the positive stuff I put into the music. And what I would like to do is bleed through to the fans, so it can possibly make them happy, too. Thats the main goal, for the fans that are still there wanting to listen to new music, I wanna just make them happy. So thats why I tried to make feel-good music.

Will the songs surprise your fans?

In general, the musics gonna surprise them. But its what influenced me, its like a rock feel. Ive been very influenced by rock since I was very little. I knew I wanted guitars, and I knew I wanted a lot of live music.

How heavy do those guitars get?

Theyre not that heavy, I mean its not like Metallica. You know what it is? To me its a new pop, its a new type of pop music that Im trying to do.

Are there plans to tour the album?

It would be fun, but right now Im just livin day by day and seein how it goes. But hey, Im definitely gonna be promoting it, so that means Im gonna be going out all around the world and gettin down with the fans again.

So you might spend longer in Australia than the 14 hours you were here with the Backstreet Boys in 2000?

Oh, I know (laughs). Im gonna make sure I get over there.

Did you do things on this album you didnt know you could?

I didnt know that I was able to write a song the way Ive written songs, and I didnt realise I could sing the way I sang. It was all very eye opening to me, I didnt expect it. Im not the kind of person thats so confident in myself that I can be like, Yeah, I can do this!. Ive always been very I dunno (laughs). I just didnt expect myself to be able to do something like that.

Stories on the Internet have said other members of the Backstreet Boys are unhappy about you making a solo album. Should we believe any of the rumours?

I dont know if its true. Ive heard some things about that, but I dont believe the guys would be like that.

So, by the sound of it, while the band has been on a break, youve been taking a complete break from each other as well?

Its not a break from each, its more, I really wanted to do this. And were gonna get back in Im gonna get back I would love to get back with them and record some music.

How much work will you be able to put in behind your solo album if two days after its released you have to jump back on board with the Backstreet Boys?

Well, I guess thats why Im taking everything day by day. Cos Im really happy doing what Im doing.

Help Me (Zomba) out now. Now Or Never out October 28.


Nick interview from the Australian teenie magazine Smash Hits

Pop Psychology!

He asks for help in his latest single, so we got him some - a top shrink to unravel the mind of Nick Carter!

Little did Nick Carter know what was in store when we sat him down on our psychologist's couch and asked him a set of seemingly innocent questions. After much analysis, his answers revealed what's really going on in his mind. Cunning, hey?

You're stuck in a room with no windows or doors. Describe in three words how you feel.

Nick: Trapped, scared and nervous.

This answer tells us how Nick sees his future.

Nick is nervous about his future - the thought of his career going wrong really scares him. "Well, I guess with the solo stuff I'm really putting myself on the line," he admits, "so yeah, I am a bit nervous." Gosh, we're good...

Describe your favourite animal in three words.

Nick: Is a shark an animal? (Duh! - Ed.) Well I'd say it's sharp, graceful and dangerous.

This answer reveals how Nick sees himself!

Aha! Very showing. Everyone knows sharks glide effortlessly through life. They're calm and collected, but can turn and attack at any time. In a similar fashion, but with less teeth, Nick sees himself as a loner, but thinks himself capable of sudden action when required. He also perceives himself to be sharp, graceful and to have a dangerous, wild side.

Describe your favourite colour in three words.

Nick: Green. It's deep, big and soothing.

This answer tells us how others see Nick.

Nick's friends and family see him as a deep-minded, strong and comfronting person - he's the one they turn in times of trouble. It's interesting that Nick chose green because it's a soothing colour, and Nick does give off a laid-back vibe. Nick reckons he's got a calming influence on people around him, and is proud of his spiritual side. Although he admits sometimes people think he's "a bit crazy".

Tell us what you can't live without, and describe it in three words.

Nick: Music. I'd say it's soothing, healing and therapeutic.

This answer reveals what Nick is looking for in his friends.

Nick is so cool and relaxed that he looks for the same qualities in his friends. He also needs mates who can listen to him when he has a problem. "I've realised there's more to life than just partying," he adds. What did we tell you?

You're swimming naked in a lake - describe in three words how you feel.

Nick: Free! I definitely wouldn't be embarrassed. I'd just feel open and relaxed.

This answer reveals Nick's attitude to relationships.

What a good sign - Nick's totally cool in relationships and he doesn't get embarrassed about opening up. "I'm not looking for a girl," laughs Nick. "Well I am looking," he adds, "but I'm not ready for a big relationship. I've had experiences with relationships in the past that make it difficult for me to trust people."

What one thing makes you happy?

Nick: The ocean. It's always been a big part of my life, but it's something a lot of people don't understand. It can heal you and make you feel good if you're stressed out. It's very powerful but at the same time very calm. It has hidden depths, things people will never see.

This answer is the key to Nick's real personality.

Like the ocean, Nick can seem calm and peaceful on the surface but he's never more than a few moments away from blowing up into a storm. Nick grew up in Florida, near the ocean, and even how the sea reminds him of an innocent time, before the stresses of life as an international megastar took over. As for the hidden depths people will never see, the shy, private Nick would be talking about himself away from the spotlight.


Q100 transcript , Atlanta Radio Sation, 10/18/02:

DJ: We're supposed to be hanging with Nick Carter at US Play today and were waiting for him to call in any second now.. oh that its.. Hello?
Nick: Dylan
DJ: Hey
Nick: It's Nick
DJ: Hey Nick. How are you man?
Nick: Im ok.
DJ: I know things have been a little tough for you recently. There's been some crazy rumors out there about what's going on with you and your family. And you know it's really none of our business, but you have a lot of fans who really care about you and you know wanna make sure everything is ok. You know were sad you're not here with us tonight in ATL
Nick: Yeah, well just to set it straight I mean my pops is kind of sick right now and uh.. uh I'm down here taking care of him. He was in the hospital for two days.. uh he just had some colon problems and we dont know what it is yet. Ah we're we're waiting' it out.. umm seeing what it's all about. But you know for the time being uh.. I'm making sure his stubborn butt you know gets taken care of cuz he is really stubborn.
DJ: You guys have a pretty tight family. And I couldn't expect you to be anywhere different. I mean we obviously had this big event planned with you tonight, but we wouldn't want you to be here if we knew that something was going wrong.
Nick: Yeah, you know Im so sorry I couldn't be there but uh you know cuz Ive been dying to get back to you know get back to ATL forever.
DJ: It's been a long time since you've been to the ATL.
Nick: Yeah I know I know it's been awhile. We came with B&B right?
DJ: Right, right. Umunless you've been coming and hiding in Brians basement.
Nick: (laugh) Yeah
DJ: We wouldn't know. Sleeping in the guestroom or something we havent heard about that though.
NIck: Nah, I havent' slept in the town yet
Dj: well, obviously we're all thinking about you man. Congratulations first and foremost for the new cd. I got to hear a couple of tracks and... blown away, totally blown away.
Nick: Are you for real?
DJ: Totally different.
Nick: Yeah man it's, I mean, I jsut wanted to, I mean that's just how I am, Ya know I'm different I like to experiment and try new things ya know. Do something, ya know, that's not really expected.. Um That's the kind of personality I have.
DJ: And obviously this whole thing personally is gonna shake out for you and I know that we're gonna get you back here in ATL real as soon as we can. That's cool but what kind of plans do you have for next year and the cd are there any touring plans?
Nick: Well right now I'm, ya know, I'm trying to see how it goes with everything.

DJ: Do you feel any competition with Justin Timberlake liek and his solo thing and cuz..
Nick: Nah man, not at all. I guess we're both kinda in our own little categories, ya know.
DJ: It just seems that everytime you're scheduled to be on TRL, like he calls in or something. I don't know... It's just, it's weird ya know?
Nick: I think, ya know. I think honestly, uh I hope he's very successful. That's my personal opinion. I mean really, um, I'm in a...I'm in a really good point in my life and in my head and ya know I just, um, I don't diss nobody. uh I don't dog nobody and I support anybody who's... this is a hard business to be in. So, we kinda talked together just sorta, I dunno even know when this was. It was a couple of months ago or something like that. But he was like "Yo Nick ya know" we were like backstage at the Latin Grammys and uh he like "Nick ya know, I just wanna let you know man that that's cool that you're doign what you're doing." Because uh ya know when I was.. cuz we knew each other when we were younger.. like we were on the same mangament and we'd tur all the time together.. cuz that's all I'd listen to "and whatever you were listening to was rock music and really being into that and it's just that.. that I'm glad you did that". And I'm like, "Yeah I'm glad you did what you did to because.. because I remember that's all you woudl listen to is in somethign was R&B stuff ya know." So it's kinda like,ya know silently supporting each other in a way. And it's, it's a really cool situation.
DJ: I can imagine being on the road as much as you have recently you wouldn't have time for a girlfriend or anything like that.
Nick:Well, and I won't lie ya know... I wish I had a girlfriend. But, I am...
DJ: No, that okay. I know a lot of people who are listening right now are very happy to hear that.
Nick: Yeah I mean that, I wish I did. But I just can't, uh, I dunno. I'm just so busy, and it's hard to trust people and you wonder what people girls are out for and stuff ya know. But hey, somebody, there's somebody out there, there's the one, who ya know. Will give me the chance and stuff.
Dj" Liek alot of the rag magazines like The Starr and National Enquiror and stuf ya know they seem to wanan link you with different people. Is that ever weird when you get linked with somebody and you're just like "I cant' believe they're sayign I'm dating Britney" like that.
Nick: I knew that question woudl come up, um, but
DJ: It's funny though isn't it or..
NIck: yeah. It's definatly.. i mean all i can say is that i guess they try to find something to talk about (laughs)I'm serious.. I don't even knwo her... like I've met her twice in my whole entire life.
DJ: really?
Nick: Yeah man, and I'm just like, imean she's cool girl and all but I don't knwo her
DJ: So wait a minute, I've met Britney Spears more times than Nick Carter
Nick: Probably, yeah
DJ: That's amazing


Nick's Blender Article: (slightly edit for younger readers.)

That doesn't look like a selfportrait you're holding there, Nick.
- I have been drawing since I was little, and it's usually more serious. But I wanted to do something silly and stupid, a little abnormal. That is how I think of myself: silly, stupid and abnormal

So why did you draw an alien?
- I believe aliens are real. I use to go hunting for them three or four years ago. I'd get back late from a tour and couldn't go to sleep. I'd go out in my car with friends late at night in the middle of Florida and look for UFO's

What's a strait of yours that people find annoying?
- Probably that Im scattered. It's like I've got attention-deficit disorder. I get very flustered, and it's hard to get my attention. But when Im doing music, everything falls into place. It's like only music can help me concentrate.

If you were to wake up dead tomorrow, who would be the leading suspect?
- I don't know. That's hardcore, bro!

You're thinking of someone. Who?
- Justin Timberlake (laughs) i'm just joking. I don't even know him.

If you were a woman, who would you want to be?
- Janis Joplin. I'm a big rock fan, and you can tell she had a lot of stuff that she held inside. She could release it only when she sang. That's how I feel. I hold a lot of things inside, and the only time I get to release them is when I open my mouth.

What do you have in your wallet right now?
- Some credit cards. Some chicks' numbers. A scuba diver's license. And receipts- I save all my receipts, because my dad told me to. If the IRS comes at me, Im going to have a sh*tload of receipts.

How many tattoos do you have?
- I stopped counting after 15. Japanese symbols, a shark... I got KAOS down my spine, because I was a chaotic kid. Reckless, annoying.

Imagine you're shopping at the grocery store. How much is a quart of milk?
I don't know. Sh!t. I failed science. How much is it? 8 ounces or something?

No. How much does a quart of milk cost?
I don't know. A guess would be $2. Or $5,99. You want me to guess again? Or did i miss?

You obviously haven't bought groceries in a while. What's your favorite swear word?
Damn. No, probably sh!t. Because sh!t happens. [laughs] That was pretty f***ing lame!

So maybe it's f***ing
Damn it! You caught me.

How would you describe your taste in sex?
Dude, I don't know. Picky?

You have never taken the advantage of who you are to have sex?
Mmm, can't say that.

So who does Nick Carter think he is?
A margarita. I'm sweet and sour at the same time.But when you drink me, I make you feel good


Nick on Pop World:

Simon (S): He's Nick Carter!

Nick (N): Hey wassup!! (Nick hold up his hands and smiles)

Miquita (M): I'm honoured!

S: Now are you alright without the other boys?!

N: It's a little different, but I've been with the boys since I was 12, or ten years!

S: Arn't you sick of 'em!?

N: (laughs) No I'm not sick of them! I love them, they're my brothers, but was just like, I really wanted to try something new and different - y'know?

S: And it is different, its rockier!!

N: ..basically, yeah, I was like the guy, everytime we'd perform at a show, or something like that, and we'd be in out dressing room before hand, I'd bring in 'System of a Down' [big rock/heavy metal group] and play it, and they'd really hate me for it! (Maquita laughs) They'd hate me for it! (laughs)

S: But in your fantasy would you love to be head bangng on stage with a guitar?

N: That's what I'm doing now (he grins)

S: Head baning as well?!

M: Do you head bang?

N: (he laughs) Uh...yeah! I cn't do it now, I need some, like, really heavy metal stuff like 'Korn' or something! (laughs)

M: You need some more hair as well!

N: Huh?!

M: You need the curtains back again!

N: Yeah, I used to have it really long, that's hpw I had it, I might gorw it back again....

M: Did you ever have a mullet?

N: Uh...I think I did! (laughs)

M: Oh no! (both presenters laugh)

N: I think I had a mullet, but, I've had like really crazy hair-styles!

M: OK!

S: Nnow the word on the street is that you're a rock beast when it comes to the drums! (Maquita laughs)

N: I played since I was 12...

S: But are you a beast Nick?!

N: I don't know if I'm a beast necessarily! (laughs)

S: OK, we;d like to see

N: I'mm...I like to play really hard!!

M: Yeah - really get into it!


N: Yeah, I like to play really hard when I play!

S: Well, we;ve got one drum for you and two sticks!

N: (laughs) Two sticks and a drum!

M: (laughs) Yeah two sticks!! (imitating Simon)


N: Its got a snare huh??

M: We;d like you to ...are you gonna rock out Nick?!

N: I can't really rock out on a snare too much, but I can do a couple of drum rolls though!

M: OK that'll do! But first here's his first debut solo single - 'Help Me'.

[Video Plays - they come back on screen with Nick holding a drum in front of him]

S: There it is 'Help Me'. And now the moment Nick Carter - And this this is a world exclusive (joking) by the way!!

M: Yeah it is!

S: I don't think they've done this on GMTV!

M: No!

N: I'll be honest with you, I'm not that good on a small set!

S: Oh come on! You're a beast!! (Maquita laughs)

N: I'm a beast (hits drum once)

S: Oh yeah!

M: So...come on then! (Nick starts drumming away like a march type beat)

M: Ok - I'm feeling it! (Nick drums a bit more harder and louder and both presenters begin to wince!)

S: OK! OK! (He takes it away - Nick laughs)

m: It's like a toy! (Nick hands the drumsticks to Maquit)

S: Go back to the ballads (he jokes)

M: Oh, that was impressive that, that was impressive Nick!

S: Thank you very much! Now Justin, he'd got the celebrity girlfriend in Britney, would you ever consdier getting a celebrity girlfriend to further your career? Not that he did that to further his career!! Well..... (Nick laughs) Is that something you'd consider?

N: Yeah - I'm gonna hook up with Kylie!

M: Mmm - Kylie!

S: I thought you liked Holy Valance?!

M: Yeah I though it was Holly?

N: Nah! She's got a boyfriend! Thats what I heard!

M: So's Kylie!

S: No, she's split up with him!

M: Oh no not really, so if Kylie's....

N: Yeah, so I heard Kylie split up with her boyfriend (grins and laughs)

M: So if she was around.....

N: She's a little bit older...but thats OK

M: So you don't mind that she's a little bit older?

N: No - she's fit! (laughs)

M: She's fit! (laughs)

N: Yeah - she's fit (says it in a British accent)

M: You laernt that word whilst you've been over here!

N: I love that word! She's fit! (says again in a British accent - Maquita cracks up laughing)

S: Where would you take her on you first date?

N: Buckingham! (laughs)

S: Buckinghm Palace!? You know the royals - I heard you met William?!

N: Yeah I'm good friends with them - NOT! (laughs)

S: Where did you meet William - at a party?!

N: Yeah - I was like - at a club...and...

M: What?! William's out clubbing is he?!

N: Yeah! Oops! (puts his hand over his mouth) Maybe I shouldn't have said that!

M: Was it in America or this country?

N: It was here - like a couple of days ago

S: And what happened, what did you say? Is he a fan?

N: I'm gonna start some controversy (laughs) he wanted to dance and all...and I was like...

M: What?! With you?!

S: That's sweet! (laughs)

N: Yeah, we were like dancing, and we were kinda like, just chillin!

M: Wills was chillin!

N Yeah, just hangin' out! He's a cool lad!

M: Its such a weird imagery, him and William just chillin' out at a club!

N: Yeah, I had my band, and we were all just istting and chilling out there, and all of a sudden he walked up and was like 'Hey!'. And I was like, y'know, 'Hey! whats up?!'

M: Woah - you're like friends!

N: I was like - don't I know you?! (all laugh)

S: Has he got any BSB albums?!

N: (laughs), but he...uh...I'm gonna cause controversy (laughs) but um...he was like,' Hey the next time you see Britney, tell her I say Hi!'

M: (laughs) What!

N: I was like - I'm the wrong guy for that!

S: Oh no!

N: You need to talk to Justin about htat, not me!

M: Good point! Nice to meet you finally!

N: Uh - thanks!

M: Good luck with your debut single!

N: Say hi to William!

M: (laughs) I will 0 cause we;re like that! Yeah! right! (laughs)

S: Yeah!

N: You know you're gonna be right there telling him! (Maquita still laughs)

M: Yeah!

N: Like - guess what I heard!!?!

S: OK (meanwhile Maquita still laughing!)


BBC 1 TOTP Webcast with Nick:

Annabel: When has famous been a disadvantage to you?

Nick: The only disadvantage would be when you are talking to someone normal who is not in the business or anything like that. Maybe trying to get to know a girl, you dont really know whether she is talking to you for the right reasons. You know that whole type of vibe? Whether you can trust somebody or not? And, I guess that is a really big disadvantage. You dont really know who to trust any more.

Melissa: Truth time Nick! Are BSB still together?

Nick: Yes. We're still together - there was never a break up. It's just me reaching out and trying something new and seeing how it goes. I'm just really excited to be doing something different because Ive been doing the same thing since I was a little kid, 12-years-old. Now, Im 22 and that is like 10 years. The exact same thing over and over. I was touring for seven years straight. So, I'm just really excited to be doing something different. To open up my mind creativity wise, music wise, learn new things and kinda become myself for a little bit. Learn how to be an individual person.

Tony: Does it feel odd doing interviews on your own?

Nick: It's a little different. Kinda scary sometimes. You worry that you are saying the right things. If you do say the wrong thing and its just all you, it's all your fault! There is nobody they can call that messed up or anything. There's a lot of things that ride on top of doing interviews because people can take things the way that they come out of my mouth.

Vicky Bizier: What's your single about?

Nick: I didn't write the single but when I heard the song I loved it. The cool thing about being a solo artist is that - the music that you put on the album, its your influence. You are the one who is writing the music, or if you record someone elses song, it really has to connect with me as a person. I have to feel inspired to sing it. I have to feel it connects with me. When it comes out of my mouth, when I do sing it, it has to sound like its real. You have to have feeling for it. I listened to this song and I was like "man, this is perfect". The song fits perfectly with my personality, my mentality, and I wanted to sing it really bad.

Denise: Which track on the album is most personal to you, and why?

Nick: There's a lot, it's hard to pick out cos I wrote a large portion of them. They're all close to my heart. Even some of the songs that Max Martin wrote, and other songs that other people had written, they are all personal songs. So, it is hard to pick out just one. Although, the one that stands out is called My Confession. The reason I love the song is that its a mixture of everything that I had done in the past and everything that I am looking forward to the future for. Music wise, its like a mixture between pop and rock. Its like a perfect mixture. I love that song.

Stephanie: You have a very musical family. Now your sister has an album, did you write any her songs?

Nick: No. I didnt on this album. I havent had a chance to get in with them because Ive been trying to get my stuff off the ground, and Ive been working really hard at this. I talked to my sister and I was like, "when I get some time I am putting you in the studio and I am write the songs with you and for you and produce you". I will even do that for my brother in the future too. I definitely want to expand and be a producer. It is something that Ive been doing a little bit here and there. And I feel that its something that I could be good at. Who knows? Maybe, when I settle down and stop touring, I can do that. I will probably do that in the future.

Beth: Is it true that you went clubbing with Prince William? If so, how did you meet him?

Nick: I was sitting down chilling when Prince William came walking in. It was funny because I cant really remember how it happened. We just chilled, had a couple of drinks and bounced. Bu that was about it. Hes a cool cat. He wanted to dance and I was like, "I dont feel like dancing right now". Ive had a couple of drinks. I want to just chill. Hes a great guy. Hes a cool guy. You never know, you might see me at one of his events or concerts together. Hopefully he will come to one of my concerts when I play over here.

TOTP: Here's Nick with final word:

Nick: I wish I could stay longer and talk longer. The album comes out soon, hopefully you guys will check it out and see if you like it. If you dont you can always take it back. Otherwise, I am coming back soon and I cant wait to see everybody on the internet and everybody all over the UK. And all the world!


Nick's Interview on CBBC's X-Change:

At the start of the opening titles, they show a clip of Nick shaking hands with one of the presenters (P). They introduce him and say that he will be on later answering the fans questions.

The presenter walks on and does like a 'secret handshake' type thing with Nick and says hello. Nick is wearing a red shirt with 'dirty' looking jeans, and he has made himself quite comfy on the couch with his feet up!

P: Hiya Nick! Good to have youy here. First of all how's things here?

N: Everything's great man! I'm having a blast! I've been doing alot of interviews ands tuff, and tv shows, but em...

P: And to top it off another one this afternoon!

N: Well..yeah!

P:Can't beat it! Now you've got your solo career on the go at the minute, how's that going?

N: It's going great! I mean, the single's out right now, and its on the radio, and uh...the album comes out on Oct 28th, and uh...I can't wait fir it to come out, I'm so excited! (grins)

P: What sort of style of music is it, I mean are you keeping it the same sort of thing>

N: It's kinda like...I've always been big into...kinda like rock music a little bit, so I add a litle bit of rock flavour to the old stuff that I've done, and even a little new flavour. I thought I was good to grow a little bit y'know?

P: Too right it is" Exactly. We've got loads of questions for you, literally hundreds og questions have comein, and we've been advertising it on the website, that you'd been coming here and first off there's a question here from Lizzy in Croydon, and she'd like to know if you were the first person on the moon, what sort of song would yolu open your show with?

N: Well...sonce Lance Bass isn't going to the moon (laughs) I'm gonna fo there now! (laughs) No I'm playin'! (laughs) Which one would I go to the moon and perform? um...probably 'Man on the Moon' by REM.

P: Aaah...good answer! OK, got another question here from Joanne, and as it happens, Joanne is here to ask the question personally, so Joanne, take it away!

Joanne: I was wondering how did you get into the music industry?

P: Joanne wants to know that.

N: How'd I get into the music industry? um..welll I'd been doing singing and acting since I was like 8 years alot of stuff in school, and things like that, like plays, and then I met the BSB through acting, y'know, just acting and things like that, and y'know they kinda took off from there, and I was in the business for a little while, didn't have a record contract until when I was with the boys till I was like 16, or anything like that soi I mnean it takes a long time in the business to work your way through, and its alot of work y'know?

P: Fantastic, well we've got another question here from Kelly in Wolvehampstow, believe it or not Kelly actually emailed us 94 questions!

N: 94!

P: yeah...ok, so I've got them all here, so if you would like to pick a question between 1 and 94, and I'll ask you that question.

N: uh...I don't know....uh...Number 10!

P: Ok, number 10, here it is - if you could pick an actor , any actor in the world to play you in a movie about your life, who would you pick?

N: Oh man, I'd probably pick like, I don't know, someone who's kinda blonde in a way, kinda big....(Otis another presenter shouts out in the background that he would do it!) Yeah! There you go! (Nick points to him) That's my man right there!

P: Otis is up for it!

N: Yeah!

P: Otis is your man for it!

N: Yeah, there's my man! (laughs)

P: We've got another question here from Daniela nd this is his question -

Daniel: Is the BSB still together of have they split up?

N: I get it asked alot, becauase I'm doing the solo career now, but I'm just taking some time and doing this, but I wanna get back in the studio with the gys like sometime next year, maybe later next year, ot something, and start to record a neww album, and everything, but right now y'know I've been with the boys sonce I was12, and y'know, I'm 22 now, and its been 10 years goin' on, so I really wanted to try something new in my lifem, and just see something new, y'know, just experience something new...cos...

P: Keep it all fresh.

N: Yeah....cos I mean...I was so young in doing it all, so I just wanted to try it y'know, see what was up!

P: Nice one. OK - another question here from Kelly in Wolvehamstow, another number apart from number 10 from 1 to 94?

N: Uh...53

P: OK - 53! Now you play the drums and the guitar, which one do you prefer playing and why?

N: Uh...I prefer playing the drums at the moment...just because I'm better (laughs) but I uh...just started picking up the guitar, I played drums since I was 12 - yeah everything started when I was 12! [um, careful what you say Nick!] but I....(Nick laughs as he realises what he said - the presenter laughs as well! - everyone in the the rest of the studio laughs as well! - he carries on - grinning)..but y' I juststarted playing that now because I can bring that everywhere with me, y'know, I can't bring a drum-set everywhere. I used to play the drums on the tour though, when we would tour and stuff, I'd sing and play at the same time, Backstreet songs, so ...y'know...

P: Cool, thats a good answer. OK, so now we've got another question here from Naomi, so Naomi, give us yout question.

Naomi: Who'd you prefer put of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears?

P: Mmmm (Nick grins) I guess you know them both?

N: (laughing) You know, the funniest thing it, I've never met Britney Spears, I mean I might have met her briefly, like, came across her, and I've met Christina, she's really cool!

P: What were your first impressions about Britney?

N: um..well, I don't know her (shrugs), so I can't really pre-judge at all knowing Christina and everything, Christina's really cool, she was really nice - and she's a hot mama too!! (People in the background -Oooh yeah!)

P: Fair enough! - you heard it here! OK - I've got another question, so very quickly I've got Stuart with his question.

Stuart: Who would you like to exchange saliva with?!

N: (lookin' shocked!) What he say?!

P: That's what he said!

N: What he say?!

P: Who would you most like to exchange saliva with?! (chuckling)

N: (lookin' shocked still!) Eeurgh!!

P: Talking of Britney and Christina earlier!?....

N: (laughs) Both of them - no only joking!

P: So anyone in the world who would you like to? You've got to answer Stuart's question!

N: Dear God!

P: Come on!

N: I have to answer this!?

P: Oh yeah! (everyone in the background shout out - Yeah!)

N: Is this a kids programme?!

P: Does he have to answer the question?! (everyone in the backsground shout - Yeah!)

N: I don't know!! - Sandra Bullock! ( the camera flicks to one of the female presenters pointing to herself and smiling!) Whoever's closest!! (realises again what he said!) Not you though! (he gets up as though to leave, the presenter laughs, but Nick sits down again chuckling!)

P: Be careful with your answers!

N: (laughs)

P: One last good question from Latoya in London, who's your biggest musical influence?

N: Uh.. my biggest musical influence..uh ok probably..better be really good at this! - I have too many influences, its not just one, its like a mixture of everything, that's kinda what makes me, me, y'know?

P: Mmm-hmm.

N:I like people like David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Phil Collins, I could go on forever, they're like the old people, new ones like, Nirvana, Linkin Park, I like all sorts of music, y'know?

P: Ok, lets see what they've done to your mind, Nick its been a pleasure. (shakes his hand) Thanks for that, and if you'd like to give us a quick link into your new song...

N: OK - this is....(loses which camera he's supppose to use!) Oh - there you are! This is 'Help Me - I hope you enjoy it! (smiles)

They play his Video. End of Interview.


Nick's Interview for LK Today, 8/02:

Lorraine Kelly (L) was interviewing Nick. (N) They were standing ont he stage were Nick was going to be performing, with all of Nick's bandmates around him.

L: Hello, nice to see you

N: Thanks

L: Now, most of the people we've spoken to seem to be a bit worried, they're concerned because as your out on your own, does this mean goodbye BSB, or are you still together, you'd better clear that up.

N: No (shakes his head), I'm still here and I'm doing my stuff with them as well, uh...y'know? I'm doing... I've been with them for ten years....

L: Is it ten years?! Good Lord!

N:...yeah, I was with them when I was 12, I'm 22 now, so uh..y''s just...I think it's time to try something new.

L: Absolutely!

N: Just experience something new, y'know? ...and I've always wanted to sing and like ...write music by myself, so y'know, I finally got a chance to do it.

L: you're all be doing you're own individual things, but basically you're still together....

N: yep!

L:'ll be coming back....oh that's good, it's just people were a little worried you see.

N: Oh no! it's cool! (smiles)

L: We had to clear that up. Was it strange by yourself, in the studio by yourself?...performing, like you're gonna be singing live today. Is it different without the rest of them roudn about you?

N:, it was....I mean, it was a little different because I've been doing it for so long, but now, it was exciting to get int teh studio, was so different, but at the same time, so fun and everything!

L: Mmm..hmm.

N:...and alot of things came out of it, alot of good things came out of it, y'know?!..and I changed into a better person because of it, and I feel like I have so....

L:....well that's good! no good for you!.. and also the thing is, the whole key to staying around in this business for along time, is to write your own stuff, and that's what you've been doing as well.

N: Yeah, I still don't proclaim to be the best writer in the world, and to this day I'm still leaning new things everyday. I'm still learning things every single day, even though I've been in this business for a while...umm.. so my mind's open to learning things, I've started to pick up the guitar, I'm starting to even learn how to write more, and just learning new stuff, so hopefully it'll make me a better artist for the future.

L: It's astonishing to think you're a sort of veteran of the pop worlm and you're only 22! You're a baby!

N: I'm still a baby!!

L:And you've still got so much time ahead of you!

N: Yeah!

L: Which is why it's good to branch out and to do other things, don't you think it'll probably make the bnad fresher as well?

N: a way, y'know? the record... what I'm trying to do is uh.... maybe bring a new audince to the band, and um... actually bring a bit more experinece on my end to te band, or anything that I do, y'know...I think right now what this is about is making me an individual, a person, and finding myself too so um... I I can be a better person for anything that I do.

L: Mmm...good for you!

N: And I'm having a hell of alot of fun too!

L:Well, that's what its all about, and the danger would be that after 10 years you'd get a little jaded by it, so you clearly arn't...

N: Oh no!

L: So, what is it, just a passsion for music?

N: I love music!...uh...I'm a freak for it!! (laughs) I'm a freak for music and I love it and uh.... just to be involved and to able to still do it y'know?!

L: Sure!

N: And to have fun doing it while I'm doing it, and just to make so many different people happy out there, and thats what entertaining's all about, to make people happy!

L: And it rund in the family of course, cos you're wee baby brother, who's even more of baby than youm, he's in the music business as well. (They show a picture of Nick grabbing Aaron's neck playfully at the 102.1 Kiis FM Radio Show from this year) There he is - and he's doing really well too!

N: Mm..hmm!

L: That's fantastic!

N: Yeah he's doing great!

L: That's probably because he can see what you're doing and follow...y' can help can kinda steer him in the right direction...

N: (Nick grins and laughs!) Yeah..I can help him!!

L: You can!

N: (laughing) Yeah!

L: You're gonna sing live, now, not many people sing live these dayds - why's that so important to you?

N: Yeah - well, because when I was with the boys we always sang live and it's just something I love to do. People don't sing that much live?

L: Well...not really y'know...most of them just....goldfish...they just do the old...

N: Really?!

L: Oh yeah!

N: Well...I don't know why....I guess I grew up singing live and if you crack, you crack, and if...y' mess up, you mess up, but at the same time it live, and you're giving your all.

L: Sure. Well, it's really good to see you. Thank you. You've made loads of.... you should just say hello to everybody....I haven't got time to go through absolutely everybody, but just everyone...

N: (interruptes!) ...Hey!! (runs at camera with his arms out looking for a hug) I'll give everyone a bug hug! (runs back to the stage

L:(laughs) Well, now Nick we're gonna hear you sing live as we said, so now this is..... (loses which camera she is to speak into!) Where are you?! There you are!...Nick singing 'Help Me', and its out on Monday 7th OCtober, Good Luck with that! I hope it goes really well...thank you.

N: (as she speaks Nick pokes his head into her camera show and makes a funny face!) OK thank you!

End of Interview. The music starts up and Nick perform the single!


Nick's Interview with GMTV:

Eamonn Holme and the Woman (can't remember her name sorry - not Penny!) are interviewing Nick.

Woman: Now this morning we have very special young man, and this is what he is most well known for so far in his career!

[Cut to an old clip of Nick singing 'All I Have To Give', with the rest of the BSB on the show, accapella stylee!]

Woman: And here is is today! He is the youngest member of the BSB, but he is very definately on his own here this morning, he's going it alone, he's launching his solo career - arn't you Nick Carter!?

Nick: That's me!

Woman: That's you! We've had so many phone calls and emails this morning already, some of which I'll read out ina minute, but, so have you left the BSB then?

Nick: I haven't left the BSB. Um.. everybody's taken a little time out to do some personal things in their life, y'know? Um..because we've been together for so long, and y'know, alot of the guys are married now, and AJ's about to get married, Brian's about to have a baby, and y'know, its something personal that I've wanted to do since I was a really little, and uh..I finally get a chance to do it!

Woman: Yeah.. but y'know if your single 'Help You' [uhh - that's 'Help Me' - oops!) takes off, and its a smash , y'know here and in America, then you're not gonna go back to them are you?

Nick: Well...that's... I kinda don't think about that way, I guess alot of people think way, but not me, I always think I can do anything, like, it doesn't matter what it is. I mean I've been with the boys for ten years now, and I love what I do with them, so I would love to be able to go back and do some more stuff with them, I think that'd be raelly cool. But y'know hopefully what I'm doing will do well, we'll just have to see - time will tell!

Woman: We will have to see, and we'll see now, here it is 'Help Me'.

[Cut to clip from the 'Help Me' video]

Woman: There we go, that's 'Help Me' - out on the 7th October, and you're performing it later in the programme arn't you?

Nick: Yep

Woman: Good! OK, now Denise Garcier, you mum has phoned us, about her daughter Maria Richardson, she's 16 and is a huge fan of yours Nick, and um...she said she went to see BSB in Vegas last year inconcert, but the concert was cancelled?

Nick: Oh concert got cancelled. I forget the reason it was, but I'm sure there was a big reason why, but its Denise right?

Woman: Yeah - Denise Garcier

Nick: [looks to camera] Denise - I'm sorry, and I'm um.. gonna try and do the best I can, to redeem and uh... pay you back - with interest! [he pipes up!]

Woman: Well hey! There'll be hysterics in that house this morning now!! Um... A Mr Griffiths from Clenethley says: my daughter Sarah is mad about Nick and she's not been very well recently, so she wants to say hello.

Nick: Hi Sarah!

Woman: A Mrs Mason says her 17 year old daughter, Rachel - wow listen to this! - has packed her bags and set off to London in pusuit of you apparently!

Nick: Wow really!?

Woman: And she says she does this everytime you're in Britain - and so she's very worried - so you'd better say hello to Mrs Mason I think!

Nick: I'm sorry Mrs Mason! [raises his hands and shrugs his shoulders!]

Woman: Yeah - I think you'll find your daughter camped outside the GMTV studios this morning Mrs Mason [Nick laughs] and Danielle Northcott is 18 in October, so happy birthday to her!

Nick: Happy Birthday Danielle!!

Woman: Yeah - I think that's important - your fans!

Nick: Yeah I love my fans man!

Woman: And I hear you have a new friend in this country I believe?!

Nick: What's that?

Woman: Royalty? Prince William?

Nick: Oh me and William were kinda like kickin' it at a club, for a little bit! We were talking ...and....who told you that?! [looks flabbergasted!]

Woman: Hey..hey...I have my conections too y'know!

Nick: [jokingly] I was told to keep that a secret - only joking! [laughs]

Woman to Eamonn: See, Nick and William kickin' it together at a club the other night!

Eamonn: What does kickin' it mean?

Nick: [laughs] just hangin' out!

Woman: Hangin' out! [laughs]

Nick: Just chillin'!

Eamonn: [jokingly] I hope violence wasn't involved there!

Nick: oh no no! ..Just kickin' it...we weren't kickin' each other! We were just havin' fun!

Woman: But're gonna be kickin' it out later on with your new single 'Help Me' - but for now its been a pleasure. Nice to meet you!

Nick: Thanx. Thanks alot - its been great! [shakes her hand]

Woman: Thanks

Nick: Cool! Bye!


Nick Interview with the Hit List

The Hit List is back for its 12th season on YTV, and guess who stopped by the very first day of taping to wish Rob and Danielle all the best for the new season? Backstreet Boy and brand new solo recording artist- Nick Carter. So, The Hit List took the opportunity to ask Nick about his very first single, "Help Me" and his solo CD "Now or Never". We really wanted to know what it was like recording by himself, without the other Backstreet Boys...

Nick: It was a little different at first because I didn't have the four guys around me, but I got used to it. It was fun to get in there and just create and be by myself and to do everything that I wanted to do. Just kinda let it all out and not really have to hold things back.

Hit List: Did you miss them though-the goofing around?

Nick: "Yeah, the goofing around part and just being ourselves and everything of course. But.... After 9 1/2 years of being with the guys, it's so exciting to do something and try something new and different and just experiment, I mean, that's what the group is about anyways-experimenting and having fun. I'm really crazy and the guys have to like hold me down and make sure that I don't lose my mind in anything that I do, but this time they there to hold me down, so I was gone-lost in space.

Hit List: Do you think you'll end up touring on your own?

Nick: Yeah I think so...When I went into the studio and wrote the music, (and a lot of the music I wrote with other writers), I went in with a mindset that I wanted to do music that I could forsee myself performing on stage. Like in front of an audience, you know, just rocking out. A lot of the music on the album has a rock feel to it.

Since Nick's new CD is called, "Now or Never", The Hit List also gave Nick a list of challenges that required him to tell us when he'd do some things. Now or Never? Nick thought the challenge was "very cool"! Here's how it went!

Hit List: Swim with sharks. Now or Never?

Nick: Now. I've done it

Hit List: Even without a cage?

Nick: Yeah. I've done it.

Hit List: Skydive? Now or Never?

Nick: No. I can't do it. Never.

Hit List: Eat sushi?

Nick: Yep! Now.

Hit List: Arm-Wrestle Eminem?

Nick: Oh yeah!

Hit List: Yeah! Do you think you'd win?

Nick: (Scoffs) Bring it on baby!

Hit List: Get married?

Nick: Yeah at some point....Maybe

Hit List: Release another Backstreet Boys CD?

Nick: For sure. Certainly.

Hit List: Sing a duet with Nelly?

Nick: Maybe now. Nelly's cool.

Hit List: Go to college?

Nick: That would be cool to go play a sport in college. I could go play baseball or something like that. Either baseball or basketball, I love them both.

Hit List: Take on The Rock in a Celebrity Wrestling Match?

Nick: Um I could deal with Eminem, but I don't know about The Rock! He's a pretty big guy!

Hit List: Do the Tango with Shakira?

Nick: Oh yeah! (Big smile!)

Hit List: Host your own reality based TV series?

Nick: Yeah, why not! Now!



Transcript of Nick on  Johnny Vaugh 80-25-02

Johnny: Tonight ladies and gentlemen, we've managed to get Carter. Would you please welcome Nick Carter!Do you know what.....(silences cos of loud cheering)
Firstly how long are you here for?

Nick: I'm here until Sunday but um........actually i was just here recently recording for the upcoming album, and uh i was here for like a month. and nobody knew it was here......i kind of like snuck in

Johnny: Where were you hiding?

Nick: I was at.....where was i at?? uh St Martins Hotel

Johnny: St Martins ok that's nice.

Nick: I went and saw the star wars premiere. and went back and saw Jamiroqui get in a big fight

Johnny: Did you?? (laughter from the audience)

Nick: Yeah he was at the hotel

Johnny: I'll tell you what, you could've earned yourself alotta british fans by steaming in there.

Nick: Awww no

Johnny: Seriously we like an american who can go a bit.

Nick: I try to be non-confrontational

Johnny: I know but sometimes when your out on the razz and a fellow music star gets in trouble you gotta stick your boots in

Nick: It's crazy cos i walked right up when the whole situation happened with him and the photographer. I just heard a bunch of screaming. I just walked from. i think Leister Square (J: Yeah ) and i uh walked back and i saw this taxi car drive off, then reverse back and sure enough there was a little tiff between the two of them.

Johnny: Right so you heard the screaming and thought they were for you.

Nick: I was waiting inside cos there was supposed to be an after show party and everything so i went to the bar and just waited there. And like a bunch of police showed up and everything. I was like woooo. stood up and i'm like looking...that Jamiroqui?!

Johnny: I'm gonna be honest with you. I think i'm getting on a bit to actually ask you the accurate and current and good questions for the Backstreet Boys fans want to know the answer to.

he goes on to say he's found some people much more qualified and introduces some girls whos having a sleepover in Kingston. Johnny talks to them a bit then:

Girl: Hi Nick

Nick: Hi baby

Girl: Is this the end of the Backstreet Boys? (got a new question?)
should i take down all my posters?

Nick: No um i'm a backstreet boy for life. Just to let you know (cheers from the audience)

Johnny: What i'd like to say, i don't wanna bust up the girls sleepover here. If your solo career goes very, very, very successfully. whcih i suspect it might....

Nick: Hopefully

Johnny: Um we're all praying for you there. but um but if it does might you not kind of Backstreet Boys? Yeah right!. I got my thing now.  It's like the Jackson 5 always looking for Micheal for the reunion but what, once every 20yrs

Nick: Well the thing i'm trying to do right now is try to make myself a better person. Like creatively as an artist. I'm picking up instruments . I'm doing maybe a different type of music and everything but you know when i finally do get back with them and we do another album and everything, it'll be an even better album cos i'll be able to contribute alot more knowledge and everything. cos before this i was very young and trying to fight my way through the business and everything. I didn't know who i was and everything. so now i get a chance to find myself and create music and have fun at the same time.

Johnny: Ok enjoying a bit of quality time. (to the girls) lets have the second question please

Girl: Hi Nick.....In 1997 you won the award for best haircut in Smash Hits. Why did you change it?

Nick: Um (laughs) i wa dealing with the banana cut for a while sweetie....nah um it was...i dunno. It was something new and change it. I've missed my hair um (laughs)

Johnny: Me too (meaning his own hair)

Nick: It's all gone. I miss my hair...i wanna...i'm gonna..I might grow it back (basically he said this to make the stupid children feel better)

Audience: Noooo Nooo

Nick: They like it this way

Girl: Hi Nick it's Kim. Have you ever been tempted to snog a fan or their mum?

Nick: Now lets get this straight....

Johnny: Snog a fan or their mum?!? She's giving you some kinda two for offer there

Nick: Two for the price of uh actually i gotta get this right. What is snog exactly? cos like.....

Johnny: Do you want me to call them down? (women in the audience)

Audience: Yeah woooo

Johnny: No, no, no rush for the stage

Nick: Is it a kiss?

Johnny: It's sort of a deep kissing

Nick: A deep kiss...ok i know now. I'll be entirely honest with you guys. I have snogged a fan before.

Johnny: So what was the situation when you deep kissed a fan?

Nick: I didn't deep, deep kiss her (laughs) but it was a deep kiss

Johnny: There was tongues and stuff go on

Nick: (embarrased) Nasty! (pointing at Johnny)

Johnny: No go on

Nick: No you know i was attracted to her so i kissed her.

Johnny: What was she, in a crowd, waiting outside your room, in a
lobby? It's not my dream it's theirs!

Nick: That's prying now (laughs)

Johnny: That's prying your absolutely right......(audience and Nick laughs) Another question?

Girl/Boy: Now that Britney is single have you ever thought about getting in there?

Nick: Anybody got her number? nah i'm just playin' nah man nah

Johnny: OK thank you very much girls....

Nick: Night

Johnny: OK Nick girls have gone to bed uh you were five boys on the road. Bit of time on your hands, adoring fans knocking around. Did you ever get Rock and Roll?

Nick: Did i ever get Rock & Roll

Johnny: Yeah was it ever R&R madness on the road with the lads?

Nick: Emm AJ was kinda crazy but i was kinda quiet crazy.

Johnny: OK i'm gonna ask you the questions...Have you ever...uh smashed up hotel rooms?

Nick: Yes

Johnny: Is that a great feeling?

Nick: It was accidental kind of (huge laughter from audience)

Johnny: I don't mean knock a bottle of water off. I mean really gotten it.

Nick: I've gotten in so trouble, put it that way

Johnny: OK lined up your best looking groupies and taken their pic?

Nick: Next question

Johnny: Have you ever been arrested?

Nick: Yip

Johnny: What was you arrested for?

Nick: Um actually i was in the wrong place at the wrong time (then in a funny voice) Yeah that's what everybody says.

Johnny: Yeah me too (cheers) tell me about it

Nick: No seriously i didn't go to jail. I didn't go to jail cos i didn't do nothing.

Johnny: You weren't missing anything

Nick: It was funny cos one of my friends, he wasn't gonna let me go to jail by myself cos they didn't know, so he got arrested......

Johnny: Lets get in with the big boys now. Oh gonna whip your ass? ( i have no clue! what he's on about) OK i'm gonna talk about the music stuff. Now you have your solo, your own single out, are you nervous about doing your own thing. Your standing there by yourself on stage. Your on your own. You haven't got your mates there.

Nick: Yeah. Right now i'm able to....i'm playing a little rock music now and thats...what i'm doing is ii'm gonna be able to go and perform in like smaller venues and uh purposely i wanna do that. Just get closer with the fans, get intimate with them 2 thousand people.

Johnny: Woah like a night like this....(joke since there only like 200)

Nick: Yeah

Johnny Lets have a look at your new single then i'll challenge you to do something.

Help Me clip

Johnny: There we go...they like it (cheers) What i wanna know. It's a British thing, we always believe we've been raised in this way. esp in particular climate. Can you actually sing? CAn they actually sing? It's a question we wonder of all boybands. Yeah are they miming. Theres five really fat blokes round the corner doing all the work

Nick: Let me get my tape recorder real quick

Johnny: Ok, So i wanna know could you do that accappella?

Nick: I would love to.......

Johnny: Do you need the band to count you in or anything?

Nick: That's cool right there.....

Sings first verse and chorus. Brilliantly even though he has a bit of a cold. I heard it earlier in the day on LK today

Johnny: Why don't you say no i can't sing? (in jest) only joking. Ladies and Gentlemen the wonderous Nick Carter! How about that. Fantastic, well done matey. I think you've answered a few critics there. OK.


Transcript of Nick on Richard & Judy, London

Judy: One of the richest popstars on the planet. 22 he's worth apparently 100million.The Backstreet Boys are mega now Nicks branching out as a solo artist. We're going to meet him in a moment here's his first solo single 'Help Me'

Help Me clip

Judy: Nick's here now. Delighted to see you.

Richard: Hello pleasure to meet you. (shakes hands with him)

Nick: Hello

Judy: So this is your first single solo. You've actually also done an album haven't you....

Nick: Yeah um the album is coming out 28/27th october (28th Nick lol) i think its the 28th. Then theres the october 7th, the single

Judy: So does kinda mean, as speculation is circulating that your kinda leaving the Backstreet Boys

Nick: No i'm , im not leaving the backstreet boys. i've been up with then since i was 12 yrs old. I grew up with them. uh they're my brothers.i've had a very good career with them and they've taught me alot that i know to this day. so um i owe alot to them. you know, growing up being so young, at a young age, especially you know 12 through to a certain age, you learn alot of things, you know. Growing up on the road you like learn alot of things, you don't realise it so i really didn't know like how to be an individual person, a person by myself

Judy: mmmhmm. Your the youngest actually aren't you?

Nick: Yeah i'm the youngest in the group so......

Richard: That's typical of young men anyway who aren't in the public eye. They form gangs, they hang around in groups

Nick: Right

Richard: It's the same kinda dilemma(?)

Nick: It definately is.i mean in a way except i'm

Richard: Your worth 100million

Nick: I was in a good gang...yeah. The thing is the whole reason why i'm doing this now is i've always been. i've always had a fire in my heart to just wanna be a solo, to try to be a solo artist.

Richard: I don't think i've ever sat across someone who worth 100million

Nick What, what (looking confused)

Richard: I know it's probably been exagerated in the papers and stuff. It's probably a bit more a bit less. Lets take it as a rough figure. To get that i mean cos the dollors worth a bit more than the pound, you'd have to go on your version of who wants to be a millionare 150 times over and win it every time straight.

Nick: Of course it's not what i have. To be honest with you. We touring and stuff like that, first off i've done it for so long so.

Richard: I mean do you have to pay.......

Nick: You have to pay, managers, you pay uh the record company. They're the ones you defiantly pay for.

Richard: Do you pay for your limos? I mean when you take limos is that added to your bill at the end of the year?

Nick: Well actually i'm very cautious when i'm on my private time, i do pay for the stuff. But when i'm doing promotion and stuff like that the record company takes care of that.

Richard: So they don't bill you for that

Nick: No. Well in a way it's still billed too cause it is recoupable so. Anything that they spend on me is stuff that they can get back from me later.

Richard: Right. So do you feel different. I mean anyone who has that much money must feel different in any way

Nick: I'm,I'm comfortable. I'm able to do things that i wanna do and everything. I'm blessed you know. I gave up a large portion of my life like especially at such a young age to touring and stuff like that. It's a very good job i enjoy it, i love it but still i.......

Judy: Yeah. Obviously you love singing and your very good at it and all the rest of it. and now you wanna write more and all the rest of it. Is it tough growing up with all those pressures? i mean just even thinking about money and stuff like that when your in your teens

Nick: Well i mean i didnt, well first of all we didnt really make money until the past 3 yrs, i mean really make money until the last 3 yrs of the group when we was touring and stuff like that. It was more so Millennium and Black and Blue, uh the albums before we had a large recoupable bill. and uh we went through a couple of legal battles and things like that, with old people and things. So i mean these are things that happen. It happens to alot of the biggest people, i mean like Prince.

Richard: I got a couple of things to show you here. Your younger brother Aron

Nick and Judy: Aaron

Richard: How old is he now?

Nick: He's 14.

Hold up a newspaper article

Richard: Thats Aaron there and thats my daughter(also Judy's) and me.(Nick laughs reading it)at a party. I was apparently, this is not true, apparently i dragged her away cos she was dancing with him. Does he ever talk about Chloe?

Judy laughs and says don't

Richard: Cos i know he has some money of his own. Is it a subject of discussion that beautiful english girl that i had a dance with at the britney spears premiere.

Nick laughs not believing he said that & neither can the rest of us!

Nick: I haven't talked to him in a while so.........

Judy: (to Richard) She'll kill you

Nick: I'll ask him about it

Richard: What happend was they got, they were very lucky, they got tickets to this party, well she did he was going anyway. they had a little dance and the paper said i dragged her off him.and it's not true at all, If you ever see him tell him he can have a dance with Chloe anytime he likes, he can marry her. When he's old enough

Judy: What you, what he did say to Chloe is that you dad over there

Richard: Yeah this is what happened. This is what really happened. this has never hit the press. I'm standing at the edge of the dance floor. my daughter is dancing with sorry i didn't know he was your brother. What i saw was a nice looking guy. i've just looking got a beer. And he then saw me looking and said to Chloe 'Who's that guy over there?' and uh she said thats my dad. and he then said.....'oh excuse me i've had a few bad experiences wih fathers'

Judy: I don't do dads (laughs)

Nick opens his mouth in shock lol

Richard: And he walked off. Left he standing on her own! Anyway give him Chloes love. The other thing i wanted to show you was midrifts waists. There was an international poll this week. and the top three on midrifts, waists. of beautiful girls. were Jennifer Aniston, Holly Valance and Britney Spears and we know you like Holly.

Nick: I think she's a very attractive girl. i mean i think alotta guys think that don't they

Richard obviously thinks so cause he's getting in a tizzy. They have 3 pictures of midrifts and Nick has to pick who's midrift is who's. He gets them all right.

Judy: I suppose most guys these days are very aware of peoples tummies. I don't think i'd recognise anybody's midrift at any time

Richard: I'm passing no comment at all. um listen it's great to see you. Your touring around, going to europe

Nick: I'm gonna be all over the place i'm promoting the record. and i'm actually gonna be talking about coming back over here and doing some touring in January.

Judy: Oh good!

Nick: Playing some small venues. Like 2000 seater.

Judy: And your part of the backstreet boys, your still working on the next album?

Nick: Yeah i'm still working, but right now i'm taking my time and really concentrating on this cos alot of the other guys are into their own personal lives. Some of them are married or getting married, new marriages. Brians about to have a baby. so i mean there's certain things been going on. This is my love, i love to create rock music. i love to perform on stage and im a nut case when it comes to performing so i can't wait to get it going.

Richard: Enjoy it while it's all hot.

Judy: Thanks for coming in it's good to see you

Richard: Yeah thanks

Nick: Thanks

Richard: (whispers) Next time bring Aaron

Nick: I will. No problem


NICK ON BBC NEWS, September 27, 2002

The youngest Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is releasing his first solo single in the UK on 7 October.

Newsround caught up with him to find out about life without the Backstreet Boys.

Newsround: Why did you decide to release a solo single?

Nick: I've been with the Backstreet Boys since I was 12 and now I'm 22 and I wanted to try something different.

I've always wanted to try Rock Music so that's what I've done.

I was able to create a new type of music - it was a lot of fun.

It was kind of an accident and fell into place - I went into the studio to write and things just started coming out.

I didn't realise I was a good writer until I got into the studio and did it by myself.

I didn't even realise I could sing on a whole record by myself until I did it!

Newsround: How did you approach the guys to tell them that you were taking some time off?

Nick: In the beginning I talked with them and it was a bit odd because we've been doing the same thing for so long.

I'm the youngest in the group and in their eyes I was probably the last person who would have done this.

They took it weird at first and then they saw how I was enjoying it a lot and how it was pulling me together as a person.

It's something that I really enjoy and they're cool with it.

Newsround: Do you think the Backstreet Boys will try rock as well as pop in the future?

Nick: The thing about the Backstreet Boys is that we've grown through so many different types of music.

This album that I'm doing is an experiment for me - I feel I'm able to go out and learn new things.

When I go back and do another album with them I'll be able to bring this influence to it as well as any influence that they want to bring back hopefully making it a better Backstreet album.

Newsround: So it's not over for the Backstreet Boys?

Nick: It's not over for the Backstreet Boys, not at all.

Newsround: Do you feel that rock is the real you?

Nick: This song has a rockier sound and it's definitely the real me.

I'm just trying to be young and have fun and do something that's in my heart.

I'm not trying to be something I'm not.

I've seen a lot of people in this industry be fake and if they just stuck to what they love - even if it's not accepted at first - that eventually will come across. That's what I'm doing.

Newsround: What was it like making the album?

Nick: Being in the studio and being able to create is cool.

It's something that I've learnt recently - I never claimed to be an incredible writer at all because I only wrote a couple of songs on the Backstreet albums.

Newsround: When do you think you'll be back with the Backstreet Boys?

Nick: I'm going to see how this goes and do some touring - if people like the music then I'll stick around a bit but I definitely want to get back with the Backstreet Boys and record some more music.

It's something different and something that I love.

But I'm seeing how it goes and I'm really having a lot of fun right now.

Newsround: The Backstreet Boys and N'Sync have always been in competition. Now you and Justin are both releasing solo singles at the same time - does it feel like you two are in competition?

Nick: No - it's not a competition at all.

We're really cool - we talk every now and then.

He's doing something totally different to what I'm doing.

He's doing R'n'B and I'm doing rock.

It's crazy that we are doing those two different types of music because we came from the same background.

He told me that he was glad that I did what I did because he remembers me being into rock.

I'm glad that he's doing what he's doing because he's an R'n'B guy.

In a way we're supporting each other.

Newsround: Are you mates with Prince William? We read in the papers that you were?

Nick: I met him once and we hung out for a couple of minutes! We had a drink.

 He's a cool guy and if I had the chance I'd go out and party with him again.

You might see him at a concert! 


The Saturday Show (14th September 02)

Recorded interview in LA.

Dani Im in sunny Los Angeles, California, where all the biggest stars live. Today Im going to meet one of the biggest, selling over 50 million records, a multi-millionaire, countless awards over the years. And get this, hes only 22!

Dani Nick Carter, welcome back to The Saturday Show.

Nick Whatsup!

Dani Now, solo album, tell us a bit about it.

Nick Basically, what happened, was, um, we came off the Japanese tour and um, everybody decided to take a little break, and I called up my record company and I was just like, can I get in the studio and just write a couple of songs and record a couple of songs, just, just not to get in and record an album or anything, and they were like ok.

And I didnt know what the style was gonna be like, I didnt know how it was gonna be at all.

Dani Obviously youve had loads of experiences being in the Backsteet Boys, have you got that many experiences to write songs about?

Nick [Smiling cheekily] Youll see! Yeah, I mean, put it this way, 13 was when I first started in the group and you know, Ive been ever since then, Ive gone through a lot of stuff. Ive been touring all around the world since I was a kid. Im sure everybody heard when I like, got arrested and stuff, so I kinda put it on paper, how I felt on a couple of songs.

Dani Most people are expecting a typical Backstreet sound that youve been doing all the years.

Nick Yeah.

Dani Why the kind of guitar, slightly rocky? I think the rock-dudes definitely coming out in you there Nick.

Nick [Nodding] Ive always been a big rock fan, and I love old rocknroll, new rocknroll.

Dani Whats youre favourite rock group?

Nick Probably, right now, Im listening to a lot of Wheezer right now. But Im a big oldies guy, I love, like, old rocknroll, Fleetwood Mack, er, Journey, stuff like that too. Tom Petty, Bryan Adams.

Dani What are the other guys into? Folk?

Nick Brians a big folk music guy, Kevin is like Elton John, Ajs actually into Enigma now. Howie, I dont know, Howie probably listens to anything. And if I ever tried to play rock in the dressing rooms, they were like Shut up! you know.

Dani I was gonna say, theyre all kinda settled down and married. Have you got a girlfriend, Nick?

Nick [Shakes his head and pulls a sad face] Im sure theres somebody out there somewhere, but, just aint found her yet.

Dani What do you look for in a girl?

Nick [Laughing] What do I look for in a [laughs] yes thank you, HELP ME, I need help!!!!

Dani Hello my name is Nick Carter and Im single, and er

Nick Adventurous, exciting, um, very up front, like, they know what they want, you know. They aint afraid to come and say hi to me. Im some kind of a shy guy, especially if its a real pretty girl that I like. I have a hard time coming up to, just like, especially in a club or somewhere, going to and saying whatsup. So if they know what they want and theyre cool, they can come up to me and say whatsup to me and I dont care, its the year 2002. I like girls who are forward.

Music is the one pure thing that is good. If youre talented, if youve got a gift, you know, you should show the world that gift.

Its amazing to be able to touch so many lives just by, you know, your voice.

Dani And just to reassure the fans, are the Backstreets gonna be back?

Nick Im going what Im doing right now and I wanna get in the studio with the guys later on in the year.

Dani So theres a possibility of a new album at some point?

Nick Yeah.

Dani Excellent stuff. Nick Carter, thank you very much.

Nick Thanks, take care.

[Nick Carter will be appearing on The Saturday Show, live this Saturday (21st September) to perform his new single Help Me]


Nick on Canada AM, 9/4:

I: Good Morning to you.

Nick: Morning * said in a high pitched whisper and he spread his arms in a small Whodaman*

I: Are you wide awake?

Nick: No.*laughs*

I: Is it hard for a Backstreet Boys to get up at this hour of the morning?

Nick: Thisthis is difficult. *he has the most adorable expression on his face*

I: How difficult was it to break away and launch your own career?

Nick: It was difficult, but IveIve been with the guys you know since I was 12 years old so I mean, this is something that Ive been wanting to do for a long time, but you know. ButIve always been really dedicated, you know. I was dedicated with the guys for so long. Now I just kinda, things just kinda fell into place.

I: Did they fall into place or did they fall apart? Because theres certainly lots of news out there. *Nick clears his throat* I guess it makes sense that after 10 years things change. (Nick inserts a yea.) What was it like being part of that?

Nick: Well, I mean, of course theres always gonna be different opinions and different you know perceptions on everything when it comes to the group. But like I said, Ive been doing it since I was 12 years old and I mean, if everybody wants to know, everythings
cool you know, with us. Werewere everything's great.

I: So the Backstreet Boys are not breaking up?

Nick: No, not breaking up, but were taking a little bit of time for,you know, to do individual things. Some of the guys are getting married. Umm some of the guys areactually Brians having a baby. So I think they wanna take time in their personal lives and this is really personal to me.

I: Absolutely going out on your own. Its also putting yourself on the line, really. You dont have the protection of the group behind you. Does that frighten you at all?

Nick: Ummin some ways it does because it is all me and, you know, you worry about sayin the wrong things *makes a smirky face into the camera and his voice goes low* like on television. *laughs* No, Im
just playin. You justits a, its a weird situation, but at the same time its fun because, you know, after 10 years of doing it..ummmits kinda like a new flame. Its reallyits like adventurous, you know, fun, new and everything. And- (interviewer cuts him off dammit!)

I: Do you want a new image at all? Do you get tired of the clean cut pop band guy? Do you want to grow up and let the fans let you grow up? (I liked this question)

Nick: Well, I mean, forfor so many years Ive always been& you know since I was a little kid Ive always grew up to rock music and I've always loved rock music. And, you know, I love the elements of the
guitars and drums and umm although I love that, I also love other types of music, too. When I was with BSB, pretty much we were dancing andand, you know, doing pop R&B songs. And now I get a chance to just do whatever the heck I wanna do! You know, just let it all out on the line and by myself. Thats basically what happened. Im likeIm able to just show, show people the true me. Alot of the fans
whove stuck by us forever, they know how we individually are and hopefully theyre all likejust waitin, you know?

I: Im actually fascinated by how far the fans take the hysteria, as far as stealing grass off of the front lawn of the Backstreet Boys homes. I mean, that comes with a huge price tag. Do you feel in a way
that youre a part of musical history, in a sense? Whatever that boyband image is.

Nick: I mean, I dont think so. I mean, I believe so. *makes a face like damn, I messed up.* I think we were definitely part of something very big. Ummin a way , you know, Im only 22 so its like hopefully
its gonna keep going. I mean, I dont know it its necessarily gonna go on that level because, Im, Im entering a whole new realm when it comes to music, everything, cause things are kinda starting to change. But ummI mean, yea I do believe that I was part of something like that.

I: And what kind of world was that like? I mean certainly as a reader of the news or entertainment stuff you get a sense that there was some rivalry Backstreet Boys, N Sync, youre bo=
th sort of fighting for the same audience. Thats from an outsiders point of view. What was it like being inside of that?

Nick: Well, I mean, like you can get caught up in like this whirlwind, just this, this big like rollercoaster and, you know, drama and, and that, that, that was really difficult because when the press and everybody puts you in that category then you start, you know, to listen to that stuff.

I: You get paranoid?

Nick: Yea you can get paranoid. You can start, I mean, you just start really losing track of and focus of what its all about, what you're doing in the first place. And I mean, thats, thats why I'm really doing what Im doing right now because Im very focused on the one
thing, thats just doing music and, and trying to do it good and the reason for doing music is to make other people happy. To see other people happy.

I: You know you just brought up a really good point, certain challenges within the band and you mustve been like brothers. How you all dealt with, when one band member is struggling with addiction, for example. How does that affect the group?

Nick: The group? I mean, it comes to situations like. I mean, its its it can be difficult to handle becasue the person its a personal issue with them and sometimes if theres things that you wanna do or if the other four, the other four members wanna do and theres an
issues, you know underlying with, you know, another member of the group, you know, you have to really take that into consideration you know because its a personal issue. But I mean, you, but things like that, as you can see, they happen a lot in music, in the music
business. But I mean, its just a part of life in everybodys life. The only difference is that were in the spotlight. A lot of people go through things and they, it doesnt get really noticed.

I: Now the new single is called Help Me. Is there an underlying message in that as you move towards some new whatever this new world is gonna be for you?

Nick: Well put it this way, with the album you can kind of I mean, this whole album has been a really personal thing to me. I really, like, when it came to the title, when it came to the way of recording it. You know, Now or Never I mean, I felt like now was the time that I was gonna do this, you know, and I feel like all the things, when it comes to the music and stuff, if I didnt write a song, you know, it has to really mean something special to me. It has to mean something. And the song really did. If you listen closely to the
whole album, its very personal.

I: Wow. Thank you so much for being so personal with us this morning. Its called Help Me and the album comes out October 29th.

Nick: Yup.

I: Nick Carter thank you ver y much for being here with us today and the Backstreet Boys are apparently not breaking up.

Nick: Sorry. Sorry to disappoint y'all


NICK ON HOT 30 (an Australian Radio Station):

***I have the audio of this. E-mail me if you would like to hear it.***

Credit to Gabby:

First off: Nick sounded really subdued at the beginning. I don't know if it was the middle of the night where he was or the weirdness of international phone lines or what, but he was a lot quieter than he's been in the recent interviews we've heard, even the phone ones.

The first part of the interview was fairly standard stuff. The second part had sex questions and Nick giggling and was pretty cute.

Jackie O: Hey Nick

Nick: Hello!

Jackie O: How you going?

Nick: Oh it's good, everything's going great.

Jackie O: Yeah? How's the new solo album going? I've heard you've been working hard on that.

Nick: Yeah, I've been busting my ass on it.

Jackie O: How long have you been working on it for?

Nick: I've been working on it since February.

Jackie O: And is it almost ready for com-- you know, to be out?

Nick: It's like *makes noise* 95% there.

Jackie O: So what's the 5% that needs to be done on it?

Nick: Probably like mixing, and the final pick of the songs.

Jackie O: And it's titled 'Now or Never', what's the meaning behind that?

Nick: I just felt like if I didn't do it now, I would never do it.

Jackie O: Yeah. And what was your involvement in the songwriting process with this album?

Nick: Pretty much I wrote a large portion of the album. Just, I felt like I had a lot to say, I had a lot of things to get off my chest. And sure enough, you know, that's what happened.

Jackie O: Okay, and it's got a slightly rockier sound to the Backstreet Boys? Is that your own sort of personal style of music that you like to listen to?

Nick: Oh, definitely. I mean, I'm a big rock fan, I always have been. I kinda grew up *swallows the next word*.

Jackie O: And so what are the Backstreet Boys going to think of your new album? Is it going to be a huge departure from what they're used to hearing?

Nick: It's a big departure. I mean, it's not like, it's not Backstreet Boys, but at the same time it does still have a little bit of a Backstreet Boy feel because -- I am one of the Backstreet Boys.

Jackie O: Now the new song Help Me, what made you release that as the first single?

Nick: That song in particular is, um, it's a song that wasn't written by me, but the reason I really liked the song and the reason I wanted to record it was because it kind of hit home at the point of life that I'm at right now, and it talks a lot about how I'm feeling right now, and how I'm trying to find myself and trying to find who I am. You know, being in a group and doing this for so long and being kind of sheltered, I haven't been able to find myself, you know, because I've been in that environment for so long, so now I'm doing my best to try and find myself and that song explains exactly what I'm trying to say.

Jackie O: And so after working on this solo album for months, I guess, has it helped you find yourself?

Nick: Oh, so much. I mean, the thing about it is that I was starting to go off the deep end a little bit, and um, and when I started recording and started, like, really concentrating on myself and everything, I really -- my self-esteem just went up, I felt better about myself, you know, I started getting healthier, I stopped, like, partying and hanging out and going crazy, so now, I mean, people can tell even by the way I look now.

Jackie O: So how are you going to feel, I mean, it sounds like you really enjoyed the whole process working on your own, finding your own style, how are you going to be when you go back to the Backstreet Boys? Is that something you're definitely going to do?

Nick: Yeah, I would love to go back and do the next album with them. That's what I'm planning on doing.

Jackie O: Yeah. And so, you know, the Backstreet Boys are definitely still together, and you guys are about to go into the recording studio, aren't you?

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie O: And how did they feel about you going solo?

Nick: um, well. They got their opinions about things, but...

Jackie O: It's something you had to do.

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie O: And what are they doing? Is anyone else from the Backstreet Boys going solo?

Nick: No.

Jackie O: No? Just you?

Nick: Just li'l old me.

Jackie O: And when are you coming back to Australia? It's been so long since we've seen you guys.

Nick: Well I'm ready to go, I'm ready to get my butt over there soon because I just started surfing, so.

Jackie O: Oh did you?

Nick: Yeah, so I want to get over there soon.

Jackie O: Oh we've got very good surf over here.

Nick: Yeah, I want to check it out, big time.

Jackie O: And will you be coming by yourself with your album? Or would you be coming back with the group?

Nick: Who knows? Either/or, but I'd like to get over there on my solo stuff, too.

Jackie O: Cool. Now stick around Nick, because I have go through Kyle's Minute of Power with you, you up for that?

Nick: Okay, that's fine.

They play the song, then Jackie O talks a bit about the Minute of Power but nobody cares, so let's move on to.

Jackie O: All right, first question. Have you ever been with more than one woman in the same night?

Nick: *does that high, airy laugh* No.

Jackie O: Oh right. Have you ever broken the law anywhere in the world?

Nick: mmmmmmh. *chuckles knowingly*

Jackie O: I'd say so.

Nick: Yes.

Jackie O: What can't you live without?

Nick: I can't live without... women.

Jackie O: What's the first thing you wash when you're in the shower?

Nick: *another high, airy laugh* I can't answer that question.

Jackie O: We'll pass on that one. Do you fold or scrunch your toilet paper?

Nick: uh, I don't know. Ball it.

Jackie O: You're a scruncher, aren't you?

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie O: Yeah, you don't fold. What type of car do you own?

Nick: I've got a Cadillac Escalade.

Jackie O: Okay. Which celebrity would you like to have sex with?

Nick: *giggles, there's no other word for it* You want me to be honest? *giggles again* First of all, I don't do that stuff. Second of all, it's--. *giggles more* No, I'm just playin'. What the heck is her name? She's from Australia. She's the, damn it, she does that, like, the Kiss Kiss song.

Jackie O: oh, Holly Valance!

Nick: Yeah.

Jackie O: 'Cause you've been over in London, so you would have seen her over there, wouldn't you.

Nick: Mm-hm.

Jackie O: Yeah. I think--.

Nick: Where's she from? Isn't she from Australia?

Jackie O: Yep, yep, yep. She's an actress in Australia, and she's just turned to music. But she's got a boyfriend.

Nick: Aww, man.

Jackie O: Yeah, sorry, everyone's taken.

Nick: What the hell?! I've been single for a year and a half and I'm all lonely.

Jackie O: Oh no. Well we'll have to put in a good word with Holly, and who knows what'll happen there, hey.

Nick: It's a crime!

Jackie O: Have you ever stolen anything from your parents?

Nick: Have I ever stolen anything from my parents? Of course.

Jackie O: Mm-hm. Like money and stuff?

Nick: Yeah, when I was younger.

Jackie O: Have you ever gotten yourself blind and done something stupid?

Nick: Have I ever gotten myself blind?

Jackie O: Yeah, drunk.

Nick: um. *giggles again* Yeaaah, I don't know. (In that way that means, yeah, I do know, but I'm not talking about it.) Yeaaah, I don't know.

Jackie O: *laughs* Okay. At what age were you first with a girl, sexually?

Nick: Good lord!

Jackie O: Sorry, these are his (the other dj's) questions, not mine.

Nick: I plead the fifth.

Jackie O: Okay. What type of aftershave do you wear?

Nick: What kind of boxers do I wear?

Jackie O: Aftershave. Cologne?

Nick: After what?!

Jackie O: You know, like, cologne. Aftershave.

Nick: oh, I thought you said 'after sex'. I was like, what you talking about?

Jackie O: *laughs*

Nick: Sorry! So, anyways. Aftershave. That I wear?

Jackie O: Yeah. Yeah.

Nick: I don't wear aftershave.

Jackie O: Okay. Do you wear boxers or full briefs?

Nick: I wear boxers.

Jackie O: You wear boxers. What was the last cd you bought?

Nick: I just bought the new Weezer album.

Jackie O: Okay, and which celebrity -- this is the last question -- which celebrity would you kill, if you had to?

Nick: Would I kill? Nah, I'd never kill anybody.

Jackie O: Okay, which celebrity would you punch, if you had to?

Nick: Which celebrity would I punch?

Jackie O: *affirmative noise*

Nick: hmm, whoever wants to fight.

Jackie O: So there's no celebrities out there that annoy you?

Nick: Not really. If they got a problem with me, then they should tell me, and, I mean, hey, I love a good fight.

Jackie O: Well there you go. Nick Carter, your Minute of Power is up, well done.

Nick: All right.

Jackie O: Thanks for talking to us on the Hot 30, okay.

Nick: Okay.




*** I have the audio of this. E-mail me if you would like to hear it.***


Nick starts rapping Nellys song Hot in Here
-Hes leaving his cell phone on which lol is low battery for people to call him
-He says hes really not a morning person
-He wants to meet n greet the fans (awwhes so sweet)
-He says hes taking over Ricks job, kickin him out (lol)
-Theyre playing his song right now
-He starts cryingits just overwhelming
-He cant believe he has his own radio show
-He cant believe it, and hes happy to try something new. Hes happy to have this opportunity.
-He did Help Me because it has to be personal for him, it has to mean something to him thats going on in his life
-Has been with BSB for a long time, and after he does his thing for a little bit, he will continue recording w/BSB

-Girl callsNick says he drank coffee this morning (not really)
-Her question: How do you feel about older fans? She wants to hook him up with her friend.
-Nick says you want to hook me with your friend. All right. Ill give you my cell number. Theres no age limit for music, but with relationships, it depends. Gives a shout out to someone in Michigan

-Starts a boat racing team, speed is the name of his family. Cant seem to get on boat cuz hes been traveling everywhere. Nick carter racing team. ::my connection got lost::

-Someone asked him if he fathered childrenhis answer: nope I havent
-Plans to play prank call where Britney thinks shes talking to Celine Dion
-Has a question for the commander if he can ride helicopter. Says wait for me. Ill go on the roof for the helicopter ride
-Says he likes BBMak
-LOLDJ Nick Carter
-dj: Controversial man. Nick Carter.
Nick: Not above Eminem. Below Eminem
-How many times have you been arrested?
-Oh god. ::Talks about it:: Im not the kind of person to be controversial. I did community service and went to a children hospital in Miami and visited 60 beds. It was cool and was like, thank god for arresting me.
-Wants everybody to come up. Nick: Bring them up! Im single! Radio dj says: Girls range from 13-60. Nick: Dude that rox! Radio dj: You really want them all to come up? Nick: Bring everybody up! Other djs: He really does!! He wants to pack the station.
-All the girls are on their way
-Talks about Daniel in London(who is he!?!) Anyway, he says he sang and rap with him
-Nick sys: One thing I want to do is expand my horizon. Because his songs are guitar-base, wants to expand musical thing
-I enter room, and you call me Love Muffin! Im eating a muffin right now! Blueberry. ::girls are waiting outside:: Open the door!
-Waves at the girls. Nick: Hello!

-Girl: You rock: Nick: thanx Girl: Ive sent you, your sister, Howie many cards. Im just curious, have you received them?
-Nick: when people sends cards, I usually dont get it. Do you have one for me? You have to give it to me personally. (she has one and he says thanx)
-Girl: You are gods gift to earth. Nick: Dont say that!
-Girl:Will you date a fan?
-Nick: Ill tell you what. Give me your number and well hook up at the movies or something::gives a hug to girl::
-DJ jokes: theme for ladies: one at a time. Nick laughs. Yeahone at a time. Low-cut low key

Nick:Am I happy? Ive been able to find myself and take time off. Im happier than Ive ever ever been. I can be a better boyfrind, singer, member, solo artist, a better person. Im so happy.
-Cant believe everything that has happened. Starts crying again. Im really emotional.

There is a Carter quiz to win a car or something. DJ gives the question: Whats the name of Nicks song?
A.)Do Me (lol) B.) Help Me C.)Choose Me
-Nick: You just had to say the first one!

-Wants to wake up Aaron up!

-Will call up Aaron and pretend hes somebody else.
-Fans have said they traveled 9000 miles to see him. Hes in awe and says, Thats what you call dedication.
-::calls Aaron:: He talks like a girl. ::talks to Aaron:: Aaron recognizes him and hes all sleepy.
-Nick gets a little pissed cuz it didnt work. (A dj was talking in the background thats why)
::NOOOOOO! They cut the connection off right now!!
(Don't know how that ended)
-They said Nick was taking off his sweatshirt!
-Nick: It's getting hot in here!!

-Nick: I'm taking over Rick Dees show! Sorry man!! Onto the Carter quiz... (they ask the question and the guy wins!
-Nick: I can't believe everybody knows my song!

Nick: Joke up the day! ::he tells a blond joke where a blond, brunette, and redhead are all on this island and they meet with a genie. They make their wishes and the brunette and redhead disappears. Then the blond woman goes, where did all my friends go?::
Someone at livedaily posted this: He was just playing a joke on Aaron and woke him up. Aaron said he was tired, and that he was in North Carolina. Then Nick said he just wanted to call to tell him he loved him, and that he'd catch one of his shows. (aww...brotherly love)

-Nick: Actually this is the Nick Carter show! DJ:
-guy: I really like your music and that your cool. Do you have any tattoos?
-Nick: Ive been a tattoo freak lately. Dont know why maybe its the rock music or something. Talks about getting a collage on his right shoulder. ::shows most of his tattoo::
DJ: hes an exhibitionist. He just keeps taking off his shirt! :::girls are screaming and djs are describing all the tattoos::

-Nick: you sure you love me? You better think about that.
-Girl: Is there a tour with it?
-Nick: Im gonna be definitely doing radio shows during Christmas and for my boys here. Ive been dying to perform on stage, taking up my guitar, itll be a whole new ball game.
-Another girl:Can I ask you a favor? Tomorrows my b-day so can you sing me happy b-day.
-Nick: Ooh, you put me on the spot. :::he sings Happy B-day:: OMG! He sounded so good there!! :faints on the ground::

I forgot to mention, when he showed his tattoo, he wouldnt show his chest. He was joking around saying: No! I wont go all commando!
-Nick: Yeah this is Nick Carter in the morning. Ive never interviewed before so youve gotta help me.
-Actress (soap star): All right. You can interview me and Ill interview you.
-Nick: Hey this is not part of the deal. Im supposed to interview you. Not the other way around.

-Actress: She asks about the female thing.
-Nick: It aint like that. Im a guy ok. I like the attention. I like having the female around me. Its hard. It really is. I don't know why people assume it's easy to get a date.
-DJs tell ask him how he would ask somebody out so he and actress play it out.
-Nick: Hey how are you? ::in hip hop voice:: You are very beautiful. Can we go on a date?
-Actress: ::in soap opera voice:: Sure. I like your jeans.
-Nick: You like my jeans?
-Actress: Yes I do. I like whats in them. ::he laughs:: Nick: I, I gotta go.

-He says: Hi Its me Nick Carter alongside my girl, Michelle (actress)
-DJ: Hey what about me! Ive been with you since the crack of dawn!
-Nick: Dont make me cry again. Im sorry for ignoring you. I really am sorry. Im new at this. ::He questions Poormans dreadlocks::
-Nick tells he loves surfing and if he does it the whole day, he wont work at all.

-DJ talks about pizza place or something and beer. DJ: We should give Nick beer.
-Nick: Oh god dont do that. You wouldnt want to see me with that.
-DJ: What? The beer or pizza?
-Nick: Both!

-Nick wants to try on bikini!
-djs thank Nick for bringing all his fans in. Usually they bring in, like 10 or 20, but Nick brought in like 150! (hes a great guys isnt he!!)
-Nick likes Kylie Manogue
-DJ: have you read the papers lately?
-Nick: the internet is the best gossip in the world. You can believe some of them, and you cant believe some of them
-DJ: so which should we believe? ::everybody laughs::
-Nick: believe what comes out of my mouth

-Mother: my daughter is a big fan of you and she made dolphins for you and at woodchop, she carved all your names.
-Nick: Awwthats sweet. Lets bring them up. I want some more love in this room.
-DJ: arent we giving you love already?
-Nick: Of course, but youre too much to handle. ::he laughs::

-LOLhe starts to play as long as you love me and doesnt realize theyre still on!

-ALAYLM finishes and Nick is asked whats his fave BSB song. Nick: My fave bsb song is probably: QPG, MTT, IWITW, Backstreets Back
-DJ: Are you a good kisser? ::I lose my connection yet again::

-Nick: ...I love my little brother. Hes very talented. I respect him a lot because hes been in the solo thing since he was 8 years oldnot necessarily. Emotionally, the solo thing has helped me out in my own personal see how much hes having fun. Thats what I have fun.
-DJ: What do you tell him about his girl fans?
-Nick: ::talks about what he'll do:: Oh yeah. I will watch his butt.

-Girl: I want to thank you for being the nicest person in the world.
-Nick: well, thanx for saying that.

DJ: When you see these girls, where do your eyes go?
-Nick: I look at the eyes.
-DJ and Nick talk about two 'best' of the friends gives the other a wedgie and this friend shots his friend in the butt for doing that to him.
-Nick: Good lord! What great friends they are!!
-Girl: What kind of workout regime are you doing?
-Nick: I've been eating real healthy. After this morning with the coffee, it's going down the drain. J/K I have a trainer, and I'm a sports buff. I'm taking tennis. It's fun
-DJ: Because of Anna Kournakova!
-Nick: Yes! Because of Anna!
-DJ: Since she broke up with Enrique...

-Girl: When are you making the video?
-Nick: Actually in a couple of days.
-DJ: Do you want to be the girl he's making out with?
-Nick: How did you know I would be making out!?!
::they talk for awhile::
-DJ: You need a girl.
-Nick: Yes I do!

-Nick: We got kicked off the air for some reason.
-DJ: It was another Backstreet boy.
-Nick: Nah, I think it was Anna Kournakova. A ball hit this place or something. So were back!!
-Nick: and you went and dug up something. And nick carter is the coverboy of Cosmogirl backstreet boy on heartbreakIm a bad boy. You dont want to know me.
I wasnt booked. I wasnt put into jail. I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. ::he explains it::
-DJ: Ten million votes out Nick beat out Ben Affleck and Shane West. His clothes were ruffled like he just got out of bedshe quotes mag: He fell for upcoming singing. He talked more intensely. He only dated me to be in the tour. She just wanted to get on tour with me. I called her boyfriend because he wanted to be on the tour to
-Nick: Its done, and Im okay with it.
-DJ: Could you tell us who it is?
-Nick: No! Id rather not, but her name starts with a "D".
-DJ: Well, what her group's name?
-Nick: Well, they start with an I
-DJ: you dated Willa Ford as well.
-Nick: Willa FordI was with her for like 2 and a half years. Hey, you grow apart from people and things changed. Its hard to trust girls sometimes. ::talks about magazine::
I cant believe it. Ben affleck come on. ::who hes met:: I havent met a lot of celebrities. Im pretty much low-key. ::talks about women:: Im surrounded by the most beautiful women in the world in this studio. Im just blushing cuz this is crazy.

Guy: ::talks about Anna how she dissed Nick in Florida.:: Its bad karma for her because she was booed for making 40 unforced errors in the first round of tennis. She's lost in the first round of 4 major tournaments. Nick, you have good karma for being nice. You deserve all the success- your solo career and with BSB.
-Nick: Thank you. I believe it. Being nice pays off. But I won't really comment about the whole Anna thing.
-Nick is singing a song. Hes cute. Hes like: Im telling you thats John Denver. ::theyre having a debate and have made a bet, they're asking people to call and see whether or not that was John Denver::
- Someone calls and says who it really is. LOLeveryone is wrong!
-DJ: See, I told you it wasnt John Denver!
-Nick: So I was wrong.

-DJ: Well, I guess we cant hook up the sexiest woman in the world with the sexiest man in the world. ::they continue to talk about Anna::
-Nick: Man! You guys are gonna get me in trouble!

-(Nicks been doing Top 9 at 9 or something) Anyway, he said he had mad props for him, and that he respects him a lot. And that he wishes him the best of luck with his solo career. Then he said this is my boy Justin Timberlake when he introduced him.

-BBMak finished and they were the #2 song.
-DJ: Who could be #1?
-Nick: Mine didnt make #1. I think Im gonna cry again!
-DJ: Thats why your song is called Help Me.
-Nick: :laughs: Thats right. Maybe my song will make it tomorrow.

-He lied. He is #1! Woohoo!
-He's dated fans. The djs keep interrogating him with hard questions like if he's spent the night with fans.
-DJ: C'mon! You've been in this group since you were 13!
Nick: Oh god! I've dated fans. Yes, I've dated fans while I've been on the road. I really started dating since 16.
-Nick: Girls have said interesting things to me.
-DJ: What about a mother and daughter combination!
-Nick: OMG! What kind of a question is that!?! This isn't Howard Stern is it!?!

One of the writers of Help Me calls...
-Nick: Have you called my cell phone?
-Writer: No can I have your cell phone number?
-Nick: Sure! :starts saying numbers:
-Nick: Thanx to you and Matt for writing me a great song!
-Writer: and congrats to you for being #1!

-Nick: What? You did this on purpose. You ruined it.
-dj: Well, wouldn't you know, you are #1!

(song finishes)
-Nick: That is legitimate right?
-DJ: Yes! Those are real votes and you were #1. They really like your song. It is a great song!
-Nick says a bunch of thank yous to everyone, and says KIIS FM is one of the best radio stations in the world.


Transcript from 106.1 -BFD Interview with Candy-

 Marcus D: Backstage area at BFD 4, Seahawks stadium is rockin,
Michelle Branch up right now, and atleast Candy is standing by
downstairs in the IKEA lounge with Nick Carter...

Candy: and I got the best job of the entire day, I'm standing here
with celebrity guest host Nick Carter from the Backstreet Boys in the
IKEA lounge and I was telling him, when I was standing on stage with
him, this is my only job for today..I just gotta babysit your ass so
don't mess things up and make me look bad ok?

Nick: That's not bad, I mean it's not bad being with such a
beautiful lady

Candy: ok interview's over I got what I want now!

Nick: [laughs] see? I mean it could be worse if I was with somebody
different ya know, but that's all you so it's cool

Candy: [laughs] ok stop hitting on me...So Nick has a brand new cd
comin out soon, what's it gonna be called?

Nick: Now or Never

Candy: Now Or Never? Why'd you pick that title for the cd?

Nick: I just felt like it was now or never, I was gonna do it now, or
never gonna do it

Candy: So tell me about the single, that we're going to play for the
first time ever right here at BFD 4 for everyone in Seattle, right?

Nick: yup

Candy: um's taking on a more rock turn though?

Nick: Yeah, I've always been very very rock influenced since I was
young kid, I grew up on rock music..that's always what I tried to put
in to the Backstreet Boys, my one fit, I always tried to put in like
a little bit of rock edge, little bit of that just gritty kind
of...just rock edge. So now that's what I`m doing, I'm doin the whole
thing like that ya know? It's not like really hard core rock, it's
like a pop

Candy: so now are you more proud of this album, or an album you did
with the Backstreet boys?

Nick: I am so proud of everything that I've done with the Backstreet
Boys, because we've accomplished alot since we've been together as a
group. but this is a whole new thing for me, and it's just me, ya

Candy: did you get to call all the shots on this album?

Nick: Yeah.. everything..if there was a song I wrote then ya know...I
mean most of the songs, I wrote about 75% of the album, but if there
wasn't songs that I wrote then they had to actually mean something,
like, they had to be very personal to me like something that I've
been going through or wouldn't have recorded it at all on the album

Candy: now this is where we get personal...Nick and I have been
hanging out for a while, I feel like I know you a little bit. Here's
the question, girlfriend, yes or no?

Nick: no

Candy: want a girlfriend, yes or no?

Nick: very badly

Candy: really?

Nick: very very

Candy: are you a relationship guy?

Nick: kind of..depends. alot of the girls that I meet, ya know, its
like I'm so scared if they're down with likin' you
because of who you are or who you are know what I'm sayin? [laughs]
ya never know..

Candy: this is the other thing I heard about you, being a commitment
phobic - not really commitment phobic i don't wanna say that, scared
of dating - I believe that's the quote from a magazine that just came

Nick: naw, I'm not scared of dating, I mean I date. I'm just
scared of like relationships..

Candy: super models from what I hear..

Nick: who told you that?

Candy: I heard you were dating a super model over in Sweden same
place you were recording in the studio..

Nick: I dated a girl, super model for like a short period of time but
like I said I get all scared and I don't trust people.

Candy: So could one of the girls in Seattle, in the area, listening
right now, maybe hook up with you?

Nick: [laughs] it..yes...there's a chance

Candy: Yes there's a possibility..just so we all know.

Nick: yes

Candy: Everyone's laughing at us right now. Nick Carter's
gonna be on stage, playing his new single for everyone here at the
seahawks stadium, coming up later...


NICK'S TRANSCRIPT FROM Y100, August 19, 2002:

***I have the audio of this. E-mail me if you would like to hear it.***

DJ: On the phone with us the legend himself, ladies and gentlemen give it up for Nick Carter!

The legend?

DJ: Well I was trying to give you the whole big deal there, ya know legend... I didn't know what else to say... because you're a legend, you're a Backstreet Boys legend!

Nick: I think I got a while to go before I'm a legend....

DJ: You're a legend... listen before we get started on a song and all the stuff we're doing, your new song and new career, I need to ask you a question.. Footy and I want to know, I don't wanna put you on the spot or anything, but what do you say you come over here sometime, to the station, into our place, we take you downstairs into the studio, the big theater we have...we bring in some listeners and have a lil party... a lil question and answer thing. Ya up for something like that?

Nick: Ya know, I'll tell you what... I'm gonna do this, I'm gonna change my schedule around and I'll come there at the end of the week.

DJ: This very week?

Nick: Yeah

DJ: Really? You are the man... you ARE the man!

DJ: Now that we got you in the mood, can you come over to my house Wednesday night?

Nick: *laughs*

DJ: Yeah nick, while you're in the mood, do you have any money that I could borrow from you?

Nick: *laughs some more*

DJ: No seriously, I'm talking about inviting listeners in and hanging out with you, and doing a question and answer thing... ya cool with that?

Nick: Yeah man, I'm down.

DJ: Ya not gonna blow us off now?

Nick: Nope, not at all!

DJ:See I knew that...

Nick: See I live down there in that area...

DJ: I know you're down in the Keys all the time right?

Nick: Yeah that's where I live...

DJ: Where is your place? Cuz I know Footy always sees your boat around when he's boating

Footy (I guess?) ya I was going by when I saw when you were in the ground over there by the bridge.

Nick: ohhhhhh

*everyone laughs*

DJ: Where are you, Island Marrata (or something like that?)

Nick: No I live in Marathon

DJ: Marathon... oh man that's sweet... wouldn't you love to have a place in the Keys?

DJ: Footy (I guess?): How's the boat racing going?

Nick: It's good! We're number one in our class

DJ: Oh really?

Nick: Yeah... we're smokin' them... It's good, we're doing incredible.. and we're gonna be doing the World Championships toward the end of this year.

DJ: In Key West?

Nick: In Key West...

DJ: That's a rough race man...

Nick: It's gonna be tough because, that's when everybody comes out and wants to compete. We're starting to make a lot of enemies *laughs* Cuz we're doing so well...

DJ: Good for you, Do you do that with your dad?

Nick:Pretty much, I own the team...right now... and yeah my dad and me, we do it... We're gonna probably get into, even a little further down next year, possibly get into a bigger boat...ya know, and expand a bit more, because it's really fun. It's a lot of fun.

DJ: Really?

DJ: So your dad drives and you navigate? Or do you actually go in the boat?

Nick:See I can't do it at the moment, ya know because I'm always on the road and stuff like that right now. *chuckles* But right now we have just got some really good drivers who are driving the boat.. and uh... for now.

DJ: What...What's the deal with you? You got all this money now, and you're this good looking guy, everything you do is a hit, you race boats as fast as you want....and I hear from people in the business that the success has not gone to your head... you're as cool today as you are when you started... What's up with that?

Nick:Dude I'm just.... I don't take things for granted. I'm happy where I'm at, and I'm very fortunate to be where I'm at, ya know. Ya know, a lot of people wish they could be in this position...the last thing I could do is take it for granted.

DJ: I would take it for granted!

*everyone laughs*

DJ: I would take it for so granted, I would not even talk to.... Footy, I wouldn't even pay attention to him! You guys, forget it! I'd be so out of here..."Excuse me! I'm busy!" Ya know what I mean?

*Nick giggles*

DJ: I mean we can't even IMAGINE what's going on with you, but now, we broke the solo record on Friday afternoon... the phones have been ringing all weekend long... Tell us about this song!

Nick: Thanks for playing it dude! And uh, second of all, the song itself is just... We had a hard time picking a first single... because I had recorded 37 songs... and umm ya know I went over back to Sweden to record with Max Martin and stuff like that...But the song itself, umm, it's different than the normal Backstreet thing. It's what I've been wanting to do... It's got more of a lil rock flavor to it... which is what the whole record has. So it's different... It's cool. It's new. It's fresh.

DJ: And it's you...

Nick: It's me...

DJ: We're joined by Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys this morning. So let me ask you about this Nick. You hear all the rumours about you and the Backstreet Boys... and about the breakup of you guys, and we were one of the radio stations early on. We heard the rumors, you know as well as we know that there a lot of people in Hollywood and people around the country that talk to us, and we get the scoop early about a lot of things here at Y100... but ONCE and FOR ALL from YOUR mouth... can you tell us what's going on?

Nick:Ya know, the thing is right now, I've been in the middle of doing my thing and really really concentrating on making an incredible record for myself. Because ya know I just wanted to come off really hard-hitting at first. But, what's happened is, the other guys... ya know AJ is about to get married and stuff, and umm a lot of the other guys are doing stuff with their wives and everything. But I got on the phone with Howie the other day and we was just kickin it and talking about when we're gonna get the album together and everything... for the next Backstreet album. That will probably happen like next year... EARLY next year sometime... that will start recording.

DJ: So there is no break-up of the Backstreet Boys?

Nick: No... not at all. I'm doing my thing and the other guys are doing their thing. But ya know, Howie... we're cool and everything.

DJ: I hear that about you guys, and you know we all have great relationships and we mentioned long time when you guys had started out and all that... and we really appreciate the songs and that you're giving us the love and calling in today... You know we really are happy for you guys and the success of the Backstreet Boys... but ya know we hear these rumors that you guys are breaking up. So it's not so much a break-up but it's that you guys each wanna try some stuff out on your own....

Nick: yeah!

DJ: But you're still Backstreet Boys?

Nick: Oh yeah! Of course! No matter what I'm always gonna be a Backstreet Boy.. and so with everybody else. Ya know, that's the one thing... the love of the group, since we've been together for 10 years... ya know, we can try things and no matter what happens, we're always gonna love each other. Cause ya know, I grew up with those guys. Since I was 12 years old.... so they're family to me.

DJ: Well listen, I love my wife... I really do, my wife is wonderful. But when I'm around her day and night, there are moments when we just wanna kill each other. So here you are, with all these guys on the road, in buses, on airplanes... How do you guys keep from just not taking a swing at each other?

Nick: Well... *laughs*.... it happens!


Nick: Things happen like that, ya know... I think that's part of the reason why we're taking a little time right now too... It's because we have been around each other for the past seven years straight.

DJ: Wow..... So who took a swing at who?

Nick: What's that? *starts giggling again*

DJ: Yeah... give us the low-down!

Nick: I'll put it this way ya know... I was probably young and wasn't very temperamental.

DJ:So it happens... you guys get together and get a little hot temper from time to time... ya know it's cool!

Nick: I mean just imagine... imagine what it's like... around your sisters and brothers for a long time.

DJ: Gotcha... where are you right now?

Nick: I am in San Francisco...

DJ: What are you in some hotel with a big presidential suite?

*Nick laughs*

Nick: Hell no! *laughs some more*

DJ: Come on... we're friends, you can tell us.

Nick: *laughs* No dude... I'm in like this little room, cuz it's like a temporary hotel, I've just been stopping... doing some things.

DJ: Wait a minute... it's 5:00 in the MORNING for you?

Nick: Yeah... it's like 5:19

DJ: And you called us up in the morning? Yeah! Ladies and gentlemen: Nick Carter! Come on? Who's cooler than you?


Nick: *laughing* You're right...

DJ: That is really unbelievable... listen we won't keep you much longer. I know you need your beauty sleep. Can't thank you enough, and we're SO excited about this new song. Why don't you do me a favor... after I finish up with you, I'm gonna put you on hold so you can yack with Froggy... and you're serious about coming to visit us and having our listeners join you?

Nick: Yeah I'll be there at the end of the week...

DJ: Oh we would love to do that... so excited about that... NICK CARTER from the Backstreet Boys everybody! *light applause* And before you go Nick, do me a favor. Introduce Help Me, will you right now live on the radio?

Nick: I'd love to... this is uhh... this is uhh *starts to sound like he's about to have a giggling fit* my new single... the album is gonna come out like around October 29...umm I'm really happy. I'm proud of it. I'm so excited for everybody to finally hear some stuff from me. And this is Help Me... I hope you enjoy it!

DJ: Thanks a lot! Nick Carter... we love you!



*** I have audio of this. E-mail me if you would like to hear it.***

Cubby: From the summer of 94, Warren G. and "Regulate". That was uh 94. So Nick Carter is here now. You were what 3?

Nick (laughs): Screw you man.

Cubby (laughs): My old buddy is back!

Nick: What's up dude?

Cubby: Nick Carter is in the house. Well well well. We have a lot to talk about.

Nick: Yeah we do.

Cubby: We're not going to be talking about Backstreet Boys.

Nick: No..

Cubby: I mean we can..

Nick: Yea of course.

Cubby: But really this is about Nick Carter

Nick (in funny voice): Just little me..

Cubby: Little old him all by himself.

Nick: Just me and you.

Cubby: Yeah!!

Nick: We should talk about you too.

Cubby: You want to talk about me too?

Nick: Yeah.

Cubby: I'll interview you.. you interview me.

Nick: Ok..

Cubby: But I'm going to start with you first. First of all it was good seeing you in June. You and Aaron at Z100 Zootopia..

Nick: Mmm hmm

Cubby: That was fun man

Nick: Oh yeah it was awesome.

Cubby: You guys still doing a lot of shows?

Nick: Yeah I mean I just bounced around here and there.. did some stuff with Aaron but right now he's on tour by himself.

Cubby: Right

Nick: And I'm getting ready to release the single..

Cubby: That is why you are here.

(Nick laughs)

Cubby: Uh here's what we're going to do folks. We're going to take a short break and then world premiere your brand new song called "Help me." I want to to talk about it, the video and everything about it. You know what ? I can't call you pork chop anymore.

Nick: No

Cubby: You've lost weight.

Nick (laughs): I've lost too much weight.

Cubby: How much did you lose?

Nick: I lost like uh.. 20 pounds in 2 months or something like that.

Cubby: Well did you do the Atkin plan?

Nick: 20 pounds in a month. I don't even know. I just started eating properly (laughs)

Cubby: Yeah because you were a junk food junkie..

Nick: No.. yeah I was big time.

Cubby: But everyone on the plane.. We went around the world together on the plane.. They were all calling you pork chop.

Nick: Yeah they were..

Cubby: And Kevin was like "Hey man.. just say pork chop to him" and you got all mad at me.

Nick (laughs): Yeah.. I'm not.. I'm not. I'm feeling better now.

Cubby: He's skinny chop now.

Nick: Yeah.

Cubby: Nick Carter.. hang on okay? We'll be back in 4 minutes and we will talk more with Nick. Z100.. We are live.

Cubby: It's Cubby and we're hanging out with the very thin Nick Carter. Welcome to Z100 man.

Nick: You're looking good yourself.

Cubby: Thank you very much.

Nick: You are..

Cubby: We got to get you a cot in here because you are up here all the time. Seriously you've been a lot here in the past 2 years. We appreciate it.

Nick: Yeah we have.. I was just here recently.

Cubby: So what's going on man? You have a brand new song. It's solo time.

Nick: Yeah.

Cubby: How long have you been working on this?

Nick: For the past.. well since February. I've been working my butt off. I recorded 37 songs and we had to decide from those 37 songs what would be the first single. I've been working really hard on it and it's been a really fun experience because I get to get a lot of stuff out that I've been holding in since I was a little kid.. You know touring around the world and things like that. I'm actually starting to write and figure out myself and kind find myself in a way. It's been an exp.. well that's how it's been for me.

Cubby: It's weird talking to you without Brian or somebody chiming in..

Nick (laughs): It's weird huh?

Cubby: Is this your first interview without the guys?

Nick: Well yeah oh radio..

Cubby: That's pretty cool right?

Nick: Yep. First time for everything..

Cubby: Now what's up with Backstreet Boys? You guys are fine right?

Nick: Yeah..

Cubby: Let's clear up any rumors. You guys aren't breaking up?

Nick: No everything is fine. I mean it's just taking a lot longer to work on an album for them so right now I'm going to be releasing some stuff for myself.

Cubby: Are you doing both?

Nick: Yeah.. I wanna definately do both.

Cubby: So do you have time for a personal life? Or are you just pretty much writing, doing your thing and BSB stuff and your thing ?

Nick: Well right now at this particular point.. I'm really concentrating on the stuff I wanted to do for so long by myself and that's what we've been doing.

Cubby: I want to talk to some die hard fans that have been on hold forever. This is Hailey.. Hi Hailey.

Harley: It's Harley.

Cubby: No I'm sorry Harley like the motorcycle.

Harley: Yeah something like that

Cubby: Harley..

Harley: What?

Cubby: You are on with Nick

Harley: Hi!

Nick: Hi Harley (he said it like Howie)

Harley: Oh my god. How are you?

Nick: I'm really good.

Harley: I just want to tell you I'm going to be 27 next week..

Nick: Mmm hmm.

Harley: I drag friends to concerts. We do everything and I get made fun of!

Nick: Why?

Harley: Because they say I'm 27 and I shouldn't be..

Nick: Oh my god..

Harley: It's alright though. You know what. I stand my ground.

Nick: Don't listen to them.

Harley: I will love you guys forever.

Nick: You can do whatever you want to do.

Cubby: Exactly. You have a question for Nick?

Harley: Yeah.. what was it like recording without them?

Nick: What was it like .. that's a good question. Just it was..

Cubby: Lonely?

Nick: Well it was little different because of course you don't have 4 other different opinions and different things and when you are in group.. You have to kind of give a little and take a little and it's not all you. You know? That's what makes a group but when it's by yourself, you can almost throw everything out at the table and see how it's going to be and it's kind of very experimental. That was the fun part because I have always been very big rock influenced all my life. Old rock n roll.. New rock n roll and so I wanted to add that element to the new music like to the pop and make it kind of like a pop rock type of element and it's a little new and different and fresh. So it's been really good to create and kind of come up with something different.

Harley: Yea when is it gonna be available?

Nick: I think October 29 is the release date right now for the album.

Harley: Cool.

Cubby: Thanks a lot Harley. So album in October.. Will people buy a single ? Will you put a single out?

Nick: I don't believe so in the US. I don't think so.. Outside of the US there will probably be a.. I don't know if it's commercial single.. yeah commercial single.

Cubby: I'll tell you what. You want to play it?

Nick: Let's do it.

Cubby: Are you nervous?

Nick: Yes (laughs) Don't do it . Wait hold on..

Cubby: Is this your first time..

Nick (laughing): Don't hit the button yet!

Cubby: Is this your first time hearing it on the radio?

Nick: Yes it is..

(Sound of a drum roll)

Nick: Oh my god. Drum roll and everything.

Cubby: Z100 world premiere music.. Nick Carter..

(Nick starts snickering)

Cubby: This is called "Help me."

(Nick starts laughing)

Cubby: What are you laughing at?

Nick (still laughing): Cause it's funny!!

Cubby: This is a big deal.

Nick (laughing): It's funny though.

Cubby: Nick Carter by himself!

Nick: I can't believe it.

Cubby: "Help me"

Music starts playing..

Nick: You're killing me.

Song ends..

Cubby: Z100 world premiere music right there. Nick Carter "Help me." You were getting misty eyed.

Nick: Yes I am. I'm about to start crying (busts out laughing).

Cubby: It this how you felt when "Quit playing games" when you first heard it that on the radio. Actually further back than that I guess.

Nick: Yeah.. "We've got it going on."

Cubby: Probably in Florida or something..

Nick: It's exciting. It's really exciting. I feel like.. Words can't explain..

Cubby: It was really cool to see you . Seriously. We were just playing it.. you were jumping around the studio. It's like you found out your wife had a baby or something. You were like "It's a boy! It's a boy"!!

(Nick laughing)

Cubby: Hey uh we got to get ready to pull the 5 o'clock whistle here in a second but people are holding.. Tina??

Tina: Hi

Cubby: What did you think of that brand new song and how amazing was it?

Tiina: I loved it. It was amazing. Congratulations Nick.

Nick: Thank you (laughing). I can't stop laughing.

Tina: Basically I just wanted to thank you for putting out such good music cause I've been a fan since 1997 and since then I've gone through a lot of hard obstacles.. I've had to overcome and your music just like helped.. You know how you did Bravo All Stars "Let the music heal your soul?"

Nick: Mmm hmm

Tina: Basically that's how it is... And it just puts me in such a good mood everyday and no matter how bad of a day I'm having.. It's amazing. It just like makes me forget about everything.

Nick: That's the reason . You are the reason why I like to make music. People like you..

Tina: Awww

Nick: Definitely

Tina: Why thank you.

Cubby: Group hug!

Tina: Awww. I wish I could hug you.

Cubby: Alright thanks for the call Tina. Alright Hilary?

Hilary: Hello?

Cubby: You are on with Nick.

Hilary (screams) : Oh my god! Nick!!

Cubby screams like a girl and Nick laughs..

Hilary: I'm so in love with you.

Cubby: How amazing is that brand new song "Help me?"

Hilary: I love it. I love you so much. You sound so hot singing it.

Nick (laughs): Thanks.

Cubby: What's your question?

Hilary: Will you be doing a signing when your cd comes out?

Nick: Will I be doing a signing?

Cubby: Yeah like at Virgin Megastore or something like that.

Nick: We might do that.

Hilary (screams): Oh my god. Then I can meet you again. I'm so happy. I love you.

Nick (laughs): Thanks for calling.

Hilary: Thank you so much. You made my life. Bye.

Cubby: Tiffany?

Tiffany (screams): Hey what's up??

Cubby: You are on with Nick.

Tiffany: Hey Nick!

Nick: Hi.

Tiffany: I'm downstairs Nick.

Nick: Oh you are?

Cubby: Oh god.. You just saw Nick and now you got to call? There are people who didn't even talk to him. We'll be down in a second Tiffany.

Nick: We'll see ya. I'll send Cubby down. (laughs)

Tiffany: I'm a expecting a big hug Nick.

Nick: What's that?

Tiffany: I'm expecting a big hug when you come down.

Nick: Ok I owe it to ya.

Cubby: We got 3 more phone calls and then we're blowing the 5 o'clock whistle. n. Is this Carrie?

Carrie: Yeah hi. Oh my god Nick I love you.

Nick: Oh wow. Thank you.

(Cubby laughs)

Nick: I don't know what to say..

Carrie: Wow. I'm so nervous. Wow. Your song is awesome.

Nick: You like it?

Carrie: It's awesome. I want to know.. What can we expect from you in the future? Anything newer?

Nick: An album. The album is coming out..

Cubby: And a video?

Nick: Yea a video. Thanks for reminding me. I'm getting ready to shoot the video in like a couple of weeks and hopefully MTV will play it.

Carrie: That's cool. And a tour or something?

Nick: Yeah.. maybe something like that..

Carrie: Oh that's awesome

Nick: I know I'm going to be doing.. I'm going to be going around to different places.

Carrie: That's awesome.

Cubby: If you just tuned in.. It's Z100. Nick Carter is here. And we're going to Carol. Carol, I hear you're calling long distance?

Carol: Yeah I am actually.

Cubby: Where about?

Carol: (says some city). It's about an hour north of Syracuse. He should remember. You did the state fair here one year.

Nick: Mmm hmm. That was a while back ago.

Carol: Yeah..

Cubby: You don't do state fairs anymore.

Nick: I might have to on this one!

Cubby: No I don't think you have to worry about that. Hey Carol. What's your question?

Carol: I wanted to know.. I haven't heard the album yet obviously but I wanted to know which of the songs on "Now or Never" was like his favorite and which one meant the most to him?

Nick: Uh well we haven't quite picked everyone yet but uhm.. There was this one song that I wrote called "I stand for you" and it's kind of like just a very free spirited song.. very open and just..

Carol: Kind of like you..

Nick: Yeah.. free spirted and open and kind of just like to do whatever I want to do.

Carol: Well I just want to say on behalf of the Nick Carter official support team.. It's an E-group that we're on..

Nick: Mmm hmm

Carol: And I just wanted to say thay we just are totally standing behind you and supporting you and we are waiting with ? for that album to come out. We think that you are awesome.

Nick: Thank you so much.

Carol: We love you.

Nick (laughs): I love you too. Everybody out there.

Cubby: It's been all business up till this point.

Nick: Yeah.

Cubby: Now the personal phone calls. Dawn what's your question?

Dawn: What's up Nick? Well being as though the last caller took my phone call.. I'm going to ask a different question. Now that kaos tattoo on your back. Did that hurt?

Nick: Yeah.. It was down my spine.

Dawn: Oh god.

Nick: But the most recent one I got was.. because I have my shark and my two Japanese symbols and I got this whole collage thing done on my whole entire arm so it like really hurt.

Cubby: Now dude you're going to be 90.. You're going to have that. You gonna be happy?

Nick: Yeah well you never know actually. Hopefully my grandchildren are going to be like "What the hell did you do grandpa??"

Cubby: Thanks for the call Dawn.

Dawn: I also wanted to tell him that he has a phenomenal voice

Nick: Thanks.

Cubby: Yeah well it's evident in that brand new song. That's for sure..

Nick: Thanks.

Dawn: Bye.

Cubby: Alright I want you do something for me alright?

Nick: What's that?

5 o'clock whistle starts..

Cubby: It's Cubby looking for Gissel ______ from New York, New York. Would you say Gissel?

Nick: Gissel.

Cubby: Yeah Gissel from New York, New York. One hour to call me and give me the phrase that pays. Nick Carter since you are here. Technically it's 4 after 5. It's 5:04. It's not really 5 o'clock.

Nick: Oh no we missed it!

Cubby: But if you could..

Nick: You want me to say it?

Cubby: Yeah I want you do the honors of doing something very important here at Z100.

Drum roll..

Cubby: Tell everybody what time it is.

Nick: It's 5 o'clock! It's the weekend! And it's quitting time baby!!!

Cubby: Let's play it one more time!!

"Help me" starts playing again

Nick: I'm going to kill you..

Cubby: Yeah!! Nick Carter!

Cubby: Z100. Nick Carter. There it is premiere "Help me." What's that song about Nick?

Nick: It's about I need some help. I have mental problems. (laughs)

Cubby: I want you to say that in every interview you do. "What's that song about Nick?" It's about "I need help." "Thanks a lot. Thanks for coming". You wrote that song right?

Nick: No actually that was written by Matthew Girard.

Cubby: But you wrote lots of songs on the album right?

Nick: I wrote about 60% of the album.

Cubby: Wow.

Nick: 60.. 75.

Cubby: Well Nick Carter. I can't tell you what a day it's been. I mean I had no idea you were coming up here until about 2 hours ago and we got the song in our hands. You hand delivered it. You da man..

Nick: I can't.. I can't believe it's happening. I'm like "Oh my god" (pretends to cry)

Cubby: A message to the fans?

Nick: Message to the fans.. Uhm it's been since we've done anything or me personally or anything. Anybody who's been here and who's been supporting and stuck through it through all the hard times and all the good times. Thank you for still being here. Because I think the fans deserve all the respect. You know? Especially in my position.

Cubby: And go out and buy the cd..

Nick: Please. Please that would be cool. (laughs)

Cubby: And until it comes out.. request it. Nick Carter "Help me." Nick Carter.. thank you.

Nick: Thank you.

Cubby: Big round of applause. Thank you Nick Carter for coming to Z100

Nick: See ya!!!



MrLiveGuy: Hey guys -- can you give us a sneak peek as to what you are wearing to the ESPY's?

Sue Nick Live: Sue- I have the DKNY dress on with a spaghetti shirt and diamonds. Nick's got on his Hugo Boss shirt and looks pretty good!

MrLiveGuy: Sue and Nick- who are you most excited to see tonight at the ESPY's?

Sue Nick Live: Sue-I'm most excited to see Snoop Dogg do his thing up there!

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I'm excited to see all of the sports stars. I'm just going to have to go out to see the audience and see who I'm excited to see. I know Samuel L. Jackon is going to be here!

Question: Nick- Are you doing a duet with Britney Spears?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I had someone from back home call and tell me I'm doing a duet with Britney! No, I'm not, I had no clue about this!

Question: nick, do you have a title for your solo album?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-It's called "Now or Never"

Sue Nick Live: Sue-It's hot out here, it's a lot of fun and it's pretty crazy. A lot of cheering going on!

Sue Nick Live: Ncik-I have to second that!

Question: Nick- What kind of vocal training do you take?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I train myself now. I've been in this business for a long time so I train myself.

Question: Nick- When does the Backstreet Boys album come out?

Sue Nick Live: Nick- The next Backstreet album is in the middle of being recorded so there is no date set yet.

Question: Nick- Will you tour with your brother this summer?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I don't know, I don't believe so but I don't know.

Sue Nick Live: Nick-That's an option.

MrLiveGuy: This is for sue and nick- who would win in a game of one on one? I think Sue would!

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I can't even be a part of that question, that's not fair! I'll just call the shots out!

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I only play basketball for fitness! LOL

Question: Nick, What advice do you have for me... I've been working hard to get a singing career going, but any advice would come as a big help? Thanks.

Sue Nick Live: Nick-Mainly to work hard at your dream. A lot of times people give up in the beginning. Things don't happen overnight, you gotta work for it! Find out what your talents are. Sometimes your talents aren't always what you're working for.

Question: Nick- What is on your scedule for the next few weeks?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-The next few weeks I'm going to be in LA doing some intense stuff. I'll be

Question: Nick, do you listen to country music? Would you would ever record a country song? It'll make some people mighty happy if you did.

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I don't know, I like all music.... I don't know if I'd ever do a country song but who knows, I can't tell what I'm going to do in the future.

MrLiveGuy: What is your favortite childhood memory?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I was an accident prone kid and I had a bike accident and broke my arm. Those were our WORST memories! LOL

Question: Nick, how do you feel about the older audiences, such as older women who like you, going after your little brother?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-This is an issue! My brother is 14 and he thinks he's older than he is! LOL But I guess that's alright! I'm a protective older brother.

Question: This is a question for Nick Carter. If you were'nt a singer what would you be?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-Unfortunately I was not blessed in the basketball department! Who knows what I'd be doing. I have always been into watersports so I'd probably be racing waterboats or NASCARS or something like that.

Question: Hey Nick! My name is Angela. Congratulations on the boat races you have won! I was just wondering is your solo album done and when is the first single coming out? Luv ya!

Sue Nick Live: Nick-First single should be coming out sometime next month and the album around October. Right now I'm in discussions with the boys and we're trying to see what's best. Right now on my agenda is my album.

Question: Sue- Have you and Nick played basketball together? Who won?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-We have a hard enough time getting in touch with each other on the phone! We've been playing phone tag for the past 3 weeks! I'd probably never play her, I'm

Sue Nick Live: too scared!

Question: Hi Nick, my name's Brandi. If you could be any animal in the world, what would you be and why?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I'd be something in the ocean...maybe a dolphin or a shark.

MrLiveGuy: What are you doing after the show tonight- is there a party?

Sue Nick Live: Nick-I'm going to rehearsals tonight. I'm not as bad as I used to be! LOL

Sue Nick Live: Nick-Sorry we couldn't get to everybody! Take care!


Full credit to Starshine Magazine, where the following interview appeared :

Starshine Magazine

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Nick, when's your solo album coming out?

Nick Carter: When's the solo album coming out? When's it coming out Aaron?

Aaron Carter: Shut up. (pushes Nick) Uh, I don't know. (bangs into the microphone) Oww. When is your solo album coming out?

Nick Carter: When is it coming out? Now you're asking the questions--no uh, well I've been in the studio. I've got like over thirty songs recorded and we're thinking about a single in a couple of months and the album later this year, maybe like late September.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Aaron, do you have any advice for Nick as a solo artist?

((Nick's mouth drops and Aaron grins. Everyone laughs.))

Aaron Carter: Uh, now that you're not in a boy group...(laughs) No, the best advice for him would be--I don't know, I mean he knows what he's doing.

Nick Carter: No, I need advice!

Aaron Carter: Well the best advice to be a solo artist would be to stay focused on what you're doing. Don't let other distractions you know take you off of what you're doing.

Nick Carter: Wow. He's serious.

Aaron Carter: Like when you're onstage...girls...girls, they can be a big distraction...

Nick Carter: Girls? ((laughs))

Aaron Carter: Just take your's a lot harder being solo because when you're in a boy group, you know you get to take turns with lines and stuff, but I have to sing the whole song and I mean I have to sing the whole song and dance at the same time and keep on doing it over and over and over again. So that's why technically it's easier for you on tour than it is for me...

Nick Carter: Okay. ((smirks)) Words of wisdom from my little brother.

Aaron Carter: But you can open up for me on tour. ((grabs Nick's shoulder as he turns away and everyone laughs)) I'm just messing with you.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Nick, can I clear up any rumors about the Backstret Boys breaking up?

Nick: Clear up? We're not breaking up...

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Okay.

Nick: So I mean everybody's all worried 'oh Nick's doing this and the Backstreet Boys are over'. You know I've been in the group for ten years you know, since I was tweleve so I mean I'm twenty-two now and I really want to try something new and that's basically what I'm doing. You know sometimes you can't make everybody happy, that's one thing I've learned in life. You know the guys are supporting me, so that's good.

Later on Nick said this to add to the question...

Nick: One thing I forgot to know basically, I've been recording for a while now and that's why it's more further along and now the Boys' album is further along, so I'm recording both and that's what we're doing.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): So Aaron, tell us about your upcoming album? ((at the same time Nick was answering another question))

Aaron: Oh it's going good... ((Nick looks over and we all laugh and Aaron decides to wait until Nick finishes his question))

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Aaron, are you going to do more ballads because "I'm All About You" was a real hit so...

Aaron: Yeah, actually we just did a song for the album called "Do You Remember?" and it was originally an up-tempo song, but they uh, they slowed it down and we've been working on a lot of songs. We've got... ((looks at Nick who is taking off his socks and shoes to feel the astroturf beneath his feet))

Nick: Keep going.

Aaron: He's crazy ((laughs)) We have almost ten songs for the album...

Nick: ((rubs his feet against the astroturf)) Ahh...

Aaron: ((laughs)) And uh it's basically like the old one, but it's just like a little more rock-y.

Nick: ((looks in our direction as he still rubs his feet on the astroturf)) This feels good.

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Any tentative names for both of your albums?

Nick: Ummmm...

Aaron: For yours?

Nick: No yours.

Aaron: No yours. ((Nick points back at Aaron)) I don't know, what would I name mine? Um, know what we should do? Like put it in a magazine and see what the fans think...

Nick: Yeah, that would be cool.

Aaron: Let the fans decide.

Nick: If there's a...

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Take our card.

Nick: What?

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): Take our card.

Nick: Okay.

Another reporter asked Aaron about any acting in the future...Aaron has been cast in the role of Peter Pan for a movie, but he chose to go on tour this summer instead and put the movie off until next year...Tiffany followed that question.

Tiffany (StarShine Magazine): How did you like performing in "Seussical"?

Aaron: It was cool. I really loved it. Seussical was really cool, but it was, it like got kind of hard being away from home and not like ever seeing my family for like two months and it was just...but it was really cool. I met a lot of new people out there and it was really fun.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): Now that you're on mainstream radio, how do you think the older audience is responding?

Aaron: How do I think they respond? Um--

Nick: ((looks in our direction and in a deep voice says)) Ask me.

Sandy (StarShine Magazine): ((laughs)) Nick?

Aaron: ((looks at Nick)) What do you mean?

Nick: I'm your older audience. ((laughs))

Aaron: What?

Nick: All right, I'll tell you...

Aaron: She's not asking about you, she's asking about MY older audience. ((they continue to bicker)) Well I think the older audience--Nick what do you think?

Nick: What do I think? ((in a deep voice)) Well as the older audience...

Aaron: Anyway...Nick, what do you think?

We never did get a resonse because they only had time for one more question...but I think we all know the answer, older audiences are already starting to take notice of the younger Carter brother!



May 20,2002

XL 106.7 - Orlando

Kid Cruz: I got to finally catch up with Nick Carter
from Backstreet
Boys, and today he's here for a shirt interview.
Nick,dude, how are things going with you?

Nick: Great man!

Kid Cruz: What have you been up to these days?

Nick: Well, ya know I've been working on a solo alum

Kid Cruz: Of course dude!

Nick: Well I've recorded about half of my
close to half and
I've been all over the place! Its been really cool. My
newest song I
recorded is called Too Much Rain.

Kid Cruz: Are you still with Backstreet?

Nick: OF COURSE MAN! I wouldn't leave them for the

Kid Cruz: Are you all recording?

Nick: Yeah, we have a place to ourselves, and its so
much fun, because
there is video games gallore! I'm always in the
Entertainment Room
doing something. We even have a big pool, and a pool
table so its been

Kid Cruz: So when do you think the new Backstreet Boys
Album will be

Nick: We were hoping by mid summer, but were all
taking our time with
this one, and uh were gonna try to make the best BSB
cd ever! So now,
it will probably be out around October-November.

Kid Cruz: Thats great.

Nick: Yeah.

Kid Cruz: So what else have you been doing?

Nick: I've been racing my baby.

Kid Cruz: Excuse me?

Nick: My boat racing.

Kid Cruz: Oh right. I knew that, haha. And you won a
few races, how
does that feel?

Nick: Oh man, that was awesome! Me and the crew were
all so proud of
it, and its just so much fun. I love speed and my boat
has a lot of

Kid Cruz: So do you take a lot of ladies on there with

Nick: (laughs) To tell you the truth, alot of them
think its ugly, so

Kid Cruz: For real?

Nick: Yes! I don't know one girl who liked my boat,
and honestly did.

Kid Cruz: Aww. Sucks. So I take it you don't have a

Nick: Nope.

Kid Cruz:What happened with Willa? I thought you two
were still dating
off and on.

Nick: No way man.

Kid Cruz: (laughs) What do you mean?

Nick: Ya know, I mean, her and I were history a long
time ago.

Kid Cruz: Well thats too bad.

Nick: I guess.

Kid Cruz: You don't seem too happy with her?

Nick: You could say that.

Kid Cruz: What happened?

Nick: Once I get started, I could go on for hours.

Kid Cruz: (laughs) That bad huh?

Nick: Yes! She stole my two pugs, who are my pride and

Kid Cruz: Did you get them back?

Nick: Yes after going to court.

Kid Cruz: Oh.

Nick: But, no I shouldn't say anything bad man. She
can be cool, and
we still talk once in a while, but shes not for me.

Kid Cruz: Well I would think not.

Nick: Yeah.

Kid Cruz: So, when is Backstreet Boys touring next?

Nick: Umm..Hmm..good question. Well, we hope to be
starting the new
World Tour by maybe late December, late January.

Kid Cruz: And where are you going to tour?

Nick: Dude, thats why its called a World Tour. Around
the world! Even
bigger then last time.

Kid Cruz: Nice.

Nick: Yeah, were making up some places where we didn't
get to go last
time, and we want to go to Canada alot more.

Kid Cruz: Whys that?

Nick: Canada kicks some major butt man!

Kid Cruz: Oh really?

Nick: Yes, I love Canada. Its one of my favourite
places to go.

Kid Cruz: Whats your favourite city to go?

Nick: I have a lot. I love Toronto, Calagary is nice,
and I really
like Edmonton. Have you ever heard of those places?

Kid Cruz: Yeah, I grew up in Edmonton.

Nick: Really? I didn't know that.

Kid Cruz: Yeah.

Nick:Yeah the fans there are REALLY LOUD.

Kid Cruz: Yeah.

Nick: Yeah, and so was Vancouver man, I dont know how
girls can scream
that loud and for that long. Wouldn't it hurt?

Kid Cruz: Probably.

Nick: Yeah but, I love those places. They are so down
to earth.

Kid Cruz: Cool cool. So, what else is going on?

Nick: Hmm..uh not really anything else. Oh wait, its
kinda early to
even be thinking about this, but were going to be
looking for some
opening acts soon.

Kid Cruz: Any luck?

Nick: Not really. Some that we have looked at, are
really hardcore. We
want some pop sounds in there.

Kid Cruz: Yeah. Who do you perfer, guys or gals?

Nick: (laughs and does a micheavious grin) Well..I
have to say girls.

Kid Cruz: Typical guy!

Nick: (laughs) I'm sorry! But its funner to hang out
with girls then
guys. The girls are usually more fun and crazy like
hanging out and
having good times. The guys are like, "I wanna sleep,
never wanna hang out.

Kid Cruz: But you can't blame them.

Nick: Well, yeah for the first while, but after its
like, Live a
little! The girls just have more energy.

Kid Cruz: Yeah? Well, have you ever dated one of the
girls on tour
with you?


Kid Cruz:Why don't I believe that?

Nick: Dude I..ok,I dated Sarah Smith from Nobodys
Angel when they
opended for AJ on his Johnny No Name tour. So they
opended for us for
only a few shows and yeah. She was in Britney Spears's
video Baby One
More Time, and *NSYNCS Pop, so shes a very good

Kid Cruz:How long did you two date for?

Nick: Not long. She dumped me in like a week.

Kid Cruz: (laughs) Why?

Nick: No idea! One day she said, Nick, I can't see you
anymore, and
that was it.

Kid Cruz: Oh!(laughing)

Nick: Oh well.

Kid Cruz: So you want another girl act to date one?

Nick: (laughing) Um not neccessarily, but I would if I
liked her, and
things just happen you know? Especially when your on
tour with them
for a year, you grow really close to eachother.

Kid Cruz: I understand that.

Nick: Yeah, so it just happens.

Kid Cruz: Are you a romantic guy?

Nick: I think so.

Kid Cruz: Well thats always good then.

Nick: I like it when the girl approaches me first

Kid Cruz: Why?

Nick: Cause it shows me that shes not nervous around
me and is

Kid Cruz: I see.

Nick: Anyways, we want GIRL ACTS on tour with us this
next time. Cause
this time, it will be even more fun!

Kid Cruz: So,what do they do to get in touch with you?

Nick: Send a demo to our company and we'll get in
touch with ya'll. An
old friend of Brian and mine from Lexington Kentucky,
Bill Todd, knows
a few girls from Canada..I think it was Canada yeah,
and they sent
hyim a clip of the song "Heaven" and he gave it to us,
and we all all
listened to it, and we thought they were very
talented. We want to get
contact with them, but its really hard right now. And
the same with
Howie, he knows some girls but it all should come
together soon.

Kid Cruz: Well thats all good to hear. But, I have to
let you go back
to your racing and such. So, you take care of yourself
as well as the
rest of Backstreet. And say congrats to Leighanne and
Brian for me@

Nick: I will man.

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