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Nick did what????

Sunday, December 29, 2002:
Now Or Never: Certified Gold:
Now Or Never is now certified Gold (meaning that 500,000 copies were shipped). It has sold roughly over 150,000 in 7 weeks.


Nick's new single "I Got You" is available for pre-order. The tracklisting is as follows:

I Got You
Is It Saturday Yet
Rockstar Baby
I Got You (Enhanced Video)

To Pre-Order, visit

Nick To Guest Star on ABC's 8 Simple Rule 


Nick confirmed that he will guest star on 8 Simple Rules in the new year. The show airs Tuesday nights on ABC at 8pm. I will add the date as soon as it's available.


Sunday, December 15, 2002:

Nick's Jingle Tour Schedule & T.V. Appearences:
December 10 - Mix 93.3's Jingle Jam - Kansas City, MO 
December 13 -
Q102's Jingle Ball - Philadelphia, PA 
December 14 -
XL106.7's Jingle Ball - Orlando, FL 
December 15 -
Y100's Jingle Ball - Miami, FL 
December 17 -
95.7 KISSmas Snow Ball - Denver, CO 
December 18 - MTV News Now (MTV) 
December 19 -
KIIS FM's Jingle Ball - Anaheim, CA 
December 20 -
Z95.7's Night With Nick at the Beaumont Club- Kansas City, KS 
December 21 - MTV News Now (MTV) 
December 21 - KIIS's Jingle Ball - Seattle, WA 
December 26 - MTV News Now (MTV)
MTV NEWS NOW SPECIAL: Backstreet Boys Sitdown Interview
Source: MTV
All five members of BSB have a sitdown with MTV New reporter John Norris as they discuss their lawsuit against their record label, their next album and if it's their last, their Summer tour, and they will personaly adddress the rumors of a breakup.
**Air Dates (all eastern time on MTV)
12/18 @ 4:30 pm
12/19 @ 8:00 pm
12/21 @ 3:00 pm

Backstreet Boys Sue Zomba For $75 Million:


The Backstreet Boys have filed a $75 million suit against Zomba Recording Corporation, the parent company of Jive Records. The suit, filed yesterday (Nov. 25) in New York District Court, alleges breach of contract, intentional interference with contract, trademark infringement, and unfair competition and seeks to void all stipulations remaining from the group's 1994 contract with Zomba.

According to the suit, the Backstreet Boys in November 1999 revised their 1994 contract and committed to releasing two further albums for Zomba. In exchange for delivering them on time as part of a pre-determined schedule, the group would receive multiple non-returnable payments that would serve as advances against future royalties. Included among these was a $5 million payment if the second album (the group's fourth overall) was delivered by April 30, 2002, and featured the participation of all five group members.

The suit says things went awry following the November 2000 release and subsequent tour in support of "Black and Blue," the first album under the revised contract. Once the Backstreet Boys were ready to begin work on their next release, Zomba "refused to actively participate in the selection of songs or producers and rejected, in bad faith, artistic suggestions made by [the group]."

Instead, Zomba turned its attentions to releasing a solo album by group member Nick Carter, making it "impossible for [the group] to deliver a fourth album to Zomba by April 30, 2002, or otherwise. Because of Zomba, Carter was unable and unwilling to participate in any of [the group's] production or recording efforts. Because of these insurmountable roadblocks, [the group] has yet to deliver to Zomba its fourth album."

The suit claims that Zomba forced Carter to "produce, release, and promote a solo album at the expense of his involvement with the band," making lucrative touring impossible and denying the Backstreet Boys' attempt to collect the $5 million payment. Further, the group claims Zomba is unlawfully using the Backstreet Boys' trademark to promote Carter's record. The set in question, "Now or Never," debuted earlier this month at No. 17 on The Billboard 200 and has sold 106,000 copies in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

"We are committed to the Backstreet Boys, and we will protect our group from anybody or anything that tries to break us apart," the group said in a statement. "We are disappointed that our long time label Jive Records has attempted to irresponsibly exploit our group. The five of us are writing for our new CD and setting concert dates for our upcoming worldwide summer tour." understands the group may play some shows in conjunction with U.S. fairs.

A Zomba spokesperson said the company does not comment on pending litigation.

To date, the Backstreet Boys' three Jive studio albums have sold 27.4 million units in the U.S., according to Nielsen SoundScan.

Backstreet Suit Claims Boys Were Bypassed In Favor Of Nick Carter:
The Backstreet Boys are suing Zomba Recording Corporation, the parent company of the group's label, Jive Records, claiming a fourth studio album was bypassed in favor of the solo project by group member Nick Carter.

Backstreet Boys Inc. (BBI) and Backstreet Productions, Inc., both of Delaware and conducting business in Los Angeles and New York, filed the lawsuit Monday (November 25) in U.S. District Court in New York.

The lawsuit accuses Zomba of not fulfilling a contractual obligation when the group was ready to deliver a new album in April 2002, and also refusing to pay advances due with the delivery of the album.

The group claims it attempted to consult with the company over a selection of songs and producers, but Zomba refused to participate and rejected "artistic decisions." In lieu of a fourth album from the group, the record company chose to develop, produce, and promote the solo recording of Backstreet member Carter, the lawsuit says.

The group also asserts it has sold 65 million albums worldwide and has received too little of the revenue from product sales.

The Backstreet Boys companies are asking for damages to proof at trial for at least $75 million, plus additional damages from breach of contract and wrongful conduct, as well as all court costs, attorney's fees, plus further relief as deemed proper by the court.

A statement issued by the group said: "We are committed to the Backstreet Boys, and we will protect our group from anybody or anything that tries to break us apart. We are disappointed that our longtime label Jive Records has attempted to irresponsibly exploit our group. The five of us are writing for our new CD and setting concert dates for our upcoming worldwide summer tour."

The lawsuit was filed in the name of all five Backstreet Boys: Kevin S. Richardson, Brian Thomas Littrell, Nick Carter, Howard Dorough, and Alexander J. "A.J." McLean, who state they met and formed the group in 1993.

Representatives for Zomba Recording Corporation have 20 days from the date of filing to respond to the lawsuit. The company was sold Tuesday (November 26) to German media conglomerate Bertelsmann AG (BMG) for $2.74 billion.

Despite Lawsuit, Nick Carter Still Looking Forward To Next Backstreet Boy Album:
 The Backstreet Boys are eyeballing a new album and tour for 2003, despite recent legal problems with its Jive Records label.

The group's Nick Carter--whose new solo album, Now Or Never, is said to be responsible for the turmoil--tells LAUNCH that he expects the quintet to break some new ground when it reconvenes in the studio: "I'll be honest with you, you know, we're gonna have to definitely change some things around," he says. "I want to do another album, but we're gonna have to evaluate that situation, and that's what we're gonna do. Of course, the times have changed from that, that whole pop era. Hopefully this is what I can do, is bring a new vibe to the band, you know? And when I do go back and do another album, I can put my input in and be, like, 'Yo, let's try something like this now,' you know what I'm saying?"

On November 25, the Backstreet Boys filed a $75 million suit against Zomba Recording Corporation, the parent company of Jive Records, in U.S. District Court. The suit claims that the label opted not to release a new group album last spring in order to concentrate on Carter's solo album. Carter is named along with his groupmates as a plaintiff in the suit.

Nick Carter Surprises Wish Kid:

The Mid-South chapter of Make-A-Wish assisted the Kentucky chapter to help 18-year-old Chris meet singer Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. Thinking he was going to meet Nick later in the day, Make-A-Wish got Chris into the FM100 studio on the premise that he was going to talk about his wish. At 7:30 a.m., Chris got the shock of his life when the one and only Nick Carter walked into the studio live on the air. Later, Nick also visited with winners from our Kids for Wish Kids contest.

Backstreet Boy Gives High School Concert:

Source: YAHOO! News

WILMOT, Wis. (AP) - Backstreet Boy Nick Carter performed a 40-minute concert for students of Wilmot High School, which won a contest by donating more than 10 tons of food for the needy.

"I'm a small-town kind of guy," said Carter, who was born in Jamestown, N.Y., and grew up in upstate New York and in a small Florida town.

The Backstreet Boys ignited the recent teen pop craze when they stormed the U.S. charts in 1998 with their self-titled debut, a smash album that was followed by other multiplatinum discs.

Carter, 22, recently released his debut solo album, "Now or Never."

He sang eight songs during the concert Wednesday for some 1,000 students and staff.

The contest was sponsored by WXSS 103.7 FM in Milwaukee. The station co-sponsors the annual food drive of America's Second Harvest of Wisconsin.

Wilmot High School beat out 10 other area schools.

Sophomore Clair Caldwell returned home with a souvenir a strip of a sweat-stained towel that Carter had tossed into the crowd.

"We ripped it so more people could have a piece," Caldwell said.

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Performs For Winners Of Food Drive At Wilmont:
Source: the janesville gazette

WILMOT, Wis. -- What do 20,000 pounds of food and 1,000 screaming students equal? A school visit by Backstreet Boy Nick Carter.

The students at Wilmot High School beat out 10 other area schools, most of which are significantly larger, to win a contest sponsored by WXSS 103.7 FM in Milwaukee by donating more than 10 tons of food for the needy.

The station co-sponsors the annual food drive of America's Second Harvest of Wisconsin.

"I'm a small-town kind of guy," said Carter, who was born in Jamestown, N.Y., and grew up in upper New York state and in a small Florida town.

"I know bigger schools usually get more benefits, so it's great that this small school won. It's amazing what they did," he said.

"It might be a small school, but they have big hearts out here."

The 22-year-old, part of the five-member boy band Backstreet Boys, released his solo release, "Now or Never" in November.

He sang eight songs during the 40-minute concert in front of 1,000 high school and grade school students and staff members.

"This is a small school. Having Nick Carter here is a really big deal," senior Tiffany Wagner said.

Sophomore Clair Caldwell returned home with a strip of sweat-stained towel.

"I'll never wash it," Caldwell said of the sweaty remnant, which was part of a full-sized towel that hung around Carter's neck before he tossed it into the crowd.

"We ripped it so more people could have a piece," Caldwell said. "It's so awesome."

Aaron Carter Named NORAD's Honorary Santa Tracker:


Teen pop singer Aaron Carter has been enlisted as an "Honorary Santa Tracker" by the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD), the binational military organization formally established by the United States and Canada to monitor and defend North American airspace.

As part of the duties of his new job, Carter recently visited with Santa Claus and the personnel at NORAD to be briefed on Santa's flight plans. NORAD will post a map of the world on its official "NORAD Tracks Santa" website at on Christmas Eve (December 24). The map will be updated throughout the evening, showing 25 key stops Santa will be making and also noting where he has already visited.

By clicking on the website's map, children can view SantaCam videos of his journey. The "live" video clips will be online at 5 a.m. ET on December 24, and will be updated regularly until 3:30 a.m. ET on December 25. Carter will also provide voice updates about Santa's whereabouts as he helps NORAD track Santa's progress Christmas Eve.

NORAD uses four high-tech methods to track Santa and his world-famous reindeer, including radar, satellites, SantaCams, and jet fighter aircraft. NORAD was created by a 1958 agreement between the United States and Canada that was renewed for a ninth time in the year 2000. For more information about Santa's flight, and to view pictures of Carter with Santa, please visit


Sunday, November 24, 2002:

Nick Carter Racing tops charts


BY SUSAN COCKING, The Miami Herald

KEY WEST - As the crew of Nick Carter Racing prepared for Saturday's American Power Boat Association final in the Key West Offshore World Championship, crew chief Daryl Simeon had terse advice for driver Steve Oropeza and throttleman Lee Murray:

''Either win the race or bring the boat back broke,'' Simeon told them.

The team did the former, easily clinching its first world championship in the four-boat Super Vee class, one of 14 titles awarded Saturday.

The 40-foot Fountain averaged 84.72 mph to complete the 17-lap course in 1 hour 1 minute 43 seconds, more than two minutes ahead of second-place Media Master. The boat also finished way out in front in Wednesday's opening race.

Oropeza said they backed off in the fifth lap to spare their equipment.

''We had a 90-mile race to complete, and you have to finish to win,'' he said.

The boat's owner, singer Nick Carter of Backstreet Boys fame, celebrated by spraying the dockside crowd at the Truman Annex Race Village with beer, then diving into the water with younger brother and fellow singer Aaron. When they got out, mom Jane Carter squirted both sons and her husband, Bob, with Silly String.

''I wanted to get into this sport because it's fun,'' Nick Carter, 22, said. ``This is hopefully the start of many things to come. As long as it's fun, I plan to stay in it. I love the energy, the vibe, the people and the competition.''

Aaron and Nick Carter extended their victory celebration by putting on a free concert Saturday night, accompanied by No Secrets, O-Town, and Jen.

Sitting on a trailer in the dry pits before Saturday's race, the Nick Carter Racing boat bore a ''For Sale'' sign. The Key West-based team is considering upgrading to the Super Cat class -- the biggest and fastest in the APBA circuit -- or becoming a two-boat team.

''We might go to Super Cat,'' Carter said Wednesday. ``I'm very excited about Super Vee because it's very entertaining. We put together a [heck] of a team and want to bring that team to the next level.''

Pop Star's Boat Wins Key West Offshore World Championships

Source: Yahoo! News

KEY WEST, Florida - Pop music star Nick Carter's boat easily won the Super Vee class Wednesday during the first of two races that comprise the Key West Offshore World Championship.

The second and final heats, for more than 80 entries in the American Power Boat Association-sanctioned event, are set for Saturday and Sunday.

Nick Carter Racing, piloted by Key West racers Lee Murray and Steve Oropeza, averaged 145.76 kph (90.57 mph) around the 109.81-kilometer (68.25-mile) course through Key West Harbor and surrounding waters off the lower Florida Keys.

Carter, a member of music group the Backstreet Boys, was watching from the shore and was so excited with the win he jumped into the water.

"Sure I jumped in," Carter said. "We won the national championship this year and we'll win Saturday to clinch the Worlds."

John Tomlinson of North Miami and Hugh Fuller of Clearwater drove Drambuie On Ice to victory in the 13-boat Super Cat class.

The Drambuie team averaged 154.43 kph (95.96 mph) and is an obvious favorite to win a second consecutive world title.

The Factory II class was won by Speedwear, driven by Todd Welling of San Carlos, California, and throttled by Lance Henrichsen of Corona, California.

Nick Carter In Therapy
Source: By Arno van Gelder

Nick Carter, the blond Backstreet Boy, is testing the ice on his own. His solo-gig, which resulted in the single Help Me, has a highly "therapeutic" level to it. Seven years of continuous touring with the group took his toll on the singer: depression, obesity, burnout and desolation. Now he's found himself in releasing his own album with the revealing title: Now or Never.

On the steps of the classy Sheraton Airport Hotel in Brussels, a hoard of girls has gathered. Giggling, the young stalkers with their Flemish accents share secrets, facts and photos with one another.

The blond 22-year-old Backstreet Boy is inside the hotel, they know for sure. How they tracked down their hero is a mystery to the Belgian record company and the American management of Carter. Because the secrecy and precision of a military campaign was used when they decided to "fly him in" for a day to talk to the Belgian and Dutch press about his solo-record.

The preparations regarding the interview make it seem like it's an audience. Not only is the permitted time-zone limited to say the least (1200 seconds), the surroundings in which Nick Carter receives the reporters vaguely remind one of a mega-star. Presley isn't dead? Lennon back on earth? Sinatra reincarnated perhaps?

On the fifth floor Nick's Belgian record company and the management have set up camp in the executive lounge. Smooth business guys swiftly move through the corridors, talking on their cell phones. Further down the corridor, two large bodyguards are guarding Nick's room. They're killing time by make-believe boxing each other.

An actual listen-session has been arranged for the reporters, which is carried out with the strictness of a KGB-hearing. The only CD available on European soil of Nick Carter's debut solo album is guarded like a precious gem. Pardon, but would the reporter please move his bag away from the discman and headset? Thank you! The risk of the disk being stolen and illegally copied is, clearly, very big.

But as always, the people surrounding the celebrity are way more anal than the celebrity himself. Nick is just on ordinary, sociable and funny young man. Wearing a blue baseball jersey, bouncing on white sneakers, talking to the press with the well-known American friendliness. No big-star attitude, just the boy-next-door type, that ideal son-in-law, even drinking some carrot-juice.

His solo project, Nick assures us, is no threat to the Backstreet Boys' future. It will not lead to his resignation from the group. "It's safe to say the experience working on Now or Never was therapeutic. I spent a long time trying to find myself. Don't forget: I was only 12 when I joined the group and I was the youngest, as well."

"Ever since, I grew up in the business with the Backstreet Boys. I didn't do anything else, couldn't do anything else and didn't know of anything else. Or so I thought. That is, looking back now, a pretty isolated and monotonous existence."

"What you notice most of all," Nick continues "is that you're losing your grip on reality. What is real, what is fake? I kept asking myself those two questons all of the time. When you get to the point where you're so big, so famous, you truly do not know who your real friends are, who you can trust. Because everybody adores the ground you walk on, everbody thinks you're just fan-tas-tic."

Nick claims to have suffered from depression. He went to all the parties, plunged headfirst into the celeb-scene of booze, sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. Simply put, a life with about as much depth as a surfboard. "I became fat and lazy," Nick confesses. "But mostly very unhappy. Don't forget we were on the road for seven years straight. Out of the twelve months I would be home for maybe two of them."

The befriended producer Max Martin, who besides the Backstreet Boys, worked for Britney Spears and Celine Dion as well, among others, was Nick's reality check. "What are you doing, kid?" he said. "That's when I stopped partying all the time. In the morning I would be fresh, excited and ready to go work on songs that reflected my feelings. Take a ballad like Do I Have To Cry For You, that song came out of my freaking body. All the hate, love, passion and anger went into that song. A truly therapeutic period of my life."

Nick's solo debut musically reminds us of the typical American rock, the slick roughness of artists such as Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, Tom Petty, Bob Seger and Bon Jovi. "All heroes of mine. It was the music my parents listened to that I grew up with."

In his lyrics -- he co wrote 65% of the album -- he doesn't deceive his past. In Girls in the USA he sings about the many different beautiful females of the States that he saw when touring across the country. In Is It Saturday Yet he analyses his own television-generation.

According to Nick, whose brother Aaron Carter is also successful as a teeny-pop idol, his fellow-group members reacted "enthusiastically" to the one-man-show of their youngest colleague. Vicious rumors report a different story, magazines such as the Dutch pop magazine Break Out say that the four other Backstreet Boys are furious with Nick. They fear for the end of the Backstreet Boys. After all, Nick wouldn't be the first solo artist to suffer a tragic downfall after a successful past in a boyband.

Nick: "Of course the guys were a bit shocked in the beginning. The first Backstreet Boy to go solo and the youngest one too! They had to get used to the idea. I won't be bigger than the band, although you never know. No, they don't have to be afraid of anything. I talked to them and told them that I will be a better Backstreet Boy because of this. Just like I'll be a better son, brother and boyfriend... that is, if I can get a girlfriend."

Carter Bros Thrill Students At Poinciana Elementary

KEY WEST -- The questions posed to pop singing stars Nick and Aaron Carter by Poinciana Elementary school students Thursday weren't your usual television talk show-style inquiries.

But they gave the students and faculty -- who long-anticipated the impromptu visit from the Carters and popular teen girl group No Secrets -- an inside look at the Keys' most famous hometown heroes of the entertainment world.

"Do you know my sister Debbie?"

"What kind of car do you drive?"

"Do you guys play football?"

"Can you sign these for the ladies in the office?"

The Carters appeared to take it all in stride -- even the tall young man who disavowed any hint of idolatry.

"This isn't for me, really. It's for my sister," he said as he nonchalantly handed Backstreet Boy Nick Carter a sheet of paper to be autographed.

No shriek was left unheard when the blonde brothers made a splashy entrance through the side door of the school auditorium. They arrived at the height of lunchtime, and many students abandoned their forks and turned away from their plates to battle for a good glimpse at the teen idols.

One by one, anxious students filed across the stage where Nick, decked out in a white T-shirt and navy board shorts, and a Hawaiian-print T-shirt-clad Aaron sat, posing for pictures and engraving their John Hancock on a myriad of paraphernalia. There were the usual yearbooks, pictures and T-shirts, and then there were the collectibles that elicited a smile from Nick -- such as the faded leather football that appeared to have seen generations and the worn-paged "Captain Underpants" book that belonged to 8-year-old India Rojas.

"We like reaching out to everybody who likes our music," Nick Carter said.

The fact that the Carters had to leave the 45-minute autograph session early didn't trouble Marquis Roberts. He enjoyed meeting No Secrets, a four-member group of young ladies who have made a name for themselves on the Disney Channel.

Jade, a member of No Secrets, said the outpouring of support from the young fans was "overwhelming." Devotees gave the group gifts such as candy and teddy bears adorned with sweaters toned in their favorite colors.

"It's so nice that they took the time to do that," she said. "They're so young and so cute."

The word for the day at Poinciana must have been "cute" as girls, asked to describe why they so adored Aaron and Nick, didn't hesitate to use it often. Third-grader Margarita Monogyios, 9, held a poster of Aaron as she waited for her chance to meet the young star. When asked what she wished to tell him, she said, "I wish he would come to our school every day."

Lauren Foltz, 7, boasts a slew of CDs and posters, and said she wishes she could ride in Aaron's limousine.

"It takes us back to this level," Aaron Carter said. "We used to be here in the same position."

The elation wasn't limited to schoolchildren. Third-grade teacher Kim Knowles took her place in line beside her students and captured a special memento -- a group picture of her class autographed by the teen stars -- along with, well, an autograph for herself.

"This is one of the most exciting things to happen for young people in our community," she said. "They are role models for the kids."

Five Questions With Nick Carter

Source: AP

NEW YORK (AP) - Even though Nick Carter has sold more than 36 million records as one of the Backstreet Boys, he thinks of himself as just another new artist with the debut of his "Now or Never" album.

"I'm really ... like somebody who hasn't sold a record," says Carter, the youngest member of the group and the first to release a solo album.

But he's got one advantage over other aspiring singers: an instant fan base. Some two dozen fans waited outside his midtown Manhattan hotel recently, hoping to see him.

"These are the small things that mean so much to me," says Carter, sporting spiky hair, jeans and a bike chain for a bracelet.

"Whether I have two fans or 5 million, there are people out there, and I'm going to do my best to entertain those people who want to be entertained."

The Backstreet Boys ignited the recent teen pop craze when they stormed the U.S. charts in 1998 with their self-titled debut, a smash album that was followed by other multiplatinum discs.

But Carter's road to solo stardom hasn't been smooth. His first single, "Help Me," wasn't a radio hit, and his debut album, released last month, hasn't garnered as much attention or sales as that of 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, whose solo album debuted a week later. "Now or Never" sold 68,000 copies in its first week of release; Timberlake's "Justified" sold 439,000.

His clean-cut image took a bit of a hit when he was arrested in January for refusing a police officer's order to leave an area outside a Tampa, Fla., nightclub. The misdemeanor charge was dropped after Carter agreed to perform community service, which he completed by visiting children in hospitals.

But Carter, who celebrated his 22nd birthday earlier this year, says he's taking his struggles in stride.

"(I'm) somebody who has got a single out that might not be meeting the expectations of what people thought in the beginning, but that's OK. I want to build up," he says.

"There's going to be definitely criticism, and people who are going to doubt, but that's what makes it fun."

1. Why did you do more rock than pop songs on your album?

Carter: I'm just doing what's coming out of me. I have a really hard time of faking who I am. ... I have such a passion for rock music. When people listen to the music, and when they see me perform, I think that's the one time that they'll really understand what I'm doing is for real. I'm not here to fool anybody or follow a trend.

2. Have you felt you haven't been able to do your own thing as a Backstreet Boy?

Carter: No. I like the Backstreet Boys because I kind of consider myself a chameleon. Even though I say I love rock music, I love all types of music. ... I get a chance to grow and sing in a band together as one voice that creates, like, one out of five that creates one big voice. I'm just a part of that. So I really honestly feel like it's something that I love doing.

3: Are you worried your album isn't getting enough attention?

Carter: I can't even be happier. I'm learning. ... I'm really happy the way things are going. And the way I feel is I don't care if I sell 10 records or 10 million, it doesn't matter either way to me.

4: Did you slow down after your arrest?

Carter: I didn't slow down too much. The one thing, I was just being myself. Being a normal 21-year-old who goes out to a club, and in Tampa, that was the situation I got into. ... I haven't slowed down, I'm still crazy and wild and being myself, and you might see me at a nightclub sometime.

5. I've read that you're dating Britney Spears, but you say you barely know her. Where do you think those rumors came from?

Carter: Wishful thinking? I have no clue. I think people like to start stuff or something. They better be careful though, you know why? You keep saying it, it might be true.
Nick Carter On Going Solo And The Backstreet Boys

 Nick Carter's debut solo album, Now Or Never, came out last month via Jive Records, and the 22-year-old singer told LAUNCH that his fellow Backstreet Boys have been supportive of him pursuing his solo career.

"They've been really cool about it," Carter said. "In the beginning it was a little different because I've been with them for 10 years now and they probably didn't expect me--the youngest guy--to go and do this."

Carter added that when the Backstreet Boys were first informed about the project, they were not exactly sure what to make of Carter's solo ambitions, but they eventually came around. "They kind of came around because they see what it's doing for me," Carter explained. "It's making me a better person--making me be responsible and helping me. This project is totally making me into the person I should be, and they're supporting it now."

Indeed, Backstreet Boy Howie Dorough has nothing but praise for his groupmate's solo effort. "I'm very proud of him," Dorough told LAUNCH, adding, "He's done a great job. It's something that he's always wanted to do. He's always had, like, a rock kind of influence, and this is a chance for him to spread his wings out there and just experiment. It's something that we always want to allow each other within the group to go out there and journey and grow as entertainers individually, because as we grow as entertainers individually it will only help the group grow."

Meanwhile, Dorough explained that the Backstreet Boys are still hard at work on their next album. "The group is writing for the next album, and as soon as Nick's thing is done we're going to be back in the studio," he noted.

The second single from Now Or Never will be the KNS (Josh Schwartz and Brian Keirulf) -produced ballad, "Do I Have To Cry For You." Carter shot the music video for the track in Los Angeles in early November. The video was directed by Matthew Rolston (Jewel, Madonna).

Backstreet Singer Goes Solo With Safe, Rebellious Image
Source: New York Daily News
NEW YORK -- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter spent the last decade of his life as the dream date for millions of American girls. With his puppy-dog eyes, shaggy blond hair and goofy sense of humor, he was the very embodiment of the teen-pop phenomenon -- pretty, happy and bland.

Now Carter, 22, has momentarily stepped away from the Backstreet fold and, of all things, he's decided he wants to be a rock star. Clad in a T-shirt, scruffy jeans and some vaguely punkish leather wristbands, he's taken on all the accoutrements of faux rebellion and released his first solo album, Now or Never, Oct. 29.

While he still manages to croon a few syrupy power ballads, several of Carter's new songs have a harder-rocking edge. But don't expect to hear anything in the vein of Korn or even Pearl Jam. Carter takes his cues from more "classic" sources, such as Bryan Adams, Journey and Bon Jovi.

"I went retro, big time, on some of the songs," Carter says. "I grew up with a lot of that stuff. Led Zeppelin, Bon Jovi, Journey. I'm always full of energy and I wanted something that could express that."

The song that stands out the most is Girls in the U.S.A., a hard-rock anthem that recalls late-'80s hair metal bands, such as Poison and Warrant. Elsewhere, Carter makes his declaration of independence with the guitardriven I Stand For You, on which he sings, "I'm free to do what I want, free to do it my way."

It wasn't a big secret that Carter was chafing in his role as the No. 1 cutie in Backstreet Boys, the group that reinvented teen pop in the late '90s. Several years younger than his bandmates, he wanted to get wild while the others -- with the exception of party guy A.J. McLean, who went through rehab last year -- began to settle down.

But Carter's decision to embark on a solo career wasn't terribly popular in the Backstreet camp. Brian Littrel and Kevin Richardson are notoriously competitive about Backstreet's position in the pop charts and, after trailing rivals 'N Sync for the last few years, they felt Carter's going solo might hurt the group, especially since he is widely considered Backstreet's star member.

"Nick is obviously the frontman, the idol," says Cara Lynn Shultz, associate entertainment editor at Teen People. "He was the one that girls daydreamed about, the one that made girls write 'I heart Nick Carter' on their notebook. He's cute and he's charming and he takes a hell of a photo."

Intra-band conflict over Carter's solo plans got even worse when he announced that his career would be managed by The Firm, an outfit that Backstreet had just fired. So as Carter promotes Now or Never, his bandmates are busy recording demos and laying plans for a new record without him. But Carter will be there when Backstreet begins recording its next album.

"There were a lot of emotional feelings in the beginning," Carter says. "But the fact was that they understood a lot of it afterwards, because it is that personal to me. Because with them, they want to get married and they want to start families, and I just want to rock out and sing and play music and have fun.

"And they see that it's helping me," he says. "It's making me a better person."

Part of Carter's recent personal development came with a few headlines attached. In January, he was arrested outside Pop City, a nightclub near his Tampa-area home. He was charged with resisting arrest and ultimately pleaded guilty and agreed to perform community service. The incident was minor, but Carter says it taught him that he might not have been choosing his friends so wisely. Since then, he's tried to take on more responsibility, especially since embarking on his solo project. He's tried to tone down his normally hyperactive personality and to focus. And he's aware that he won't have his bandmates to fall back on if the album falters.

"I feel like it's all riding on me, big time," he says. "If I mess up, it's my fault. If things go bad, it's my fault."

Carter was the first member of Backstreet or 'N Sync to go solo, but not by much. On Nov. 5, Justin Timberlake issued Justified, which is already shaping up to be a major success.

It's inevitable that the two most recognizable members of the two best-selling bands in recent history will have their sales and successes linked to one another. But Carter downplays their connection.

"I don't even compare myself with him," says Carter, who has not yet heard Timberlake's album. "I just do my own thing and I feel like I'm in my own little category. I'm doing rock. He's doing R&B. I support what he does. I hope he's successful."

While Carter may brush aside analogies to Timberlake, music-business insiders have already begun handicapping the race between the two young men. While Timberlake's first single, Like I Love You, is the nation's sixth most-played song on radio, Carter's Help Me peaked at 36 and recently slipped to 38. Even on Backstreet-friendly MTV, Carter's clip for Help Me languishes in the low 20s, while Timberlake's is a top 5 favorite.

If Carter wants his next single to stay in rotation, it'll quickly have to gain the attention of young fans. Otherwise, it'll fall prey to a Backstreet backlash, says Sean Ross, editor of Airplay Monitor.

"To some extent, the airplay that these acts are getting is almost despite their success from a couple of years ago," Ross says. "Top 40 program directors certainly had an attitude about these acts, even when they were playing them. So a couple of years after the epicenter of teen-pop mania, any record that these artists put out can expect to get some initial airplay, but it can't expect the benefit of the doubt."

With Carter, Timberlake and Christina Aguilera all releasing albums, this fall will widely be considered a litmus test for whether teen-pop stars can reinvent themselves for older audiences. Carter sees it as a challenge, but mostly he's just glad to be on his own for a while.

"You never know: There may be some people who may not like you as an individual, so you're just taking a chance," he says. "But I like it because I'm a kind of dangerous guy in a way. I like excitement. I like adventure. But I really think that this is just a lot of fun."

Now, Meet Nick Carter
Having grown up in a group, it's Nick's time for solo shine

This is an exciting time for Nick Carter. As the Backstreet Boys, the fivesome that made him famous, near their tenth year together, he's just released his solo debut, Now Or Never. talked to Nick about his solo prospects and where he sees himself in the future...

Your new solo album has been a long time coming. Are you happy with the result?

I'm very happy. I'm just starting. This is just the beginning of stuff to come in the future. I talk with people, like my producers and everybody, and they're like, "We know that you're just starting to learn new things and really come into your own." I'm not even sure what I'm capable of. Everybody's going to be able to see a glimpse of what's to come in the future.

The Backstreet Boys are heading into their tenth year together. What have been the high points of that time for you?

We've had so much success with the Backstreet Boys. Beign able to put out records and consistently sell a lot of them; it's just a blessing in disguise, because a lot of people don't get that kind of opportunity. We were able to be one of those groups from that whole era, when it came to pop music, who were hopefully very memorable to people.

Where do you see yourself in, say, five years?

Possibly producing stuff. Not necessarily my own stuff, but I might do my sister Leslie's album. I really feel like I could get in the studio, write her some good material and produce her. because I was producing for a while and things like that.

And hopefully, I'll be doing as well as I can on the solo thing. I just want to grow as an entertainer, as a musician, as an artist, and I know I'm not all the way there yet. I have a lot more to learn, and that's fine.

Aaron On TODAY

Aaron is scheduled to be on the "TODAY" show on Monday morning Nov 25th - the "Today" show starts at 7amET!

Aaron's New Video

You can now view AC's new video "Do You Remember" at Go check it out.

Friday, November 15, 2002:
Nick and Aaron to give FREE concert!!!

Powerboat Racing World Championships Set Nov. 18-24; Nick and Aaron Carter to Star in Free Concert Saturday

The Saturday night (Nov. 23) free concert at 8 p.m. at the Outer Mole, headlined by Jive Label recording artist Nick Carter, was created by Mills to bring a new and younger audience to Key West for the Offshore World Championships. This is the first concert of a series called APBA Offshore Rocks.

Nick Carter is the sweet, blonde, blue-eyed member of the Backstreet Boys who knocked the socks off teenagers for the last seven years. Now this 22-year-old is getting up to his own thing and his debut album, Now or Never, is his chance to break out and share a more personal side of himself while still doing the thing he lovesmusic.

Nick, incidentally, owns an APBA Offshore race team, Nick Carter Racing, which ran away with the Super Vee class in 2002 and now holds the national championship.

Nicks younger brother, Aaron Carter, is also starring Saturday night. Now 14, he began singing and dancing at eight and his charm and energy has wowed crowds in Europe and the U.S.

The third major group on the bill is no secrets; five talented teen-aged girls who feature a dazzling blend of hot music, cool fashion sense and an intense quest for fun.
Ticket prices for the races include admission to the dry pits on race days and cost $20 a day Wednesday/Saturday. Sunday is $25. Non-race days are $5. A three-day race day pass is $35, children of 11-12 is $15 and kids 10 and under are free.

Nick Carter Racing Merchandise:
The Store will be closed from Wednesday, November 20th - Sunday, November 24th.  All items will be sold at the races.  For whatever is left over we will re-open the store on Monday, November 25th.
Thursday, November 13, 2002:
Nick's Updated Schedule:
Thursday, November 14
MTVE VMA Awards, Barcelona Spain
Concert for World Children's Day (taped in Chicago in Sept)
AND Ronald McDonald Annual Awards of Excellence (ABC)

Friday, November 15
Domino D-Day, Holland (NOT CONFIRMED)

November 18 - 24
APBA Offshore World Championships, Key West, (Unconfirmed)

Monday, November 25
The View

Wednesday, November 27
Hob Nob Gobble, Detroit MI

Thursday, November 28
Thanksgiving Parade (CBS) - Detroit MI

Sunday, December 01
95.7PST PopFest 4 - Princeton, NJ

Monday, December 02
WBLI Winter Jam, NY

Thurdsday, December 05
Jingle Jam 2002 - Houston

Monday December 09
Billboard Music Awards 8:00PM ET (FOX)

Tuesday, December 10
Mix 93.3 Jingle Jam, Kansas City MO

Tuesday, December 12
Z100 Jingle Ball, NYC

Sunday, December 15
Y100 Jingle Ball, Miami, Florida

Tuesday, December 17
KISSMAS Snow Ball, Denver CO

Thursday, December 19
KIIS FM Jingle Ball, Anaheim, CA.

On The Rise: Nick Carter

Source: CDNOW

Nick Carter: Hopefully, It's Now Backstreet Boy-turned-solo-artist Nick Carter talks about his bandmates, his rivals (this means you, Justin), and his surprising love of Bon Jovi.

By Allison Stewart, CDNOW Senior Editor, Pop Who: Sometime Backstreet Boy-turned-solo-artist Nick Carter.

What: Now or Never, his solo debut.

Why he might sound familiar: Hello? He's a Backstreet Boy.

You'll like him if: You like Bryan Adams-style pop-rock. Yes, we said Bryan Adams. Carter's solo debut draws more from guitar-oriented rock than pop.

His story in a nutshell: With the Back Street Boys on hiatus, Carter, who claims he was always a closet rocker, figured it was time to indulge his inner Bon Jovi. "I grew up on Bruce and Bon Jovi, and Bryan Adams," he says.

What teen pop fans might think of Nick Carter, V. 2.0: "There is still a pop feel to the album -- it's not a total departure," Carter says. "I think it's gonna be cool for them to see me [this way]. I don't like to stay the same. I want to come off different to people."

Putting his act together and taking it on the road: Carter says a tour is in the offing. "We've been rehearsing," he explains. "I've been playing guitar, but I don't have any tour planned yet. Right now I'm waiting to see how the album's gonna do. I want to play really small places, like 1,000 or 2,000 seaters. I would rather do it that way, and get some respect."

"I don't want people to necessarily like me in the beginning. I like being the underdog."

Justin Timberlake has a solo album out at the same time. How mad are you? "Not at all," Carter insists. "I think, honestly, he wants to do R&B, and I want to do rock. We both have something to prove. He's got more going for him at the moment, but that's OK."

No. Seriously. How mad are you? Carter knows he won't beat Timberlake's album out of the box, and, he says, he might not even want to. "I want to sweat. I don't want it to be easy. I don't want people to necessarily like me in the beginning," he says. "I like being the underdog ... It definitely is scary [being on your own]. There's a lot riding on me, but I figure you either like me, or you don't."

On a possible new Backstreet Boys album: "We'll probably record it late next year, or maybe the middle of next year," Carter says. "I feel like I'm gonna have more to offer the band [now]. I can bring some new skills. I want to make another solo album, too. I feel like this is the tip of the iceberg. But at the end of the day, I've still got a lot to learn."

Nick Carter Talks Backstreet Boys' Future, Tearful New Single, Acting......

Source: MTV

Though Nick Carter's solo album Now or Never takes a trip down an '80s memory lane, he obviously never paid much mind to the Cure classic "Boys Don't Cry" the Backstreet Boy's next single, "Do I Have to Cry For You?" insists that laying on the waterworks is nothing to be ashamed of, not even for guys.

"It's about a guy," Carter explained. "It's about a relationship, really. Relationships go bad, and things happen, and sometimes, you just want to break down, and you just want to go to [the extreme] and cry, you now? That's what that song is about. It's kind of a like a guy saying he's not too afraid to cry for his woman, because of things that have gone on, and the video really does express that. The video is perfect with what the song is."

Carter shot the video for "Do I Have to Cry for You?" in Los Angeles earlier this month with fashion photographer-turned-director Matthew Rolston (Madonna, Jewel, Bryan Adams). The flowery ballad, Carter's follow-up to "Help Me," continues the boy-band heartthrob's excursion into rock (see "Nick Carter Album A Trip Back To The '80s"), but that doesn't mean he's fully converted yet.

"It's just something different," Carter said. "I like to not come off like everyone would expect. I'm sure everyone thought it would be so easy for me to do exactly what I had done before, but why, when you can experiment? I love rock music, so the album has a rock flavor to it. But I can't say that the future wouldn't be different, that I wouldn't have other flavors and do something different. I kind of consider myself a chameleon in music. I love all sorts of music."

Carter hopes to support Now or Never on tour, and he's in the process of assembling a band for the proposed outing. "I would love to tour," he said. "I want to play smaller venues, really smaller venues, just get really intimate with the audience and start from the ground up."

Though he doesn't know how it'll end up affecting the Backstreet Boys, Carter said that he hopes his solo experience creating music on a less pop, more singer/songwriter level will bleed over into the boy band before they get too involved in the writing process. The group is currently in the pre-production stage for their follow-up to 2000's Black & Blue. "I play guitar now," Carter said, "which I didn't do before. It's more organic, what I'm doing. I feel like maybe I can bring something new to the table with them if I do something in the future with them that maybe they can just pull from what I'm learning and doing."

As for his budding acting career, Carter looks forward to future appearances on NBC's new drama "American Dreams" as the frontman of Jay & the Americans (see "Nick Carter Lands All-American TV Role"), but is also currently reading scripts to see if other roles present themselves first.

"It's cool the way they left off 'American Dreams,' " Carter said. "I could easily come back and do another episode with them. I think I'll do something else before I do 'American Dreams,' [again] though. I feel like I've got to open my doors and check out new things. As long as I enjoy anything that I'm doing, I'll do it. That's all that matters."


Tuesday, November 12, 2002:

Nick's New Single:
   "Do I Have To Cry For You" is the next single from NOW OR NEVER. Listen for it on your local radio stations and watch for the video soon.
Sunday, November 10, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing at APBA's World Championships in Key West, Fla. 11/22 - 11/24, 02:
Nick and his NCR team will be in the Race Village at Truman Annex throughout the entire race week. Working, Playing, Eating, Posing for Pics, and signing autographs.  Buy your tickets to the Race Village at ranging from $5.00-$35.00.  Find the link to at APBA 
Now Or Never Review From People Magazine:
Source: People Magazine

Now or Never - Nick Carter (Jive)

On Carter's solo debut, the baby Backstreeter shows that at 22 he's not a boy, not yet a man. On the cheesy pop-rocker "Is It Saturday Yet?" (one of five songs he cowrote), he plays to the Nickelodeon crowd with an eighth-grade mentality better befitting his 14-year-old brother, Aaron Carter. Later, on the silly, suggestive "Miss America," he vainly attempts to put some stubble on his smooth-cheeked delivery as he sings, "Take it off, take it off/ Let's get it on, get it on." Marvin Gaye he's not. Even worse, though, is when Carter attempts to rock out on cuts such as "Girls in the USA" that make him seem like, at best, a junior Jon Bon Jovi. He's better off sticking to bouncy guitar pop and love ballads like "Who Needs the World" that take him back to Backstreet. Bottom Line: Subpar solo

Nick Carter To Kick Off Karoke Contest @ Toys R Us In Time Square:
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will officially announce the J-14 magazine Singing Starz Karaoke Contest at the Toys "R" Us in New York City's Times Square from 3-6 p.m. ET on November 5. Carter will also treat the crowd to a demonstration of Jakks Pacific's new Singing Starz Video Karaoke Machine.

Jakks Pacific partnered with J-14 for its December issue, which features Carter on the cover. Inside the magazine fans of the singer can find out how to enter a contest to win a private meeting with Carter and four front-row tickets and four backstage passes to one of Carter's concerts, among other prizes.

To enter, print your name, address, and telephone number on a postcard or blank sheet of paper and submit that with a VHS video tape of yourself singing and performing karaoke to your favorite song from the Singing Starz Video Karaoke Machine. Mail your materials to: J-14/Singing Starz Karaoke Contest, P.O. Box 1665, Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey 07632. Entries must be postmarked by January 15, 2003, when Carter and judges from J-14 will select the finalists. The winner will be notified in early February. Entry forms are available at

Nick Carter Celebrates Thanksgiving in Detroit:
If you live and/or are visiting the Detroit, Michigan area Nov. 27 and 28 you can see Nick at the Thanksgiving Day Parade (riding the "Club DRQ Float") on the 28th (admission is free) and you can see him at the Hob Nobble Gobble the 27th (starts at 6:00pm EST) at the new GM Wintergarten at the Renaissance Center (tickets and ticket info at 313-923-7400).

If you live in the Detroit area listen to 93.1 WDRQ and you could win the chance to ride on the Club DRQ float with Nick Carter. Good luck!

NYPOST Review of Now Or Never:
Source: New York Post
"Now or Never"

Jive Records

Backstreeter Nick Carter takes a chance with his first solo record, "Now or Never," combining old-fashioned boy-band catchiness with elements of rock.

It's a formula that doesn't always work, but when it does, it's excellent.

On this album Carter chooses not to rock the Backstreet boat very hard, leaning heavily on the boy-band side of the mix.

But he finally lets loose with "Girls in the USA" which has guitar crunch, power drumming and vocals that seem more influenced by Kid Rock than the kiddie ballads of Carter's past.

His ballads are still pretty poopy, but the rock material which peppers the effort - like "I Just Wanna Take You Home" and "Help Me" - makes you take note.

Had Carter taken a giant step into the realm of rock this would have been a better album, but it still stands as an interesting record by an artist in transition - who hopefully won't regress when he hooks up with his bandmates.

Entertainment Weely Review of Now Or Never:
POP LOCK Carter sticks to boy-band stylings on his solo debut

Compared with the style-shifting Christina Aguilera and Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter is a classicist. None of their lofty ambitions for him -- on Now or Never, Carter brings new meaning to the phrase ''kicking it old-school'' by keeping the boy-band sound alive, albeit with heavier guitars and a wholesale embrace of hair-metal choruses. Carter just wants simple sugar-pop kicks, and he gets them in the creamy ''My Confession'' and ''Help Me.'' It's fluff and he knows it, and he scores points for lack of pretension.

Alas, he's docked for ''Girls in the USA,'' a grating Def Leppard-meets-dancehall mess in which Carter brags about how he has ''a little thing in the Denver hills/A real fine mama with a sex appeal.'' (And that's just one city.) And like Timberlake and Aguilera, Carter seems compelled to sit down next to a piano and ooze the most generic melody he's handed. Still, Carter's determined to have fun even as his world crumbles around him -- which, in some twisted way, proves that at least one teen-pop veteran remains in synch with our times. EW Grade: C

CD Review of Now Or Never:

You may think you imagined it, but Nick Carter does steal a Nirvana riff to open the otherwise-straightforward teen pop ballad "Help Me," which introduces his solo debut, Now or Never.

It seems that, unleashed from the boy band confines of the Backstreet Boys, the singer has rock muscles he's eager to flex, though we're not talking anything worthy of Ozzfest: Now seems to derive its inspiration from such pop-metal boys as Def Leppard and Bryan Adams.

The latter is a very obvious role model for such melodic, emotive rock ballads as "Do I Have to Cry for You," and there's no denying the-"Animal"-like raunch of the lusty mid-tempo arena rocker, "Girls in the USA."

The acoustic-backed, bittersweet closer, "Who Needs the World," however, is pure B' Boys lullaby pop, but without the harmonies, though Carter has such a sweet, strong voice, they're hardly missed. Though he has a hand in songwriting here, Carter chose to work closely with producer Max Martin (BSB, Britney Spears). He keeps his subject matter light, sticking to the things a worldly 22-year-old success story might bother about; namely, girls ("Miss America") and having a good time ("Is It Saturday Yet").

E! Online Review of Now Or Never:
Source: E! Online
Grade: C-

Now or never? Well, we're leaning toward never as far as Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's solo debut is concerned. Unless you're 12 and you choose CDs based on the crushability quotient of whoever is on the cover, you'll be turned off by Carter's crossover from his "Quit Playing Games (with My Heart)" days to Never's second-rate Sugar Ray pop. Memories of his past remain on "I Got You," however the song also elicits Bryan Adams flashbacks. Otherwise, this trip is full of overly sensitive moments and some really bad geographical rhymes about ladies in "Girls in the USA." Trust us, nobody wants it that way.

Friday, November 1, 2002:
Nick's official site has updated Nick's schedule for the next few weeks:

11/1 FM100 Make A Wish Foundation Visit Memphis, TN

11/2 Star 94 Charity Event Atlanta, GA

11/3 American Dreams 8:00PM ET/PT (NBC)

11/5 Toys R Us In Store Signing Time Square, NYC 4:30PM

11/6 The Tonight Show w/ Jay Leno 11:35 ET/PT (NBC)

11/7 The Wayne Brady Show (syndicated) The Late Show w/ Craig Kilbourne 12:30AM ET/PT (CBS)

11/9 All That 8:00PM ET/PT (Nick)

11/14 Presenting at MTV Europe VMAs Barcelona, Spain

11/25 The View 11:00AM ET/PT (ABC)

11/28 Thanksgiving Parade Detroit, MI (Airs live on CBS)


FM100 Memphis are running a competiton to win breakfast with Nick. For more details visit their official site @  
CosmoGirl's Contest
Source: CosmoGirl
Win Nick's T-Shirt... Not many people have entered. Get your entries to us by November 15 and your chances of winning will be good. Click here for details.
Barnes&Nobels' Review of Now Or Never
Source: Barnes&Nobel
With the popularity of boy bands waning once again (think New Kids on the Block) and his younger brother Aaron's career soaring, Nick Carter -- the youngest and arguably the most marketable member of the Backstreet Boys -- has taken flight and gone solo. In BSB, Carter's more timid vocals were often overshadowed by Brian Littrell's earnest, country-tinged crooning and A. J. McClean's flamboyant vocals. But on his urgently titled, rockin' debut, Now or Never, Carter sounds surprisingly convincing as a frontman. With a carefree pop-rock sound, Carter charms fans throughout the 12-track disc, most notably on the guitar-driven lead single "Help Me," the Bryan Adams-reminiscent ballad "Do I Have to Cry for You," and the Bon Joviesque "Miss America." On the latter track, Carter cleverly serenades his dream girl with smooth lyrics such as, "In the land of the free/Make a prisoner of me/Close my eyes and you're all that I see." Only time will tell, but like his 'N Sync counterpart, Justin Timberlake -- who also released his first solo disc, Justified, in late 2002 -- Carter's boy bandless future looks bright. After all, it's Now or Never. Tracy E. Hopkins
Now's The Time
Source: ETOnline
NICK CARTER has melted the hearts of countless ladies as the youngest member of pop supergroup BACKSTREET BOYS. Now, he's on his way to a bright solo career with his debut album Now Or Never!

When describing the experience of creating a solo album, Nick sounds as excited as a kid going off to college. He exclaims, "It's a release of energy -- all sorts of energy that I've held inside for God knows how long. Now, I get the freedom to do everything that I, myself want to do."

The album has a more rock-oriented sound than the tunes he performed with the Backstreet Boys. He told our ET correspondent, "I've been wanting to do this for so long, because I've always been very passionate about rock music."

Things start heating up when the first single, "Help Me" kicks in. Nick's voice comes in as a breathy whisper, then builds in intensity until he lets it all out in the melodic chorus. You can hear his band crankin' behind him through the whole song!

"My Confession" is a snappy number that gets pretty intimate. Nick told ET that the song is about "being at the point where I wanted to confess everything to a girl." A thick barrage of heavily distorted guitars kick off the rockin' tune, "I Stand For You." This song has a singalong chorus that may remind some of the more mature music fans out there of pop-metal supergroup DEF LEPPARD.

Nick pumps out several slow and sweet love ballads including, "Do I Have To Cry For You," "Heart Without A Home," and "Who Needs The World." And he turns the volume all the way up to 11 on "Girls In The USA," a heavy tune reminiscent of KISS' stadium rock.

So what's on Nick's mind these days? He told ET, "I want to kick butt with what I'm doing, and have fun." He adds, "That's my whole motto in life now: If I can't have fun doin' it, I ain't gonna do it!"

When asked if his solo career signals the end of the Backstreet Boys, he responds, "No, this isn't the end of the Backstreet Boys. I feel this is going to make me a better person, a better entertainer. I feel that when I go back to the Backstreet Boys I'll have more to offer."

And then there's the ever-looming question about him and pop-queen BRITNEY SPEARS. He insists, "I'm not dating Britney. I mean, she's a cool girl and all, but I'm not dating her. I'm single. I like being single. I like being able to do my thing."

He sure is doin' his thing, and he's doin' it well! Be sure to check out his solo debut, Now Or Never, which hits stores October 29!

Nick Carter: Still Rocks Despite The Pop
Source: StarShine Magazine
A new solo artist has been introduced to the world recently, although the name rings a bell. In fact, even the face looks familiar. He shows a strong resemblance to another solo artist with the same last name--Aaron Carter. Wait a minute, isn't Aaron the brother of a Backstreet Boy? Yes, Nick Carter, the youngest member of the world renown Backstreet Boys has branched off and released a solo album titled, Now or Never. Pop haters are probably wondering why would he decide to torture them like that? Well, his fans are more than thrilled about the album and haters might even be shocked by the material Nick has created as a solo artist.

Nick Carter has been the heartthrob of the Backstreet Boys since the age of twelve. With four older brothers constantly voicing their opinions along with his, it's inevitable that one's ideas may be swept under the rug from time to time. At twenty-two and already an experienced performer, Nick felt the time was now to show a side of himself no one's seen and maybe he's never even gotten the chance to see himself.

What critics and pop haters might not know and only true fans have known is that Nick is extremely rock influenced dating back to Journey, which he even used to cover songs like "Open Arms" at Backstreet Boys concerts. Nick's been a rock fan all his life and always wanted to make harder music, but he knows he can't push his limits just yet. "I love rock music so I wanted to slowly, but surely enter into the rock world." Says Nick. "I know it's going to be really weird for people at first, but I got a long way to go and I got a long career hopefully ahead of me. I've got a lot of work to do."

You may have heard Nick's first single, "Help Me". It's a light rock song mixed with a not so classic pop sound. The song has been added to over 100 radio stations and has been a constant on TRL, which Nick has been no stranger to. Currently Nick battles 'N Sync rival, Justin Timberlake, who's also gone solo as well as a skimpier dressed Christina Aguilera along with new teen crazes, Avril Lavigne & Kelly Clarkson. Nick made an appearance recently on TRL's 1,000th episode party along with Kid Rock, Vanessa Carlton and Ashanti. His performance of "Help Me" rocked the audience and Nick's pride in the direction his career is taking showed through.

The average person may assume "Help Me" is the only rock edged song on Now or Never, but on the contrary. The rest of the tracks are even more on the rock side. "I Stand For You" in particularly expresses the fundamentals of rock music: strong guitar sound and rebellious lyrics penned by Carter himself. That's right, although song writing is not something new to Nick, (he earned writing credits for several tracks on Backstreet Boys' 2000 release, Black & Blue) he gets personal with this album by writing more than 50 percent of it.

Other tracks on the album include the slightly punk-styled, "I Just Wanna Take You Home" and the erotic and intoxicating, "Miss America" , where lyrics are a bit more sexual than Carter's younger audience is used to. "Take it off, take it off. Let's get it on, get it on." Of course, Nick takes us back to the heartache of love with "Do I Have To Cry For You", a Bryan Adams styled emotional ballad about compromise in a relationship.

Now here comes the question, with Nick venturing off as a solo artist, where does this leave the boys of the BSB? Right where they've always been: a group, who for the past ten years managed to achieve success, including two #1 albums with both Millennium (1999) and Black & Blue as well as a group that endured many criticisms and hard times along the way, but will continue to stick around. How many times has it been said? "Backstreet's Over!" Even though all that ever came of those words was a frenzy in young fans' lives, but always turned out to be some rumor most likely started by a bitter hard-core rock fan. In fact, even while the Boys are on a well-deserved break, they are still writing for and thinking about their next album, set to be released middle to late next year.

So back to Nick Carter. The issue here is surprisingly not Nick's acceptance into the rock world, it's whether his fans will accept the change. The answer: yes. Fans have anticipated the release of Now or Never before it was even in the making. The creative masterpiece Nick has put together deserves the sales it will draw in from his already Backstreet loving fans and will hopefully gain recognition from his music industry friends and make some new supporters along the way, whom Nick says might be shocked at first, but will be pleasantly surprised; at least he hopes.

In all honesty, Nick Carter has grown into a passionate and dedicated musician, rather than the dewey-eyed youth everyone recognized on the cover of Tiger Beat Magazine. He always had the talent, but Now or Never showcases it in all its glory! Don't be so hard on the guy, pop the album in your CD player. There's something for everyone...guaranteed!

Backstreet Boy Flies Solo
Source: The Saskatoon StarPhoenix

Toronto (CP) -- After spending a decade as a Backstreet boy, Nick Carter is giving up his dancing shoes and heavily chreographed moved that propelled the Backstreet Boys to inernational fame.

Instead, he's picking up pen and paper, as well as a guitar and drum sticks so he can "rock out" on his solo effort, Now or Never.

Carter, 22, says he felt a need to branch out after years of being in Backstreet.

"When I first started recording and writing songs, I had a lot of stuff inside me as a little kid that I couldn't get out or express too much because you're in a band and when you're young you just don't know how to do things or express yourself," he says about his early days in the business at age 12.

"But now I started to find myself just by being by myself. I wasn't in that situation where I had the four other guys around me...which I loved, they pretty much raised me, but you have to step out and find yourself in order to be somebody and that's what I've done with the music."

After Backstreet Boys' 2001 Black and Blue tour, the youngest band member went into the studio while the boys were on hiatus "to see what happens, not to record an album," he explains. But after goofing around for a week with some producers he left with eight songs, including the ballad, Do I Have To Cry For You.

"The record company got really excited," he recalls in an interview during a recent stop in Toronto to promote his CD. "They were happy that I could actually write songs."

Carter co-wrote most of the dozen songs on the rock-infused pop album. He's replaced the Backstreet Boys' harmony-laden pop melodies with some '80s rompin' rock flavour a la Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Journey style. The sound is especially prominent on Girls in the USA, Miss America and I Stand For You.

Carter is eager to persuade anyone who will listen that his evolution to solo artist isn't a gimmick but a natural part of his evolution as an artist.

"It's going to be difficult in some people's eyes to see me do this," the blue-eyed singer admits. "It might take a while for people to accept it just like it was before with the Backstreet Boys."

USA Today's Review of Now Or Never
Source: USA Today
You can take the boy out of the boy band, but if he's as aggressively passive a presence as Carter, you'll be climbing uphill from there. The Backstreet refugee cowrote many of these songs, some of them catchy in a generic, innocuous way. But none reveals more personality than Carter's colorless voice; instead, the singer emerges as a kind of wholesomely macho cypher. He's Bryan Adams-like balladeer on the sappy "Do I Have to cry for you", a Jon Bon Jovi-esque crooner on "Heart Without A Home (I'll be yours)" and a leering frat boy on the witless "Girls In The USA". The Lyrics are as excruciatingly banal and dopey as the song titles suggest. Surely no one expected Carter to turn into Elvis Costello overnight, but it's hard to listen to the refrain "Take it off, take it off / Let's get it on, get it on" on a full stomach's Review of Now Or Never

If anything will drive a nail into the Backstreet Boys' coffin, it's this surprisingly impressive solo album from Nick Carter. The first of the Fab Five to break out on his own, Carter reveals a rocker's heart that's lurked under his high-gloss pop exterior. While he rasps and struts through his 12-song debut, we're not talking headbanging mayhem here. Carter excels in the brand of guitar rock that put Bon Jovi and Bryan Adams on the map. The elder Carter conjures the militaristic flamboyance of Queen on "Girls In The USA," or the teasing coyness of "Raspberry Beret"-era Prince on "My Confession." The anthemic "Is It Saturday Yet" is another highlight. Despite a seven-year tenure singing other people's songs as a member of America's favorite boy band, Carter proves himself an able tunesmith, penning five of the tracks on the disc, and plays some fine guitar. --Jaan Uhelszki

Backstreet Boy Carter Kicks Out The Jams

Source: The Calgary Sun
Boys wanna rock

After spending a decade as a Backstreet Boy, Nick Carter is giving up his dancing shoes and heavily choreographed moves that propelled the boy band to international fame.

Instead, hes picking up pen and paper, as well as a guitar and drum sticks so he can rock out on his solo effort, Now or Never.

Carter, 22, says he felt a need to branch out after years of being in Backstreet.

When I first started recording and writing songs, I had a lot of stuff inside me as a little kid that I couldnt get out or express too much because youre in a band and when youre young you just dont know how to do things or express yourself, he says about his early days in the business at age 12.

But now I started to find myself just by being by myself. I wasnt in that situation where I had the four other guys around me . . . which I loved, they pretty much raised me, but you have to step out and find yourself in order to be somebody and thats what Ive done with the music.

After Backstreet Boys 2001 Black and Blue tour, the youngest band member went into the studio while the boys were on hiatus to see what happens, not to record an album, he explains.

But after goofing around for a week with some producers he left with eight songs, including the ballad, Do I Have To Cry For You.

The record company got really excited, he recalls in an interview during a recent stop in Toronto to promote his CD.

They were happy that I could actually write songs.

Carter co-wrote most of the dozen songs on the rock-infused pop album. Hes replaced the Backstreet Boys harmony-laden pop melodies with some 80s rompin rock flavour a la Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams and Journey style.

The new image is in line with the current It musicians like Avril Lavigne, John Mayer and Michelle Branch, who have all helped make pop-rock vogue again.

That said, one might wonder if Carters switch was an orchestrated marketing move to distance himself from boy bands and bubble gum pop, which seem to have lost their cachet with youth.

Peers Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and *NSYNCs Justin Timberlake are trying hard to recreate themselves and shed their teen popstar images.

But Carter is eager to persuade anyone who will listen that his evolution to solo artist isnt a gimmick but a natural part of his evolution as an artist.

Its going to be difficult in some peoples eyes to see me do this, the blue-eyed singer admits. It might take a while for people to accept it just like it was before with the Backstreet Boys.

True enough. The Backstreet Boys first single, Weve Got It Going On, fell on deaf ears in North America where youth were busy banging their heads to the alt-rock sounds of Nirvana and Pearl Jam.

Im here to prove my point that I love rock music and I can do it, he says defensively when prodded further about his timing for the solo album.

I can do it to the point where its not faking and being somebody else.

The real test will come Oct. 29 when Now or Never is released.

Will the legions of young girls who swooned over the Backstreet Boy accept Carters new image?

But theres a chance consumers wont be able to look past Carters boy band persona.

Nick Carter is what youre going to see here, he says acknowledging the risk.

Music is music, it doesnt have to be so difficult. If the damn thing sounds good, thats good.

And Carter says hes intent on continuing his pop career, something hell do with the Backstreet Boys. The band is scheduled to release new material next year.

Im going to be getting back with them to record for the next album. Its part of me. Im not here saying its going to end at all, he says.

Wednesday, October 23, 2002:
Nick's Now Or Never Thank You's:
Sometimes I wonder what it looks like through someone
else's eyes. To see the grass change while the season
change. To watch as the sun slowly drifts across the
blue sky untile it vanishes beneath the crest of the
earth. Or maybe even live in another world-a world in
which life is not so fortunate, a world where the eyes
that I look through see pain more than love, greed
more than giving or even war over peace. Sometimes
these thoughts cross my mind and when they do, I
realize the truth. The truth where I stand. At the age
of 22 I've seen so many things, some good, some bad,
some things that a young man should never have seen.
But I did and it hit me, I have been so blessed.
Blessed to do something that I love. Even blessed to
be given the opportunity to make a difference. The
other thing that I have learned at the age of 22 is
that music is a part of everyone's life and to be a
part of something that can mean so much to someone
else's life is an honor.

So thank you. You, for giving me the chance to make a
difference in someone's life. You who read this. You
who listen. You know who you are. You're my fans and
without a doubt, I love you. Thank you!

Also gotta shout out to...Momma, Pops I love you
(there's no Nick without them) Hee Hee. Aaron
(airhead) love ya bro, I'm still a better baller.
Leslie (sing it girl) love you too. BJ (ain't nothing
gonna happen to you while I'm around ) love you.
Angel. I don't get to see you as much as I'd like to
but just because I can't doesn't mean I love you any
less. Oh and I can't forget my dogs! Brent, Lane,
James, Frank (BIK all the way). Tony Bass- you are the
glue that keeps me together. Mike Self- thanks for
being there for me.

And last but not least for the past 10 years I've had
the best family that anyone could ask for. They've
been my fathers, my brothers, my mentors, my
everything. They've taught me how to value life and I
have a little bit of each of them in my blood. And so
I thank you Howie, Kevin, Aj and Brian- I love you
guys and it's because of you that I can do this. So
with all the sweat, blood and tears that we have
shared together I dedicate this album to you.
Source: Now Or Never
Nick To Appear at Y100's Jingle Ball: 
Nick is to appear at the Y100 Jingle Ball on Sunday December 15, 2002, at American Airlines Arena, Miami.

Planet Premire of Now Or Never: 
Radio Disney is doing a Planet Premiere of Now Or Never on Friday 26 October 2002,@ 12am ET / 9pm PT and on Sunday October 27 @ 11am ET / 8am PT.

Nick's Chat:

Nick will be chatting on on Monday, October 28, @ 8:00 EST. So ladies, get your questions ready...

Get to Know Alicia Crawford,(Nick's Bassist)

TAMPA -- Alicia Crawford is constantly reminded that she's no longer a student at the University of South Florida and just another hard-working bass player on the Tampa Bay music scene.

"Hey, I'm watching TV right now and I'm on it," she blurts out with a laugh in the midst of a phone interview last week.

Crawford, 20, has caught a glimpse of the new video by Backstreet Boy-turned-solo-pop-idol Nick Carter on MTV's Total Request Live, better known as TRL. The reason for her exuberance is understandable: She's not only in Carter's hit Help Me video -- she's the bassist in his new band. In fact, she assembled it at his request only five months ago.

That was when, with a phone call out of the blue, Crawford's entire life took an improbable turn into the fast lane of the music biz, with the kind of twist that most local performers only get to dream about.

To fully appreciate Crawford's excitement and lingering disbelief, you should know she planned to be back studying music at USF this fall. Instead, she was with Carter on Monday on Regis and Kelly, and on the 1,000th episode of TRL Wednesday. Saturday -- three days before Carter's album Now or Never hits stores -- they'll perform at Guavaween, and they're set to play the Tonight show with Jay Leno Nov. 6.

You should also know that Crawford grew up surrounded by music, as the daughter of longtime local morning-drive personality Mason Dixon. As a surprise for her 12th birthday, Dixon arranged to have the Backstreet Boys -- then an unknown outfit of boy crooners -- sing her Happy Birthday. She became instant pals with Carter, a Tampa 14-year-old.

"I'd been playing bass a couple of months, and I was mostly into alternative music, which was still the big thing," Crawford says. "But I wound up hanging out with Nick and his mom at the radio station.

"He said, 'Call me, I'd love to come over sometime.' He played drums, and the whole summer, he could come over like every day in the garage of my parents' house. And we'd write music and play cover tunes. We ended up bonding, and fighting over who was better -- Nirvana or Smashing Pumpkins."

Eventually, Carter and the Backstreet Boys left for Europe, where they launched their careers. He and Crawford fell out of touch, though he once showed up incognito to watch her rock band, Sister Sara, in Ybor City in 1998. "He called to say he was in town, and I said, 'Great, come to the show,' " she says. "Nobody knew he was there but us."

Then Carter dropped out of sight again, immersed in the Backstreet Boys' record-setting Millennium tour and riding the teen-pop tidal wave.

Crawford, meanwhile, kept plugging away locally. After Sister Sara broke up in her senior year at Tampa Prep, she entered USF, and met a singer-songwriter-guitarist named Daniel Marshall. They formed the Christian-rock Daniel B. Marshall Band, which would twice open for national act Jars of Clay.

Things were starting to look up for Crawford's band as summer approached -- it had just finished an album of originals and had signed on to perform four weeks at a youth church camp for thousands of middle schoolers. She, Marshall and drummer Jason Leiter talked about pursuing a record deal.

But then, in June, Crawford answered her cell phone while she was driving in Georgia en route to a family visit in Memphis. "It's Nick, and he goes, 'Hey Alicia, I'm calling from Sweden,' and then my phone conks out," she recalls.

Crawford hadn't heard from Carter in three years, so she had no idea why he was calling. She pulled off the road until she could get a good connection. He told her he was working on a solo album, with this kicker: "He said, 'I want you to play bass for me, and I want you to put together a band for me."

The rest happened in a blur. Carter flew to Tampa to hear the band, which had added lead guitarist Andy Pardue, and gave his thumbs-up. He told them that his management would arrange to fly them to Los Angeles for a formal audition.

Still, Crawford and Marshall struggled with the decision. They called Carter's handlers and proposed a compromise: They could do two weeks of the summer camp commitment, then fly to L.A. The answer was a firm no. "They said, we need to hear you in two days, and you need to tell us in an hour what you're going to do," she says.

Crawford says she and Marshall prayed for guidance. They felt at peace with their decision to leave their Christian band, and summer camp organizers supported them. Then came weeks of rehearsals, the video shoot in August, and an overseas tour in September ("It was like A Hard Day's Night -- 200 girls chased us down the street in Spain.")

"I like to give people opportunities, just like my friend Alicia," Carter says during MTV's Making of the Video, adding how much fun he's having with his all-Tampa group.

Crawford's parents are "really excited, but they miss me -- I've always been a homebody," she says.

In her garage apartment at her parent's house, there's still a schedule of USF classes on the wall. "I wrote, 'No Going Back' on it with a big black marker," she says. "It's just to remind myself that I have to give this my all."

Monday, October 21, 2002:

Now Or Never: First Listen:
   That's right! Beginning Tuesday, Oct 22, you can listen to the full version of "Now or Never" on Go check it out!! IT TOTALLY ROCKS!!!!!
Sunday, October 20, 2002:
New Information on Bob Carter:
From Andy @
Hey Guys,
I just received a phone call from Nick Carter himself about the condition of his dad, Bob.
Apparently I was given some misleading information about his current state, but the fact is Bob is ill right now. While the doctors are looking for the cause to his illness, Nick has come home to take care of his father and be with the family.
Bob is in good spirits right now, and Nick is doing everything he can to help his dad get back on the road to recovery as soon as possible. Please join me in including the Carters in your prayers so that everything can turn out for the best.
Saturday, October 19, 2002:
Nick called into Atlanta's Q100 on Friday October 18, to clear up the rumors about his Dad and his Dad's illness. You can read the transcript in the INTERVIEW & QUOTES section.
  Nick has an incredidbly busy schedule leading up to the worldwide release of NOW OR NEVER. Follow Nick's every move on TV and in person right here.
10/17: WKNS MORNING SHOW, Charlotte, NC
10/21: REGIS & KELLY, 9:00AM (syndicated)
10/23: TRL co-host and performance, 3:30 ET (MTV)
            NICKELODEON U-PICK, 5:00 ET/PT (NICK)
            MTV'S THE HOOK UP, 8:00 ET/PT (MTV)
10/28: in-store appearance @ MACY'S NYC, 5:00
           MSN CHAT, 7:00 (MSN.COM)
10/29: TRL appearance, 3:30 ET (MTV)
            in-store appearance @ VIRGIN TIMES
            SQUARE NYC, 5:30
10/31: in-store appearance @ MALL OF AMERICA,
           Minneapolis, MN, 7:00
11/3: NBC's AMERICAN DREAMS @ 8:00 (eastern)
11/6: THE TONIGHT SHOW W/ JAY LENO @ 11:30 (eastern)
11/19: Nickelodeon's ALL THAT
Pink in Nick's Camp

Pink was interviewed on Extra and was asked about the supposed rivalry between Justin Timberlake and Nick Carter and all of the hype behind it. She stated that Nick's material is something that "everyone should listen to" and that it sounded more "real" than the music of Justin Timberlake. She closed by saying that she was definitely supporting Nick Carter over Justin.

Brotherhood Delayed


A book, reportedly penned by Nick that was to be released this fall seems to have been put on hod. Amazon reports that it is now due in 2005.

Nick Gets High With 150 Fans

Nick held a fan conference with 150 Japanese fans aboard a plane on October 10. The fans got to ask him questions and all got autographs.

Chat with Aaron at
Aaron will be chatting with friends and fans over at on Tuesday, October 29th at 7 PM (Eastern). We want to invite everyone to join in and bring their best questions!
Info for the chat will appear on this page in the next couple of days:
Click here! Think up something good, guys, and see you next Tuesday!!
Source: Andy @

Wednesday, October 16, 2002:

Bob Carter is fine and Healthy:
From Andy @
Hey everyone!
I just needed to clear the air about some rumors going around that are totally False!!!
There are stories being spread around that Bob is really sick and stuff like that, but I assure you, and this comes from Big Bob himself, that he is fine, in great health, and enjoying some time home with the family where's he's relaxing and enjoying some time on the boat with Aaron!
Thanks for everyone's concern, though!!

Check out the NEW
 That's right folks!! has an new look. Go check it out. And while you're there, click on Listen and Share Now or Never. Here you can listen to five preview tracks from the cd. They're all cool.
Listen to Now or Never on
  Beginning on Tuesday, October 22, you can listen to the full length album on Check it out!!!!!
Chat with Aaron at
Aaron will be chatting with friends and fans over at on Tuesday, October 29th at 7 PM (Eastern). We want to invite everyone to join in and bring their best questions!
Info for the chat will appear on this page in the next couple of days:
Click here! Think up something good, guys, and see you next Tuesday!!
Source: Andy @
Wednesday, October 9, 2002:
  Nick has an incredidbly busy schedule leading up to the worldwide release of NOW OR NEVER. Follow Nick's every move on TV and in person right here.
10/17: WKNS MORNING SHOW, Charlotte, NC
10/21: REGIS & KELLY, 9:00AM (syndicated)
10/23: TRL co-host and performance, 3:30 ET (MTV)
            NICKELODEON U-PICK, 5:00 ET/PT (NICK)
            MTV'S THE HOOK UP, 8:00 ET/PT (MTV)
10/28: in-store appearance @ MACY'S NYC, 5:00
           MSN CHAT, 7:00 (MSN.COM)
10/29: TRL appearance, 3:30 ET (MTV)
            in-store appearance @ VIRGIN TIMES
            SQUARE NYC, 5:30
10/31: in-store appearance @ MALL OF AMERICA,
           Minneapolis, MN, 7:00
Wednesday, October 2, 2002:
Nick is to do an autograph signing in MN, on October 31 at 7pm.
Is Nick Ready to Go Solo?
For every Joey McIntyre and Jordan Knight, there is a D-Fuse.

If you've never heard of the now-defunct solo venture from their fellow New Kid on the Block Danny Wood, that's proof enough that no matter how famous your boy band is, a solo career is never guaranteed.

So with 'NSYNC's Justin Timberlake, Backtreet Boys' Nick Carter and 98 Degrees' Nick Lachey all releasing albums this fall, the pop world is wondering who will be "Larger Than Life" and who will go "Bye, Bye, Bye."

We asked a few former boy band stars who've enjoyed solo success to lend advice to the next crop, and while ex-Menudo crooner Ricky Martin was too busy with his own album to help, others stepped up to the task.

"Get in the gym, eat right, get your sleep and go full speed," instructed Johnny Gill, whose 1990 self-titled solo album went platinum after he made a name for himself with New Edition. "When you're on the stage with your group, there are five different people to look at, but when you have to carry the whole show, all the pressure's on you."

While all of Gill's New Edition partners were successful outside of the group Bobby Brown and Ralph Tresvant as solo artists and Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins and Ronnie DeVoe as Bell Biv DeVoe other recent groups haven't been as lucky.

McIntyre and Knight hit the charts with comebacks in 1999, but their sales figures were nothing compared to New Kids'. And, of course, there was D-Fuse. While Robbie Williams' solo career made many Americans forget about Take That, none of the other British boy bands have produced stars in the States.

While McIntyre believes that staying out of the spotlight between NKOTB and releasing Stay the Same helped him, he thinks it might hurt Nick Carter.

"Justin's hitting the ground running, and Nick's been away for a while," McIntyre explained. "It's only been a year, but it's going to be harder for him. The segue wasn't as quick. Justin's done some stuff to make his segue a little bit easier. He has aligned a lot of people in his corner. He's really not missing a beat. Business-wise, it's a smart move."

McIntyre said the key is to stick with what you know best. In other words, Timberlake shouldn't do a hip-hop record. (Perhaps Korn bassist Fieldy should have followed that advice for his Fieldy's Dreams hip-hop flop.)

"Nick might say 'I'm doing rock' and Justin might say 'It's more R&B,' but it's pop no matter how you slice it," McIntyre said. "They'll always be pop acts. They can't be marketed any other way."

On the other hand, don't force the music out.

"You gotta do what you want to do," McIntyre said. "If you're doing something for the sake of someone else, you're going to be miserable. You gotta do the music you like."

Or, as boy band engineer Lou Pearlman put it, "Sing what you enjoy!"

Pearlman, who was instrumental in launching 'NSYNC and the Backstreet Boys, also noted the importance of staying loyal to your fans, but said the music is the most important thing. "Great songs will lead to great success," he said.

Going solo is a grand tradition in popular music, with everyone from the Beatles to the Fugees seeing members break off one by one to be the center of attention. This year alone, members of pop groups (Destiny's Child, Lucy Pearl), rock groups (Blink-182, Korn) and rap groups (St. Lunatics, the LOX) have temporarily left to head their own projects.

"It's real cool to do it, because it allows you do your own thing and have that space to be creative and continue to grow," Gill explained.

Solo projects inevitably spark rumors of breakups, and in some cases the groups never do rejoin. Gill believes going solo can actually benefit the group.

"When you get to breathe and have your space and time and be creative, you come back with a new attitude and appreciating working with the other guys," he said. "And when you have that enthusiasm, the public feels it."

Still, he doesn't recommend it unless the artist is fully prepared.

"I tell you, it's real lonely, no matter how many bodies you put up there to try to substitute for the guys you're used having stand next to you," he said. "It's a really weird feeling."


Nick Carter Album: A Trip Back To The 80's:

It makes sense that Backstreet Boys crooner Nick Carter is releasing his debut solo album Now or Never the week of Halloween. Some Backstreet fans will likely think of it as a delicious treat, while others might view it more as a fiendish trick.

On the album, which comes out October 29, Carter leaves behind the glossy harmonies and grandiose production of Backstreet Boys and heads in a more '80s pop-rock direction that will thrill some and alienate others.

Now or Never features 12 songs pared down from 37 written for the disc. Songwriters include Carter, the Matrix, Mark Taylor, Steve Mac, Max Martin and Rami and producers include Martin and Matthew Gerrard. The first single, "Help Me," written by Gerrard and Michele Vice-Maslin and produced by Gerrard, is already receiving airplay. A video for the track was directed by Chris Applebaum.

The tracks on Now or Never include both infectious uptempo guitar-bristling cuts like "My Confession" and "I Stand for You" and slick, flowery ballads including "Do I Have to Cry for You?" and "I Just Wanna Take You Home."

"Girls in the USA," a rompin' number with funky wah-wah-laden guitars, a slammin' Kid Rock beat and soaring Bon Jovi-style vocals, features dancehall reggae artist Mr. Vegas. It's the only tune with a guest vocalist, yet many of the songs on Now or Never are reminiscent of other artists that inspired Carter. "Is It Saturday Yet?" sounds like Bryan Adams, "Blow Your Mind" begins like New Order's "Blue Monday" before bursting into a euphoric pop chorus, and "I Stand for You" sounds like a cross between Third Eye Blind and Hanson.

Track list for Now or Never, according to Jive Records:

"Help Me"

"My Confession"

"I Stand for You"

"Do I Have to Cry for You?"

"Girls in the USA"

"I Got You"

"Is It Saturday Yet?"

"Blow Your Mind"

"Miss America"

"I Just Wanna Take You Home"

"Heart Without a Home (I'll Be Yours)"

"Who Needs the World"

Source: MTV News

Nick Carter to perform at MTV Asia Awards


Nick Carter is to headline the MTV Asia Awards 2003.

The former Backstreet Boys star will be singing live at the event in Singapore on January 24.

MTV Asia will be presenting a total of 19 awards during the show to recognise and promote the icons of youth culture.

Nick, who recently launched his debut album Now Or Never, will be joined by a star-studded line-up of Asian and international artists to be announced in the coming months.

Heads Up Australian Fans: Win a Trip to Tokyo To Talk To Nick Carter is presenting this contest. All you have to do is send them your story related to one of the following subjects:

  • Dating Disaster
  • Weirdest thing you've done to get backstage
  • Brush with fame
  • When animals go bad
  • Celebrity Snubs


  • Copy of Nick Carters new solo single Help Me
  • Copy of Now or Never


  • A trip for you and a friend to Tokyo with Kyle to see Nick Carter Perform Live
  • and meet him on his private jet as you fly above Toyko.

Here's a direct link to the contest form.

Nick Carter Lands TV Role

Submitted by Emily, Source:

First, he decided to try a solo career on the side. Now, Backstreet Boy Nick Carter is singing with a new band... well, sort of.

The singer will play the frontman of '60s band Jay and the Americans on the new blast-from-the-past NBC series "American Dreams."

The episode, which will have Nick singing the classic tunes "Come a Little Bit Closer" and "She Cried," will air on Nov. 3.

Nick has been a busy boy lately. He is promoting his first solo album, "Now or Never," which will hit stores on Oct. 29. The video for his first single "Help Me" debuts on MTV this week.

-- Latoya Hunter

Nick Gets A "Dreamy" Role On Television

Submitted by: bsbfan916 Source: MTV

Nick Carter is making his acting debut this week in a role as equally "dreamy" as his status in the Backstreet Boys.

The singer will play the frontman of Jay & the Americans on NBC's new "American Dreams," a drama centering on the legendary music show "American Bandstand" in the late 1960s.

Carter will sing Jay & the Americans' two biggest hits, "Come a Little Bit Closer" and "She Cried," according to an NBC spokesperson. He's filming the episode, which will air November 3, in Los Angeles this week.

The October 6 show will feature Michelle Branch as Lesley Gore, singing her hit "You Don't Own Me". Producers are still filling other musician roles, according to the spokesperson.

"American Dreams," which is executive produced by "American Bandstand" host Dick Clark, premieres September 29.

Carter's debut solo album, Now or Never, is due October 29. Carter co-wrote some of the material along with Backstreet Boys collaborators Max Martin and Rami, among others (see "Nick Carter Has Plenty Of Songs, Few Guests For Solo Album").

The singer is presenting at the Latin Grammy Awards in Los Angeles on Wednesday. The video for "Help Me," Carter's first single, debuts Tuesday on "TRL."

Corey Moss

Nick To Guest DJ On Hot 99.5 in Washington, DC

Submitted by: Amy aka Smiley

I just wanted to let everyone know about the status of Nick's song "Help Me" on my radio station Hot 99.5 ( here in Washington, DC. It was #2 last night on the Hot 5 @ 9 and after they played his song the night DJ Mark Anthony announced that Tuesday night (September 24) Nick will call into the Hot 5 @ 9 and be the Guest DJ. So if you all would like to listen when Nick calls in just go to Hot 99.5's site and click on Listen Now to listen online. The Hot 5 @ 9 begins at 9pm Eastern Time.

Carter Thankful For His Arrest

Submitted by: Gina, Source:

Nick Carter is thanking police for arresting him outside a Tampa, Florida, club in January 2002 - because the incident helped him to sort his life out.

The singer still insists he did nothing to justify his arrest, but he's glad he was booked for resisting a police officer because the shock to the system made him realise it was time to stop partying and start getting serious with his life.

Carter says, "There was a fight going on outside and the cops were trying to clear the area, and this guy came up to me - he wasn't even in uniform - and he said, 'Get in the car.' To this day, I swear on my soul, I didn't do anything wrong. I'm no Tommy Lee."

"I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and it turned out bad but I believe things happen for a reason. I used to believe I had different personalities - a really serious one and one that's really crazy. I was starting to be some guy that I didn't like."

Carter was reprimanded for resisting a police officer and sentenced to visiting sick children as part of his community service.

He adds, "I got to visit some sick kids and it was awesome. These kids were so happy. Seriously, I want to thank the Tampa Police Department for arresting me."

Help Me Doing Well On US Radio reports that "Help Me", Nick's new single is the most added song of the week. This means that more radio stations "added" Nick's song to their playlist than any other newly released single.

Aaron Carter Speaks Out

Here's an excerpt from this article. The full article is here.

As most of you know, the Carter family has several members involved in the entertainment industry. With mother, Jane, being Aaron's manager, sister, Leslie, as an upcoming singer, and oldest brother, Nick, as group member of the successful music group, Backstreet Boys, and now also a solo artist with his album called "Now or Never" hitting stores on October 29th. Just recently Nick released his first single, "Help Me" to radio and it has been a huge hit. "I am happy for him. I hope he does amazingly well," Aaron exclaims. So, has Aaron given his big bro some pointers on the solo world? "I've told him a couple of things. He knows what to do. I think he is a little nervous though about singing by himself. He has been with the Backstreet Boys his entire life. So the best I can do is support him and make him feel as comfortable as possible." So, is Aaron a fan of Nick's first single? "Yeah definitely. I love all the songs. Nick is an amazing singer. I look upto him. He is great! He isn't going to be a flop. And I'm 99.9% sure that he will kick Justin Timberlake's butt." So, is Nick feeling some pressure to win the stand-off with the *NSYNCer, Justin Timberlake? "Well he really isn't even considered competition. Nick is a much more talented performer. *NSYNC wanted to be like Backstreet Boys. Now everytime my brother (Nick) does something Justin Timberlake is always following him. Basically Justin is just following in his footsteps. Nick has wanted to be solo for four or five years now and then Justin heard about it and figured he had to try it too." Sounds like there will be some competition on the charts when Nick releases his album on October 29th and Justin follows closely in his shadow on November 12th.


Thursday, September 19, 2002:
Listen to clips of Now or Never:
 You can now preview clips from Nick's upcoming solo record, Now or Never. Check it out! It's going to be an awesome cd.
Monday, September 16, 2002:
NICK on NBC's American Dreams:
Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys is taping his acting debut today and Tuesday for NBC's new American Dreams, a retro drama built around the legendary dance/music show American Bandstand. Carter just completed recording Come a Little Bit Closer and She Cried for his role on the Nov. 3 episode as Jay of Jay & The Americans. The show, which premieres at 8 p.m. ET/PT Sept. 29, showcases Michelle Branch as Lesley Gore (singing You Don't Own Me) in its Oct. 6 episode.
Sunday, September 15, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing In NYC:
NCR pulled through with a second place finish on the Hudson River.  The waters were tricky and the visibility low, but Lee and Steve were able to stay in the front of the pack.  Although there were a couple of mishaps, fuel switch being knocked off and with a hook at one of the turns, they finished a mere 30 seconds behind the leader, gaining speed in the last few laps. 
Bay Area Musicians To Join Carter on the Road:
Nick Carter, who has been building a career away from the Backstreet Boys, has formed a touring band of Tampa Bay area musicians for his new Jive Records project, NOW or NEVER.

Carter, a Tampa area native himself, started off in July by hiring local bassist Alicia Crawford, daughter of WRBQ-104.7 FM radio deejay Mason Dixon. Crawford, a member of the Christian rock Daniel B. Marshall Band, paved the way for bandmates Daniel Marshall (guitar/vocal), Andy Pardue (guitar) and Jason Leiter (drums).

Carter and Co. will appear in the debut video at 5:30 p.m. Monday on MTV. They leave this week for a tour of Europe, South Korea and Japan, in advance of the album's release on Oct. 29.

Source: St. Petersburg Times 

Nick is going to be a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards on Wednesday, September 18th. The awards will be held in LA and broadcast on CBS live at 9:00PM ET/PT.
Source: CBS
It looks like Nick and his management have acquired the domain name It's currently pointing to, his record label web mini-site. We'll have to wait and see if the new domain will be used to host an all new official artist site.
Nick's Artist Site on MTV.COM: 
Did you know that Nick has an artist site at Check it out here.
This information about a possible track listing for Nick's new album came from a Japanese fan club and was posted at MFC last week.
  • "Help Me" (Matthew Bernard, Michelle Vice)
  • "My Confession" (Nick Carter, Gary Clark, Martin Brammer)
  • "I Stand For You" (Nick Carter, Josh Schwartz, Brian Keiroff)
  • "Do I Have To Cry For You" (Nick Carter, Josh Schwartz, Brian Keiroff)
  • "Girls In The USA"
  • "I Got You"
  • "Is It Saturday Yet?"
  • "Blow Your Mind"
  • "Miss America"
  • "I Just Wanna Take You Home" (Max Martin, Rami, Par Aldehein)
  • "Heart Without A Home "(Steve Marc, Wayne Hecton)
  • "Who Needs The World" (The Matrix)
  • "Wanna Shout"

Justin on competing with Backstreet Boy Nick Carter:

"I haven't heard anything from his [upcoming solo] record, but he's kind of doing a rock record from what I understand. In no shape or form do I think we should compete, or will compete. I do what I do so that I don't have to have a real job."

Nick The Author??

Expect a book penned by Nick Carter to be published sometime in September. The book is titled "Brotherhood". No release date has been set yet. You can pre-order the book from here.

Paperback, Publisher: MTV Books; ISBN: 0743453905; (September 2002) 


The video for "Help Me" will debut on MTVs Making of The Video on September 16th at 5:30PM ET. It's directed by Chris Applebaum and early word is that it is an awesome video. Don't miss the premiere! If you do you can see the repeat on 9/17 3:00PM, 9/18 12:30PM, 9/21 10:30AM or 9/22 10:00AM. The video will debut on MTV's TRL on 9/17 as well!

For more on Nick and the upcoming album stay tuned to!

Tuesday, September 10, 2002:
Nick Carter's debut solo album, Now or Never will be released worldwide on October 29, 2002! Help Me the first single is on the radio now. Help Me was written by Matthew Gerrard and Michele Vice-Maslin and produced by Matthew Gerrard. Now or Never has tracks written by Nick Carter, The Matrix, Mark Taylor, Steve Mac, Max Martin and Rami. The album is amazing!
Nick is going to appear on the JoJo Radio Show, KIIS 102.7, on September 17, 2002
Did you know that Nick Carter is on the cover of the October issue of CosmoGIRL!? (It's the Sexiest Guys in the World Issue! Nick won the Survival of the Sexiest Contest!) Get your copy on newsstands now!

The interview is really deep and the photos are HOT! Plus when you visit after September 9, you can download his greeting for your answering machine.
Nick is apparently going to be doing some promotion in the U.K. at the end of September. Here's the schedule I have, though I can't guarantee all the dates are definitely confirmed:

The Saturday Show-14/9,21/9,28/9,5/10,12/10
Liquid News-16/9
Johnny Vaughan Show-25/9
LK Today 25/9
Richard & Judy 27/9
Entertainment Today-11/10
Never Mind The Buzzcocks-4/11

An MTV News Article on Nick Carter;
We first met Nick Carter, the sweet, blonde, blue-eyed member of the Backstreet Boys, about seven years ago. He knocked the socks off of girls and boys alike worldwide while receiving innumerable praise and awards from the music industry. Now that he is a bit older, we find him digging a little deeper to show us a side weve never seen before. Nick Carter is getting up to his own things these days. Its his chance to break out and share a more personal side of himself while still doing the thing he loves - music. Making music that comes from his heart is something this 22 year-old has been yearning to do for quite a while. On his debut album, Now or Never, Nick brings a cathartic pen to paper to release what he says hes been holding inside for a long time. We begin to watch the layers unfurl on each track as we hear a young mans tales of life and love and growing up. His deepest thoughts and confusions, as well as his passions come across in the albums songs. Its a release of energy all sorts of energy that Ive held inside for God knows how long; Nick says, now I get the freedom to do everything that I, myself want to do. After fifteen years of performing, it is certainly his time to shine, but Nick is very modest about his success. Its not about shining, he says, its more so something that is helping me out as a person, and its kind of like therapy to me. Im able to free myself and express myself. He describes this move to do his own thing as a kid going off to college. He is breaking away from the family within the Backstreet Boys to spread his wings. This endeavor did not begin with a plan to make a solo record. It just so happens that Nick was messing around in the studio with the production team, KNS (Josh Schwartz and Brian Keirulf) and they came up with the song Do I Have To Cry For You. When the folks at Jive took a listen they were blown away, and so began the idea to make Now or Never. His work (and play) with KNS allowed him to experiment with writing for the first time. He co-wrote Do I Have To Cry For You as well as Girls In The USA and I Stand For You with them, and My Confession and Is It Saturday Yet with producers Gary Clark and Martin Brammer. Although he admits that he hasnt reached his potential as a writer, he is very excited about the prospect of exploring his artistic side During the making of this record, Nick took to Sweden to work with good friend and songwriter extraordinaire, Max Martin (best known for his work with Britney Spears, The Backstreet Boys and Celine Dion). Before the recording process began, the two got into deep discussions about life and what Nick was going through at the time. The songs Max came up with and produced with partner, Rami, were closely related to Nicks emotions so they were a perfect fit for the record. Now or Never has also been graced by the production skills of The Matrix, Steve Mac, Matthew Gerrard and Teddy Riley. Its a very personal album, Nick says of the songs chosen for it, every one has a connection of some sort. While Now or Never delves into some deep topics, it doesnt take itself way too seriously. It has the ability to transport you to the open road for a long drive while you sing every song at the top of your lungs. It reflects the freedom and passion that it is meant to reveal. Help Me, the first single from the album, was written by Matthew Gerrard and Michele Vice-Maslin and produced by Matthew Gerrard. Its a fun ditty that we can all relate to. In it Nick sings about his confusion and appreciation of life and relationships while he begs the questions we all ask ourselves everyday. The tender ballad Do I Have To Cry For You works its way into a passionate and raw plea for some middle ground in a less than normal relationship. Confession is a very sweet and pleasant sonic journey that expresses honest affection towards a new love. Its bouncy guitars and textured beats are candy to the ears. Nick truly loves American Rock, and its influence shows up on the guitar-driven anthem I Stand For You. You can tell he was reared on a healthy serving of Bruce Springsteen, Journey and Bon Jovi. His rebellious lyrics like, Im gonna have an attitude, are spoken with that sense of youthful invincibility and fervor. We see his compassionate side on the ballad Heart Without a Home (Ill Be There) while the song I Got You calls out the words they cant touch menow that Ive got you over a lush landscape of chimes, beats and subtle guitar wisps. Its not all work for Nick Carter though. When he is not recording or touring he likes to rest a lot. The ocean is another obsession of his. He enjoys taking his boat out and swimming or scuba diving as often as possible. He also makes it his priority to do his part to preserve the ocean, so much so that he began Nick Carters Ocean Campaign. He feels very strongly about the environment and intends to get more involved to protect it. As a result of his upbringing, he learned and experienced a lot more than the typical American teenager. This, he says, has made him much more caring when it comes to the world and the place we live in. He is more open now and would like to learn and share his experiences with as many people as possible
Billboard's Review of "Help Me":
"It's hard to ignore the timing of Backstreet Boy Carter's solo debut in relation to labelmate (and boy-band foe) Justin Timberlake's. Unlike Timberlake, Carter sticks to fairly familar ground on the first offering from his imminent Now or Never collection. The track, which builds from a chunky, electro-funk intro into an infectious guitar-laced pop/rock groove, plays to the singer's vocal strengths. Carter is at his best when he's swaggering like the heartthrob he's grown up to become, and he maximizes that demeanor here. There are moments where he hints at a gruff maturity that he's clearly not ready to cut loose just yet. Though undeniably charming and fun, "Help me" won't make anyone forget his history, nor will it guarantee his future as a solo star. But it will easily keep his fans smiling, while leaving the rest of the pop world happily intrigued about what he's got up his sleeve for the future." -Larry Flick
Source: Billboard

Bradenton drummer joins Nick Carter's Band
He likes it that way

Twice a day every Sunday, Jason Leiter mans the drum kit at First Church of God in Bradenton and provides the beat for the congregation's worship services.

This fall, he'll make a giant leap from the sanctuary stage to 20,000-seat arenas. Leiter, 22, has been picked by Backstreet Boy Nick Carter to drum for him on an upcoming solo tour. Carter's management confirmed the decision this week.

"It's a really cool opportunity," Leiter said. "We'll be performing brand-new stuff. It's more rock than the Backstreet Boys, with a pop influence."

Leiter has been playing drums for about 10 years, picking up the sticks for the first time in fifth grade. (He originally tried the saxophone, but found the drums more fun.) Like most musicians, the bulk of his education came from playing along to CDs and copying the style of Carter Beauford of the Dave Matthews Band and Chad Gracey of Live.

The Carter gig has taught him an early lesson: Networking can be just as important as talent. Leiter was in a Christian rock group called the Daniel B. Marshall Band, whose bass player, Alicia Crawford, was an old friend of Carter's. When Carter decided to embark on his first solo endeavor from the Backstreet Boys, he called Crawford, who in turn got Leiter involved. After auditions in Tampa and Los Angeles, Leiter got the job.

Ironically, he's never really been a fan of the Backstreet Boys.

"I never really got into them because I'm more into rock," he said. "I don't not like them, I just never listened to them other than what I heard on the radio."

According to Pollstar, Carter will play Rosemont, Ill., tonight, but no other dates have been announced. In the meantime, Leiter is backing the Backstreet Boy on a promotional junket for radio, television and other media outlets. He doesn't play on Carter's new CD, which is due for release in late October.

Although he's excited to get the chance to pursue his dream, Leiter admits it will be hard leaving his wife, Shelly, and 4-month-old son, Carter Ethan. (Just for the record, the baby was not named after Leiter's new boss.)

"It's gonna be tough. I'm going to miss them a whole bunch," Leiter said. "But my wife is very supportive of me, and that makes it easier. We'll call each other as much as we can to make it as easy as we can."

Eventually, Leiter would like to drum full-time in his own rock band. The Carter tour will reunite him with guitarist Andy Pardue, a childhood chum who was in a Christian band with Leiter called Broken Veil. Leiterhopes they can work on something together when the tour is over.

"We would like to do something on our own, because we've written so much music together," he said. "But right now, we're focusing our energies on this tour."


Thursday, September 5, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing Heading to NYC:
 The NCR team will be heading to the SBI National Championship Race in New York City, September 6-8th.  Although they will not be eligible for the National Championship, they will be racing for bragging rights.  So look for Nick's 40 foot Fountain racing through the Hudson River.
It may be awhile before Backstreet's Back.
But breakaway Backstreet Boy Nick Carter says his departure from the group isn't permanent.  Probably.  "I see myself going back."  Carter said in an interview at MuchMusic yesterday while he was in town to promote his upcoming solo venture Now or Never, due Oct. 29.
"I really enjoyed what we do as a group. The one thing (Backstreet Boys) have is being able to sing together and create a magic with five voices.  I want to go back and do that.  But right now I want to do what I want to do."
And what that is, he said, is to release and tour his rock-tinged new album.  Now or Never was recorded in various studios with a long list of producers that includes Backstreet Boys mover Max Martin, The Matrix, and Teddy Riley.
Carter, now 22, said he was a "rocker in the closet" throughout his 10 years as the BSB's youngest song 'n' dance man.  He cited Bruce Springsteen, Tom Petty, Bryan Adams, and Bon Jovi as influences.
:I'm excited, "  Carter said.  "The easy route for to go would be to do another pop song and dance up on stage.  Man, the hell with that.  I want to do it the hard way."
Carter's groupmates in the Backstreet Boys have appeared less comfortable with their youngest compadre's solo venture  They were reportedly riled by Carter's decision to stay with the major US management company, The Firm, after the group itself was released from its contract.
"Managers are managers,"  Carter said.  "It doesn't interfere with your relationship as a group.  Solo wise, I had reasons I stayed with The Firm, and it had nothing to do with their reasons for leaving.  They respected that."
That leaves things up in the air for now.
Is Carter under pressure to rejoin the Boys soon?
"Not really,"  he said.  "In the beginning it was a little bit difficult and odd for them.  Now they'r realizing it's something I have to do.  It's kind of like if one of the guys wanted to get married or have a baby, anything personal, I'd have to respect that.  This is so personal to me.  This is my dream."
As for his nightmares, one thing you won't see Carter attempting is a ride into space like his NSync counterpart Lance Bass, who was just ejected by the Russian space agency after missing the deadline for the $20 million US fee.  "All I've got to say for him is 'don't count your chickens before they hatch, buddy.'"  Carter said, laughing.  "I think what happened was that he really thought somebody was going to bail him out with all the press around it.  I'll get ridiculed crazy for saying it, but sometimes you do weird stuff for certain reasons.  You try to separate yourself from your image.  Personally, I'm happy with my feet on the ground.  When I heard about that whole thing with Lance, I had a nightmare that I went to space and I was floating in a capsule by myself.  I didn't know nothin' about the controls, and I had to land the thing.  I couldn't do it."
by Kieran Grant, Toronto Sun, September 5, 2002
Nick on Chum (a Canada Radio Station):
 Nick appeared on Chum this morning, 9/5. I have audio of this interview. E-mail me if you would like it.

Sunday, September 1, 2002:
Nick Carter: Sexiest Guy in the World
 With nearly 10 million votes, Nick beat out Ben Affleck, Freedie Prinze Jr., and Shane West in our most heated poll ever.
By Carissa Rosenberg

When we met Nick Carter, he looked like he'd just rolled out of bed.
His hair was messy and sticking up in all directions. His shirt was
untucked. His jeans were rumpled, fresh-from-the-floor-ish. You might think this angel of the Backstreet Boys would be surrounded by bodyguards, slick with hair goo, and armed with an everringing cell phone. (really, the guy is a zillionaire!). But actually, Nick is a very tall, very broad, very cute boy next door. "I'm Nick," he said,
introducing himself to everyone from the photographer to the caterer. Yeah...we know.
 It was fun breaking the news to him that CosmoGIRL!s voted him the Sexiest Guy in the World. "Really"? he asked, smiling and even blushing a little. He seemed genuinely surprised. "Is this recent?" he wanted to know (yes!). "Wow." Nick, who joined the group when he was just 12, is at 22 getting his own groove. With his new album Now or Never, due out this fall, Nick is happy-and single! WE caught up with him in a Los Angeles photo studio to talk about true love,getting into trouble, and going solo.

Heartbreak City
"If you find somebody, and they bring you down, you're going flat on your face." Nick says. "There are a couple of times that I've really let myself get hurt." Before the Backstreet Boys' Black & Blue tour, Nick fell for an up-and coming-singer. "I was like, this girl's really cool," Nick says. Then he starts talking more intensely. "I
even flew her out to hang out with me before the tour started."
 Nick pauses for a second. "But I found out the only reason she was with me was, she wanted to come on tour with us-with her group as the opening act!" And the worst part of all was how Nick found this out: The girl's boyfriend called. That's right. She was using Nick andcheating on him. "I don't know what I was thinking," he adds. "It was messed up. I cared about her a lot.I hope she reads this someday-she knows who she is!" Nick wouldn't reveal the girl's identity (we tried!):"Her name starts with a D-that's all I'll say." But we could tell Nick's still a little hurt by what this girl did to him, so we let him rant for a bit beofre changing the subject. "If you want to be with a person," Nick says, "You should like the way they are, not just who they are." He sighs:'That's such a waste of time!"
 It wasn't the first time Nick fell hard and got hurt, of course.
You've probably heard about his very-public break-up with long-time girlfriend Willa Ford in October 2000. They were living together; they even had dogs together. During that time, she was trying to get her own recording career off the ground, while he was tring to get their relationship under wraps. "I'm pretty private," Nick says. "I don't like to expose too much about what's going on in my life when it comes to relationships because people start asking questions, and then everything about your life becomes open. But she always wanted me to tell everybody about us." When Willa got her own record deal, their relationship eventually fell apart. Nick's fans, thinking Willa was just using him, were outraged. They put up dozens of "I hate Willa Ford" Web sites with names like .But Nick never talked meanly about his ex. "When you talk about your relationship in the media, that's the reason a lot of bad stuff happens.," he says. "I just don't talk about that stuff very much. People start to make assumptions. It's bad." Okay, Nick. We can take a hint. Moving right along...

Under Arrest
Back in January of this year, hust after the Black & Blue tour ended, and the Backstreet Boys were on hiatus, Nick was feeling restless, deciding what to do next in his life. "I was out having fun at a club [in Tampa], and there was a fight going on outside," he says. "The cops were trying to clear the area, and this guy came up to me-he wasn't even in uniform-and said, 'Get into the car.' And I asked 'Why?' To this day, I swear on my soul, I didn't do anything wrong." Really? "I didn't do anything," Nick insists. "I was just in the wrong place at the wrong time, and basically, it turned out bad." Very bad. When police handcuffed  Nick and put him in the back of their patrol car, he started crying. "It's okay to cry", he says. "I'm no Tommy Lee, you know." Nick was charged with resisting a law officer, and as part of his punishment, he had to do community service in a local hospital. Looking back, Nick says he's actually glad it all happend. "I got to visit some sick kids and it was awesome; I mean, these kids were so happy," he says. "Seriously, I want to thank the Tampa Police Department for arresting me." The arrest forced Nick to stop doing so much partying and start doing a lot of soul-searching. "I used to believe I had different personalitles-a really serious one and one that's really crazy," he says. "I got in this band and went through a stage where I wanted to party. There were points where I didn't care about myself. I was like, the hell with it, you know?" During that time, he says, "was starting to be some guy that I didn't like." But after the arrest, Nick cleaned up his act. "I believe things happen for a reason," he says.

Flying Solo
"In the Backstreet Boys, all the stuff we were writing was like 'I'll Never Break Your Heart.' But I wanted to write the opposite!" Nick smiles. " I wanted my songs to have that fun-type vibe." After 10 years of being the "little brother" in the multiplatinum band, Nick is finally ready to break out on his own. "When you're in a group of older guys, they want you to look and act a certain way," says Nick. "There were times when we'd be performing when they'd be like, 'Calm down Nick, you've got to be more mature.'" As a result,
sometimes Nick felt like he couldn't truly be himself. "It's hard when you're on this roller coaster, and you don't know what the hell is going on, and all you do know is what you're supposed to do," he says. But now, Nick's calling all the shots, and the freedom feels great. "I feel like I can say stuff that maybe I couldn't say before," he says. "When you're with a group, you tend to have to go with what everyone else is doing." Nick says the album allowed him to try something different. "I decided to go into the studio and start building something on my own to see if I even have it," he says. But he's anything but cocky about being a solo star."The reason I'm doing this is because it's been in my heart for so long to get out some emotions that I've held in as a little kid being in an adult world," he explains. "I've always been very passionate. Hey, I might not be the best singer or the best dancer, but I have a lot of heart."

Family Affairs
While working on the new album, Nick has been busy reconnecting with his family-and he's got a fresh new tattoo to prove it: two small black feet that look someone's standing on his chest." My dad has Blackfoot Indian in him, and my grandmother was half Blackfoot Indian too, so I have Blackfoot Indian in me," he says. And on him (he he). Nick also has a Native American-style tattoo of a chain around his right arm, and a shark and a musical note elsewhere on his body.(No, we didn't see all of these personally, but we know they exist!) Nick lives near his parents in Tampa and is close with his brother, Aaron, and his sister, Leslie. His first writing credits were actually on Aaron's debut CD, and he's been known to jump on the stage with his baby brother. He's also around to stare down Leslie's boyfriends. "Leslie is 16 and her boyfriend is 18, and I don't even like talking about it," says Nick. "I just want to protect her make sure everything is cool. And if anything happens, I'm going to bust his ass!"

Looking for Love
Nick tells us he's been single for a year and a half, which we find kind of shocking, considering that he's totally romantic. After all, this is a guy who (like Leo in Titanic) likes to draw his girlfriends. "The face is everything," Nick tells us. "You can see the soul of a person in her eyes. That's what attracts me most." We wanted to know what kind of girl Nick is looking for (just out of curiosity!). "I'm not picky," he says. "I've dated all different types of girls. As long as they have a good heart, and they're cool inside, that's all that really matters to me." You might think that Nick is super-confident around girls, given that we know millions who are waiting for him to ask them out, but actually, Nick's a little rejection-phobic. "I'm a shydude," he says. "I like it when someone comes up to me. It's hard for me to go up to a girl and start a conversation. I know I'll get tongue-tied and say the wrong things." Aww! Nick also let us know that he's in no rush to get back into a relationship right now. At this point in his life, he's finally happy to be on his own. "I'm doing stuff that I've been dying to do, and I'm loving it so much," he says. "And when it comes to women, if somebody comes along and understands what I'm doing and understands where I'm at, then that's cool. But I'm not out there looking like I used to be." He adds. "I used to think I needed to find somebody. You know, everybody's right when they say, 'When you're looking you don't find it.' So I'm just dating, and I'm so happy right now."
Source: Cosmogirl
***pictures from Cosmogirl can be located in the pics section of this site.***

Nick is going to be a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards on Wednesday, September 18th. The awards will be held in LA and broadcast on CBS live at 9:00PM ET/PT.
Source: CBS
The video for Help Me will debut on MTVs Making of The Video on September 16th. It's directed by Chris Applebaum and early word is that it is a very cool clip. Don't miss the premiere!
Source: MTV
Oak Brook, Ill., August 16, 2002 Ronald McDonald House Charities (RMHC) will host its annual Awards of Excellence gala at the Arie Crown Theater at McCormick Place in Chicago on Saturday, September 14th. The black-tie event will feature a silent auction, reception and performances by leading artists including international megastar Celine Dion, renowned Latin singing sensation Enrique Iglesias, Grammy-award winning composer, producer and musician David Foster, up-and-coming musical artist Josh Groban, R&B/gospel singer Nita Whitaker, and pop idol Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys. An original song written and composed by David Foster will debut in honor of McDonalds World Childrens Day, taking place November 20, 2002.
The KISS STAR PARTY is on September 6 @ Rosemont Theatre - featuring stars with this summer's biggest hits ... Avril Lavigne, Mario, Fat Joe, BB MAK and Naughty By Nature plus special guest host Backstreet Boy Nick Carter!
Z103 is bringing Nick Carter to Toronto and if you want a chance to meet him in the Z103 studios, make sure to listen all day starting Monday for a chance to win. When you hear his new song HELP ME, be the appropriate caller through on the Z-lines 416-798-1035 AND you and 5 friends could be sitting up close and personal with Nick on Thursday September 5th in the Z103 studio.
Nick appeared on KISS 1035 on Wednesday August 28,  2002. To read the transcript, go into the Interviews & Quotes section of the site.
Nick appeared as guest DJ on KIIS.FM on Tuesday August 27,  2002. To read the transcript, go to the Interview & Quotes section of this site.
Nick Carter Racing Wins Big:
NCR wins the Corpus Christi Powerboat Shoot-out and clinches the APBA 2002 National Championship in Super Vee. This is very impressive for a new team to come into offshore racing and clinch the APBA 2002 National Championship in Super Vee in their rookie year. Not many teams, in their rookie year, are capable of such greatness. They quickly shut up those who said that the Backstreet Boys star didn't
belong in the sport because he didn't know anything about owning or putting together a racing team. So congratulations to Nick and the whole gang at NCR
Sunday, August 25, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing: National Champions:
   Nick Carter Racing took their 5th checkered flag today, at the Corpus Christi Powerboat Shootout. Thus making them the APBA's 2002 National Champions in Super Vee. Way to go team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Saturday, August 24, 2002:

Nick Carter Now or Never Debut Solo Album in Stores 10/29/02

August 2002 (Newstream) - Jive recording artist Nick Carter will release his debut solo album, Now or Never worldwide on October 29, 2002. "Help Me" the first single will ship to radio on August 20. The video will debut on MTV's Making of The Video on September 16.

"Help Me" was written by Matthew Gerrard and Michele Vice-Maslin and produced by Matthew Gerrard.

Now or Never has tracks written by Nick Carter, The Matrix, Mark Taylor, Steve Mac, Max Martin and Rami.

For further information on Nick Carter call Sonia Muckle at 212.824.1370 or Jill Fritzo at 212.373.6120.


Produced for Jive Records

Sonia Muckle at 212.824.1370
or Jill Fritzo at 212.373.6120.

Nick Carter To Present At The Latin Grammy Awards

Look for Nick as a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards on Wednesday, September 18th. The awards will be held in LA and broadcast on CBS live at 9:00PM ET/PT. updated.

Nick's microsite has been updated. Check it out here:

Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Turns Up The Guitars For Solo Bow

Thu Aug 22,12:57 PM ET

(8/22/02, 1 p.m. ET) -- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's single "Help Me" hit the airwaves Tuesday (August 20) with his first solo album, Now Or Never, due in stores on October 29. Matthew Gerrard ( Mandy Moore) and Michele Vice-Maslin co-wrote "Help Me," and Gerrard produced it.

Carter, who at the age of 22 is the youngest member of the boy band, said he's showing his rock 'n' roll influences on the album, and that includes turning up the guitars. "Yeah, I wanted to put more guitars in it, definitely. A little harder, a little newer. Just different, just very different," he said. "I've been playing guitar lately and you know, I'm probably going to start playing when I perform onstage. And y'know, the drums I've been playing since I was, 12 years old."

Now Or Never features tracks written by Carter, the Matrix, Mark Taylor (Enrique Iglesias), Steve Mac (Westlife), Max Martin, and Rami.

-- Darryl Morden, Los Angeles -


Nick Carter- He's Back

Hes the 22 year old blonde babe from the Backstreet Boys, and Nick Carter is about to take a shot at a solo career. Dont worry though; hes not leaving the Backstreet Boys! He has made it very clear that his solo project is just something that hes wanted to do for a long time, and it wont affect the group in any way. Nick has been influenced by rock in many ways. He said that his album is going to have a rock vibe to it, but it will still have that pop flavor to it.

So what will Nick Carter sound like doing rock? It will be something different, and it will probably bring in a whole new fan base for Backstreet. With his album slated for a release in early October, the wait is on to hear what Nick has been working on.

Nick has also been working on the Backstreet Boys fourth American album recently. The still untitled album is set to be released before the end of 2002, and it will be followed by a tour of smaller venues in 2003. Speaking of touring, Nick Carter is thinking of possibly touring to promote his album, currently titled Now or Never, but noting in for sure yet. This summer, Nick has been touring with his brother Aaron, age 14, doing radio shows. Nick said that his on stage persona would be totally different as a solo artist, because there are certain limits to things that you can do as a Backstreet Boy. I can imagine that he would put on an amazing show!

When October rolls around, be sure to pick up Nick Carters Now or Never, and check out his new sound. This album isnt only for fans of pop, but its for fans of punk and rock as well. Give it a chance, and Im sure you wont regret it.

[From, ]

Nick @ Kiss Star Party in Chicago

Nick Carter will be the host of Chicago's 103.5 Kiss Star Party. The concert will be held at The Rosemont Theatre on September 6, 2002. Other stars include BBMak and Fat Joe, with more to be announced in the upcoming weeks.

[From KIIS FM, ]

Nick to perform at Ronald McDonald House Charities® Annual "Awards of Excellence"

International megastar Celine Dion will lead an all-star lineup for Ronald McDonald House Charities® Annual "Awards of Excellence" gala, on Saturday, September 14, at the Arie Crown Theater in Chicago. Other performers include Latin singing sensation Enrique Iglesias, producer/musician David Foster, pop idol Nick Carter of the Backstreet Boys, up-and-coming musician Josh Groban, and R&B/gospel singer Nita Whitaker.

Individual ticket prices for the gala concert start at $550, with net proceeds going directly to Ronald McDonald House Charities. For tickets or more information, call 630-623-7048 or log on to

ABC-TV will broadcast the Awards on Thursday November 14 at 8pm EST.

[From Ronald McDonald House Charities]

Nick to present at the Latin Grammys

Look for Nick as a presenter at the Latin Grammy Awards on Wednesday, September 18th. The awards will be held in LA and broadcast on CBS live at 9:00PM ET/PT.


Nick in Toronto, September 4

According to a DJ on Z103.5, Nick may be in Toronto on September 4th to do some promotional work for his new album.

[From Toronto's Z103.5, ]

Are You Ready to Grab-A-Bootie-&-Pinch Nick Carter-Style?

World of Promise is proud to present the infamous GRAB-A-BOOTIE-AND-PINCH shirt signed by the one and only NICK CARTER. This great collectible T-shirt was signed in person by Nick on August 13th, 2002 when he visited NYC to promote HELP ME, the first single off his debut album, NOW OR NEVER.

When told that the signed item would benefit charity, Nick said "COOL."

This one of a kind autographed collectible t-shirt is not available in stores.

But it is available on EBAY now! Click here to see the auction.

World of Promise is acting solely as seller of this item, with no financial gain. You can learn more about us at

All proceeds of this auction will benefit Nick Carter's Oceans Campaign. The NCOC staff is aware of this auction and our intentions.

StarShine's Man Of The Year - Aaron Carter:

By Sandy Lo Grasso

StarShine has featured some impressive men in the past year, but one stands out above the rest--and he's only fourteen! Aaron Carter made his first appearance in the magazine in March 2002 with an issue dedicated to his "Aaron's Winter Party" tour.

He continued stealing the spotlight in StarShine when he and his brother, Nick had their own page in the Zootopia issue. (June 2002) Not only was the Zootopia feature awarded "Issue of the Year", (not far behind was the "Aaron's Winter Party" issue) but Aaron himself grabbed most of the awards!

Aaron won "Best Website" for and "Favorite Male", which there really was no doubt he would not win. He also received the award for "Best Original Song" for the love ballad, "I'm All About You". Mr. Carter even takes home "Album of the Year" for his last album, Oh Aaron.

I think it's officially safe to say--Aaron Carter is StarShine's man of the year! With Aaron's new album, Another Earthquake and summer tour, it looks like he's a shoe-in as next year's honoree as well! Congratulations Aaron!


Sunday, August 14, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing wins Cleveland Offshore Super Vee Race:
Fond du Lac, WI -- Mercury Racing powered 'Nick Carter Racing' won the Super Vee contest at the 'Cleveland Offshore Grand Prix, August 11. Driver Bob Carter and throttleman Lee Murray averaged 92.66 mph to win the event. The race was round five of the 2002 APBA Offshore Pro Series presented by Mercury Racing. Lake Erie was unusually calm for the two-day event. 'Media Master,' a 37 Outerlimits hull piloted by Matt Beck with Greg Quirk on the throttles, averaged 88.31. mph to place second. Both Nick Carter Racing and Media Master are powered by twin Mercury Racing Super Vee race engines coupled to Mercury Racing Dry-Sump Six Drives/Lab FinishedTM propellers.
 Next up for NCR... Corpus Christi Powerboat Shootout, August 23-25.
Nick Carter "Now or Never' Debut Solo Album in Stores 10/29/02:
NEW YORK--(ENTERTAINMENT WIRE)--Aug. 16, 2002--Jive recording artist Nick Carter will release his debut solo album, Now or Never worldwide on October 29, 2002.

"Help Me" the first single will ship to radio on August 20. The video will debut on MTV's Making of The Video on September 16.

"Help Me" was written by Matthew Gerrard and Michele Vice-Maslin and produced by Matthew Gerrard.

Now or Never has tracks written by Nick Carter, The Matrix, Mark Taylor, Steve Mac, Max Martin and Rami.

You can also pre-order the new album, Now Or Never from by clicking here.

Source: jive records press release/yahoo

Nick Carter Has Plenty if Songs, Few Guests for Solo Album:

While Justin Timberlake's solo debut looks to be a star-studded affair, another singer stepping out from a celebrated pop group is taking the opposite approach.

Of the 37 tracks Nick Carter has recorded for his first album away from the Backstreet Boys, only one features guest vocals. And that track, with dancehall reggae artist Mr. Vegas, may not make the final cut.

"I don't think you need to [collaborate]," Carter explained at Sunday's Teen Choice Awards. "The Backstreet Boys didn't really ever do any collaborations on the albums. For me, personally, I would love to. But I think just for the first one it would be cool to just show who I am let everybody see what I'm about."

On Now or Never, due October 22, Carter will reveal rock influences that are not so obvious on his group's material.

"People are going to be shocked," he said. "That's what I want. That's the way I am. I'm unexpectable."

Carter has worked with several producers on the project, including Backstreet Boys and 'NSYNC associate Max Martin and several up-and-comers.

"It's cool to spread it open a bit and go underground," Carter said. "That's where you find some really cool producers and writers."

Carter is currently narrowing down the final track list for the album and assembling a band that he'll likely take on the road.

"It's hard when you sit back and listen to your music in your car and you just want people to hear it so bad," Carter said. "It's gonna get there. I'm so excited."

Timberlake's album, which will likely include collaborations with P. Diddy, the Neptunes and others, does not have a release date.

Source: MTV

Backstreet's Nick Carter Ready to go Solo:

When's the right time to go solo? Judging by the title of Nick Carter's debut solo LP, there's no time like the present.

The youngest Backstreet Boy's Now or Never is slated for an October 22 release date, according to a Jive Records spokesperson. Carter is putting the finishing touches on the album while trying to determine the crucial first single and accompanying video.

Two tracks that are expected to make Now or Never's final track list are "My Confession" and "Help Me." "Help Me," which finds Carter in a defining life moment as he repeatedly sings, "Help me figure out the future," is also under consideration to be the first single. (What do you think of Nick's solo venture? Take the poll.)

"Help Me," like the rest of the tracks recorded for the album, trades in the epic production of Backstreet Boys songs such as "The Call" and "Larger Than Life" for a more rock-oriented, singer/songwriter feel. Guitars, drums, bass and not much else provide most of the instrumentation, and Carter's vocals are brought front and center.

Carter plans to support Now or Never on tour, and he's in the process of assembling a band for the outing.

The rest of the Backstreet Boys haven't been watching idly throughout Carter's sonic soul searching. The group is in the pre-production stage for their new album, the follow-up to 2000's Black & Blue, which is expected to drop early next year. An official release date hasn't been set.

Source: MTV

"NOW" Time for Nick Carter:

BSB preparing first solo effort for October release Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will release his debut solo set, Now or Never, on Jive Records October 22nd. The album will be the first full-scale solo breakout from any member of the two major boy bands -- the BSBs and 'N Sync -- but it likely will be followed closely by a set from 'N Sync's Justin Timberlake, who has been recording with the Neptunes, Alicia Keys and Timbaland.

Carter -- who with the rest of his bandmates is preparing to record a follow-up to the 2000 set Black and Blue -- will tour behind his solo release, though no dates have been confirmed.

Source: Rolling Stone

Big Freakin' Deal : Nick Carter to Guest Host:

Nick Carter will be at Big Freakin' Deal at the Seattle Seahwaks Stadium on August 19th. Tickets are on sale and cost between $10 and $150. He will be a guest host with Jackie, Bender and others. Scheduled to perform at the show are Shaggy, P.Diddy & the Bad Boy Family, Avril Lavigne, Michelle Branch, O-Town and Mario.


Aaron Carter Ready to Rumble with "Another Earthquake":

Most families spend the end of summer gearing up for school. The Carters are spending it preparing for the pop charts.

Seven weeks before Nick Carter's debut solo album is due, his younger brother Aaron will shake up the teen scene with Another Earthquake.

Due September 3, Aaron's fourth full-length will feature a collaboration with the Baha Men on "Summertime," the album's first single. Carter and the Baha Men shot a video for the song in the Bahamas last weekend, according to the singer's Jive Records spokesperson.

Another Earthquake also features production work from Rick Rock (Will Smith), Alex G ('NSYNC) and Shep & Kenny (Mandy Moore).

Nick Carter, who appeared on Aaron's last album, has been too busy with his own Now or Never (due October 22) to contribute this time around.

Aaron will promote Another Earthquake on the Rock, Rap and Retro Tour, which kicks off August 6 near Nashville. Up-and-coming pop artists Jump 5, No Secrets and Triple Image are opening on the trek.

Another Earthquake track list, according to Jive:

  • "Another Earthquake"
  • "To All the Girls"
  • "Summertime" featuring Baha Men
  • "My First Ride"
  • "Do You Remember"
  • "2 Good 2 B True"
  • "When It Comes to You"
  • "America A O"
  • "Without You (There'd Be No Me)"
  • "Keep Believing"

Rock, Rap and Retro Tour dates, according to Jive:

  • 8/6 - Antioch, TN @ AmSouth Amphitheatre
  • 8/7 - Columbus, OH @ Polaris Amphitheater
  • 8/9 - Fairlea, WV @ West Virginia St. Fair
  • 8/10 - Kings Mills, OH @ Paramount King's Island
  • 8/11 - Sedalia, MO @ Missouri State Fair
  • 8/15 - Green Bay, WI @ Brown County Vet. Memorial Arena
  • 8/16 - Indianapolis, IN @ Indiana State Fair
  • 8/17 - Springfield, IL @ Illinois State Fair
  • 8/21 - Scranton, PA @ Montage Mountain Amphitheater
  • 8/22 - Camden, NJ @ Tweeter Center at the Waterfront
  • 8/23 - Doswell, VA @ Kings Dominion
  • 8/24 - Virginia Beach, VA @ Verizon Wireless Virginia Bch. Amp.
  • 8/25 - Charlotte, NC @ Paramount's Carowinds
  • 8/29 - Raleigh, NC @ Alltel Pavilion @ Walnut Creek
  • 8/30 - Greenville, SC @ Bi Lo Center
  • 8/31 - Pelham, AL @ Oak Mountain Amphitheater
  • 9/1 - Valdosta, GA @ Wild Adventures Theme Park
  • 9/5 - Cleveland, OH @ Tower City Amphitheatre
  • 9/6 - Sterling Heights, MI @ Freedom Hill Park Amphitheatre
  • 9/7 - Allegan, MI @ Allegan County Fair
  • 9/9 - London, ON @ Western Fair
  • 9/10 - York, PA @ York Fairgrounds
  • 9/12 - Holmdel, NJ @ P.N.C. Bank Arts Center
  • 9/13 - Wantagh, NY @ Tommy Hilfiger at Jones Beach Theater
  • 9/14 - Columbia, MD @ Merriweather Post
  • 9/15 - San Juan, PR @ Roberto Clemente Stad.
  • 9/18 - Manchester, NH @ TBA
  • 9/19 - Portland, ME @ Cumberland Civic Center
  • 9/20 - Wallingford, CT @ Oakdale Theatre
  • 9/21 - Boston, MA @ FleetBoston Pavilion

Source: mtv

Sunday, July 28, 2002:
APBA Racing to be fetured in VH1 Backstreet Boys Special
Millions of fans around the world will tell you that Backstreet Boy Nick Carter wears many hats. He will show off his coolest cap, "APBA Offshore powerboat owner" on the upcoming television show "Total Access". The VH1 Nick Carter special will air on the misic television station on August 5, 9:00 p.m. EST. Get an insider view of Carter's boat "Nick Carter Racing" in action. See the sport's most famous team take on the 2002 season with great success. So far, "Nick Carter Racing", owned by Carter, leads the Super Vee Pro Series Points race for the APBA Offshore National Championship title.
The next challenge Carter's team will face will take place August 9-11 off the crystal shores of Cleveland, OH. APBA Offshore is putting the final touches on what promises to be a fantastic event. The port of Cleveland will again be the base for the racing actin, with the senic Cleveland skyline as the backdrop for the event.
Race footage for the VH1 television special was provided by APBA Offshore television productions. You can view all of APBA Offshore Races on Speedchannel. For scheduled broadcast times, or more information on the Cleveland Offshore Grand Prix, presented by South East Harley Davidson and Inflatable Images, visit Nick's new Jive web site:
Nick Carter: Now or Never

Yeah, that's right, the rumors are true. Nick Carter's debut album "Now or Never" will be released on October 22nd! Head over to for the latest on Nick's awesome debut!

This is just a side project that Nick wanted to do in between BSB records. As a matter of fact, Backstreet Boys are in the studio right now recording tracks for their next album. We hear that they are doing some amazing stuff. A new BSB album is on the way soon so stay tuned right here for more info!

Nick Carter Readies Solo Debut Set:
While speculation has overshadowed the release of Nick Carters solo album. Jive Records is ready to release the album officially. Now or Never, will be released on October 8, 2002.

The first single "Help Me," impacts radio on August 19th. While the single doesnt begin hitting radio outlets til later in the month. Jive has set up a promotional plan in order to build the already strong momentum. AOL will premiere its first listen series on July 24th. The promotion will last for three days. This follows the successful run AOL has had in the past with such artist as Beyonce' Knowles and Britney Spears.

According to Jive the video will ship out to major outlets MTV, and VH1 the week of August 12, 2002. The artist plans to tour in August as well but no dates have been scheduled. In the meantime, Nick will continue on his radio tour along with younger brother Aaron throughout the summer months.

Nick Carter: After harmonizing his way to millions of dollars and mega fame, the youngest Backstreet Boy wants to be a rock star.

Source: Seventeen Magazine 

By Dina Singing

First came the rumors: The Backstreet Boys are breaking up. Then came the denials: The Fab Five parade through TRL insisting there is no--- repeat---, no----end in sight for the original Orlando-born boy band. Now, after nearly two years, two marriages and A.J.'s stint in rehab (which only further fueled gossip about a split), the Backstreet Boys have finally started working on their fourth album. Then we heard that resident hunk Nick Carter is working on solo material. So what's up?

"This is my chance to try everything that's been stored in my mind musical since I was 12 years old", says Nick, who's making beats behind a high-tech soundboard at his Los Angeles studio. "It's my release." He's wearing silver rimmed glasses that give him an I'm-not- just-another-dumb-heartthrob-look. "The best part about doing this is that there are no boundaries. There are certain things we can't do on a Backstreet record, like rocking out on a song," he says, strumming the guitar he keeps in the studio. Yep, you heard right...Nick is ready to rock. "I know everyone will say, 'Oh, he's trying to do rock.' But that's what I grew up listening to. I've been influenced by groups like Stone Temple Pilots and classic stuff like Creedence Clearwater Revival."

The 22-year-old tells us he's experimenting with a harder, more guitar-based sound. He hopes to show some of his drum and guitar skills--he's been playing both for a while now--on the album. He's also considering teaming up with an established female rocker. "I'd like to do a duet with a girl, someone like Michelle Branch, Shakira, or Alanis Morissette," says Nick, adding that he hasn't made any decisions yet. But after hearing him sing over a fast-paced but still pretty poppy track, we're not quite convinced that he's abandoning his roots altogether. After all, he is working a bit with producer Max Martin, the Swedish mastermind behind several Backsreet Boys, 'Nsync and Britney songs. But several days later, we're told that Nick decided not to include--or even finish recording---that cut that we heard him work on. Guess Nick thought that it was too pop- influenced as well.

Flying solo is also giving Nick the chance to get personal. Though he's contributed to several Backstreet tunes through out the years ("True" and "Take The Pain Away", to name a couple), he's written more than half the songs on this album. So what topics can we expect to hear him sing about? Love---or more specifically, lack of it. "I've been a heartbroken kid for a while," Nick explains. "I haven't had a girlfriend in a long time. The record has to do with wanting love. But I also sing about being 22 and a little bit crazy."

Ummm, crazy? We hadn't pegged the cute singer as a psycho, but Nick promises that he's about to bust out his wildside---especially if he decided to embark on a solo tour (a choice he'll make after the as- yet-untitled album is finished). "I haven't had the chance to lose my mind on stage," he says. "I've been a little restrained. Kevin and the guys want to be more respected. They're always aware and cautious and don't want to be looked at in a certain way. Me, I don't care. You can look at me any way you want."

After hearing that, we're beginning to worry there's more truth to those breakup rumors than we had thought. We put in a call to Jive Records, the label behind the group and presumably, Nick's solo record, to get the truth. Their rep assures us that the guys--- including Nick will begin recording in Sweden in July. She says that while Nick is working on his own material, it's too early for the label to have scheduled a release date for his album. Sounds believable. Besides, Nick himself insists he has no plans to leave BSB behind and claims they've been supportive of his new project--- well, for the most part.

"Sometimes there can be a little bit of animosity in certain places," he says offering no details. "But at the end of the day, this is something I want to do very badly. I know they won't hold me back." He also brushes off talk about conflict within the group over which record to release first. "They both are up in the air. My album is coming along little further," he says. "Of all the groups out there, I think we have some of the most talented people. I think we could all be individually successful and have fun doing it by ourselves. When I hear rumors about us breaking up, I toss them out the window, because it's not true. I've been with a group since I was 12 and I just wanted to try something different. A lot of people sad, 'Don't do it. It's the wrong time.' I guess I was thinking, When is the right time?" And with that, he heads into the sound booth, looking happy to be singing his own tune.-

Ask Nick:
Source: ZombaUK

Dear BSB Subscriber,

You may have heard on the grapevine that one of the Backstreet Boys is wrapping up work on his debut solo album. We can now confirm these rumours to be true... Tentatively titled 'Now or Never', the new album by Nick Carter is scheduled for release in October this year.

As part of the preparation for this release, Nick is being interviewed in LA next Monday 22nd July and we want to know what YOU want to know about Nick. If you have a question you'd like answered, please submit them to us at If your question is picked, we'll send you a copy of Nick's new album on it's completion.

The footage to be taken during this time in LA will be play an important part in the release of the album so your input will be welcomely recieved. Questions will need to be submitted by Friday this week.


T.V ALERT!!!!!!!!

8/3 @ 9:00 A.M. (SPEEDCHANNEL): APBA OFFSHORE RACE:Daytona Beach, Fl. Nick Carter Racing took 1st place in the APBA'S season opener.

8/3 @ 8:00 p.m. (NICKOLEDEON): "ALL THAT" Celebrate Music Day with scheduled appearances by Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, BBMak, 3LW, and Jennifer Love Hewitt.

8/5 @ 9:00 p.m. (VH1): "TOTAL ACCESS"  Special takes an inside view of Nick Carter Racing.

8/10@ 10:00 a.m. (SPEEDCHANNEL): APBA OFFSHORE RACE: Marathon, Fl, Nick Carter Racing pulled out if this race due to mechanical failure. May show some clips.

8/10@ 10:00 p.m (CBS) : 48 HOURS Show on popstars. Features an interview with Jane Carter about her two famous sons.

8/17@ 10:00 a.m. (SPEEDCHANNEL): APBA OFFSHORE RACE: Marathon, Fl, Nick Carter Racing pulled out if this race due to mechanical failure. May show some clips.

8/19@ 8:00 p.m. (FOX): TEEN CHOICE AWARDS: Nick Carter is scheduled to appear.


Wednesday, June 26, 2002:

The World According To Aaron: 

 Aaron Carter firmly believes the record company can best be compared to a clever little system known as the food chain. The fans at the top, media savvy and ready to either embrace you or throw you to the lions, Aaron believes that a lot of media big wigs underestimate the power of the people. Sitting on the astroturf in the practice bubble of Giant's Stadium, Aaron reflects on the importance of the fans(besides the fact that they pay his bills).

"Fans are the most important thing to me, " explains Aaron," I think a lot of people at labels put fans aside and think press is more important than the fans...but, press IS the fans. If I had to choose between an interview with 'People Magazine' or a signing with fans, I'd take the signing with the fans without even thinking about it. " For being 14 years old, Aaron sounds wise beyond his years.

Speaking of a new album, Aaron's success with his previous efforts have ensured him main stream success, and this upcoming album should fair no differently. Aaron has plans to devise his final track list of surefire fan favorites. How will he do this, you ask? Why, by getting his fans to pick those very tracks themselves!

Genius, I know.

"What I really wanna do," says Aaron, "is just take the 20 or so tracks that I've recorded and put them on my site and just have the fans pick and choose what they want. Sort of get back to a more interactive thing, I guess. I want this new album to be something the fans really love."

Aaron's new album, tentatively scheduled for release on August 20th, will be titled "Not Another Earthquake," the name representing how the boy wonder is back to shake up the music industry. Collaborating with writers and producers and trying his hand at writing this time around, Aaron explains why he's slightly hesitant to become a one man show where writing and producing new material is concerned.

"Well I mean, I will always have people helping me out with writing and producing, ya know? Producers are there to do a job, and they do their thing like no one else, so I don't think that right now I'll be trying to do all the producing or writing."

Aaron will be going out on tour to support this new album, but fans, there is a catch---Aaron is touring ala Nsync and Britney style, playing his new material before it's released to the general public, taking his new music live one city at a time.

Also deciding to harness his star power to raise awareness on issues that are important to him, Aaron's decided to start his own charity benefiting cerebral palsy, a disease that hit close to home when he learned someone on his road crew was affected.

"It's good to make a difference, and it's good to help people, " says Aaron thoughtfully. " I mean, I'm the type of person who would do anything to help anyone, I'd give an arm and a leg to someone if I thought it'd help them lead a better life. I'm definitely planning on doing events like football games and basketball games to try and raise money for this cause, or even just try to get the fans to learn more about what's going on with cerebral palsy, ya know?"

With Aaron's hordes of fans, I don't think that will be hard to accomplish.

After working on new material for an album, sharing philosophies on the music industry, and sharing his plans to make the world a better place, Aaron also mentions something that he's been striving to achieve for the last 14 years: being cool.

"I just try to blend in and act like everyone else. I'm really into dirt biking," says Aaron with a lopsided grin, "and I love when I break a leg or something doing dirt biking, because I can just go up to people and be like 'Yeah, ya know, I was dirt biking on this huge hill, and I just fell and broke my leg. It was so dangerous.' Because, how can you not be cool when you're pulling a stunt like that?"

Oh, Aaron.

Aaron To Perform At Nation's Capital:
 Aaron will perform at "Independence Day with A Capitol Fourth" on the West Lawn of the U.S. Capitol in Washington, D.C. Tune in to PBS on Thursday, July 4, 2002, 8:00 to 9:30pmET (check local listings) for music, dance, a salute to Old Glory, a tribute to American composer Richard Rodgers and fireworks. This year's program features Barry Bostwick, Aretha Franklin, Aaron Carter, Lee Ann Womack, Richard
Chamberlain, Chuck Berry, tenor Jerry Hadley, jazz singer Jane Monheit, tenor Russell Watson and the National Symphony Orchestra led by guest conductor Erich Kunzel. (repeats at 11pm, 1am, 4:30am)
Nick Carter Was Floating But His Feet Are Grounded Now:
  Backstreet Boys star Nick Carter briefly appeared on Access Hollywood on Tuesday where he addressed his brush with the law back in january, when he was arrested outside this nightclub in Tampa, Florida. Nick admits, "Being with the boys and touring and constantly working, I was in a situation where I couldn't slow down." He admits that the incident was a wake up call though adding, "There was a point where I wasn't quite all there and I was just kind of floating and now, I got my feet on the ground and I'm ready for anything."

The following annoucement appeared :

A brand new cast for 2002 and a heaping helping of new characters - what more could you want from the number one kids sketch comedy show on TV? How about a whole galaxy of stars as guest hosts? Thats right - All That is back with a vengeance: hilarious kid cast, crazy characters, loads of laughs AND a new celebrity guest host, every week! Catch the likes of Britney Spears and Tony Hawk yukkin it up with the cast - now THATs All That!

Nickelodeon's popular sketch show is adding an eighth cast member for the upcoming season...Jamie Lynn Spears the 11-year-old sister of Britney Spears, will join the seven other kids in the cast - Chelsea Brummett, Jack De Sena, Lisa Renee Foiles, Bryan Hearne, Shane Lyons, Kyle Sullivan and Giovonnie Samuels. "All That" has been on Nick for seven seasons, acting as a kids' version of "Saturday Night Live." The show has launched the careers of Nick Cannon ("Men in Black II" ), Kenan Thompson and Kel Mitchell ("Good Burger" ) and Amanda Bynes, who stars in the upcoming WB comedy "What I Like About You." About 3.3 million kids watch "All That" each week.

Scheduled musical/celebrity guests (subject to change!):

June 21 - yasmeen
June 28 - B2K
July 12 - Fabolous, Play with Chris from Dreamstreet, Lil Bow Wow
July 19 - to be announced
August 2 - Music Day - Justin Timberlake, Nick Carter, BBMak, 3LW, Jennifer Love Hewitt

Monday, June 17, 2002:
    The Savannah Grand Prix is next up for NCR. It will be held July 3 - July 7. For more information, log onto
Fond du Lac, WI -- Mercury Racing powered 'Nick Carter Racing' won the Super Vee contest at the 'Cape Cod Rendezvous,' June 8-9, in Yarmouth, Mass. Driver Bob Carter and throttleman Lee Murray averaged 61.10 mph to win the event. The race was round three of the 2002 APBA Offshore Pro Series presented by Mercury Racing. Unseasonable cool weather with heavy rains and high winds forced race officials to run the race on a "storm course" which still produced 8-10 foot seas. Several boats sustained structural hull damage due to the rough conditions. 'Media Master' and 'Phonix Waste' rounded out 2-3 in Super Vee. Both 'Nick Carter Racing' and 'Media Master' are powered by twin Mercury Racing Super Vee race engines coupled to Mercury Racing Dry-Sump Six Drives/Lab FinishedTM propellers
Saturday, June 16, 2002:
   Nick is scheduled to be the Special Guest Host at the Tommy Hilfiger Summer Jam at the Jones Beach Theater in Long Island, NY on Thursday, July 18, 2002. More details in the coming weeks.
Friday, June 14, 2002:
Pop Stars Celebrating Father's Day:
 Father's Day is right around the corner, which means it's time to thank dad for doing what he does best: being a dad We caught up with some of today's hottest stars to find out what they're doing to celebrate their fathers on the big day.
 Like the Carter kids, Father's Day may take you by surprise, but it's Sunday (June 16).
   "I don't know," Nick Carter told Katrillion in response to whether he'd be spending the holiday with dear old dad. "I have a really hard time remembering anything. I remember two holidays: Halloween and Christmas, that's it."
   "I am," Aaron Carter gloated.
Source: Katrillion
Saturday, June 8, 2002:
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter Preparing To Release Solo Album:
  Backstreet Boy Nick Carter will be the first member of the multiplatinum group to release a solo album on Jive Records this fall. Carter told LAUNCH that while a firm release date has not been set, he expects the album to be released this September.
"Right now I've been in the studio, and I've got, like, over 30 songs recorded," he said. "And they are thinking about a single in a couple of months, and the album later on this year--maybe late September".
   The 22-year-old singer added that the album will feature a combinatin of both pop and rock songs. "Of course, I can't stray too far from what I've done, so I'm stuck with that. And I've added a new element of which I've loved since I wa a little baby: rock music. So, I had to add a little bit of rock with it. It's going to be interesting to see how the public accepts it, but at the same time I'm very happy with what I'm doing personally, so it's going to be cool," he said.
   Carter also wanted to dispel any rumors about his solo career marking the beginning of the end for the Backstreet Boys (news-website). "We are not breaking up. I mean, everybody's all, like worried: 'Nick's doing this anf the Backstreet Boys are over,' and all this stuff. I mean, you know, I've been in the group for 10 years, since I was 12, so I mean, I'm 22 now and I really want to try something new," he explained. "That''s basically what I'm doing. Sometimes you can;t make everybody happy--that's the one thing I've learnedin life--but the guys are supporting me, so that's good."
   Carter performed with his younger brother Aaron Carter at the New York radio station Z100's Zootopia 2002 concert at Giant Stadium in East Rutherford, New Jersey, on Sunday (June 2).
Nick Carter on BSB Breakup Rumors:
  When a cryptic posting appeared on the Backstreet Boys' offical website recently, fans were confused about whether the "hiatus" the group was said to be on was actually another way to say "breakup".
   We went straight to the sourse and checked in with Nick Carter backstage Sunday at Zootopia, a music festival sponsored by New York radio station Z-100.
    "We're not breaking up." the group's resident hottie said. "Everybody's all like worried---"Nick's doing this and the Backstreet Boys are over, --and all this stuff. Imean, I'm 22 and I really (want to) try something new. That's basically what I'm doing. Sometimes you can't make everybody happy; that's the one thing I've learned in life. The guys are supporting me, so that's good."
     Nick said the release date for his first solo album isn't set in stone, but fans can expect it to be in stores "maybe late September".
Source: Katrillion
Red Jacket Resorts Back Backstreet Boy's Boat:
    Yarmouth-based Red Jacket Resorts has signed on as a sponsor of Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's offshore powerboat racing team, in the APBA offshore race to be held off the shores of Yarmouth June 7-9.
    Carter's 43-foot Super Vee powerboat features two 750 horsepower engines and can reach speeds of up to 130 mph. It won its divisin in the Daytona Harley Davidson Grand Prix in April.
     "We jumped at a chance to be a part of this exciting event." said Red Jacket's Executive Vice President, Paul McBride. "This race is a great opportunity for our community, and it will provide a tremendous boost to the local economy. Red Jacket operates three beachfront motels in South Yarmouth, where the races will be held.
    According to McBride, Nick Carter and his younger brother Aaron are expected to sing the National Anthem at the opening of the races.
Nick's secret visit to Sweeden?
   The Backstreet Star arrived yesterday (6/4) and spent the day in bed at the hotel in Stockholm.
   "It's nice to be back in Sweeden again," he said when Aftonbladet met up with him outsice the hotel.
    Tonight it's time for the worldwide superstar to go out in Stockholm's nightlife again. And then, seems like anything could happen.
    Two months ago, his night out at Cafe' Opera got an abrupt ending when he got into a fight with his friend/bodyguard. They started yelling at each other and suddenly Nick punched his friend hard in the face.
     Nick Carter was in Stockholm to meet songwriters and producers, and to record for his upcoming solo album.
      He styed for a week. Sources to Aftonbladet are saying that this time, he's supposed to stay just as long, if not longer, even 2 weeks.
       Things are very secret around who Nick Carter is working with in Stockholm. The Backstreet Boy has worked with, for example Max Martin in the Cherion Studios before.
      But this time it looks like Nick is working in the "La Carr Studio" with Douglas Carr amongst other people, who earlier worked with Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, and Ace of Base.
Source: Aftonbladet
Monday, May 27, 2002:
Nick & Aron Expected at Cape Cod's Rendezvous Race:
    Word is, Backstreet Boy blondie Nick Carter and his little bro, Aaron, are expected to sing the national anthem at the Cape Cod Renezvous Power Boat Race in Yarmouth, June 7-9. Carter's 43-foot Super Vee (which sports two 750-horsepower engines) will be among the 70- plus boats competing in the American Power Boat Associations' race. The people at the Red Jacket Resorts are sponsoring Nick's sea demon.
Sorce: Boston Herald
CBS' Early Show:
    Don't forget to set your vcr's. Nick will be performing with Aaron on CBS' Early Show, Friday, May 31 (during the 8am hour). They will sing their duet "NOT TO YOUNG, NOT TO OLD" off Aaron's "Oh Aaron" cd.
Nick wrote a Book?:
     Yep, it's true. Nick wrote a book tiltled : Brotherhood. It's about he and Aaron and their relationship. It's scheduled for release in September 2002. To pre-order the book, log on to
 Aaron's Summer Tour:
     That's right folks, AC's on tour this summer, and he's coming to your area.
     5/28: 98 PXY'S SUMMER JAM 02
               Rochester, NY @ Tech Center
     5/31: 92 PRO-FM BIRTHDAY BASH
               Providence, RI @ Dunkin Donut Center
     6/1:   KISS 108 CONCERT
               Mansfield, Ma @ Tweeter Center
     6/2:   Z100'S ZOOTOPIA  2002
               NY @ Giant Stadium
     6/8:   FM 106.1 KISS PARTY 2002
               Dallas, Tx @ Smirnoff Music Center
     6/9:   93.3 FLZ- THE BIG ONE V2
               Tampa, Fla @ Ice Palace
     6/13: Z107.7 SUMMER JAM
                Maryland Heights, Mo @ UMB Bank Pavillion
     6/14: CHANNEL 93.3 "YOUR SHOW3"
               San Diego, Ca @ Coors Amphitheater
               Pasadena, Ca @ The Rose Bowl
     6/22:  B96 SUMMER BASH 2002
               Koliet, Il @ Route 66 Raceway
*** To purchase tickets to any of these events, call    
Monday, May 20, 2002:
Carter Racing's Boat drops out of Keys Race:
   Marathon, Fl--- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's Super Vee offshore raceboat broke down Sunday, forcing his team to drop out of the Marathon Grand Prix in the Florida Keys.
   The drive shaft broke on one of the 40-foot Fountain powerboat's two engines during the thrid of 20 laps around a five-mile race course.
   " I was very disappointed and so was the crew." said Carter, 22, who owns the boat, but is not driving it during the 2002 American Power Boat Association's (APBA) racing season.
    "Things like this do happen. That's racing."
Sunday, May 19, 2002:
Carter Racing has disappointing Day in Marathon:
    Nick Carter Racing came in 3rd place after completing only 3 laps due to a broken drive shaft in the second race. NCR is now in 2nd place in the Super Vee Class with a total of 183 points....only 10 points behind the leading team Media Master.
Nick Seeks His Team's Second Win:
   Marathon, Fl-- Backstreet Boy Nick Carter seeks his team's second win of the year at the American Power Boat Association's Offshore Grand Prix in the Florida Keys on Sunday.
   Carter, a Keys resident who arrived Thursday following a two-week solo recording session in London, is eager to see whether his 43-foot Super Vee-class boat can duplicate its victory at the April 28, season opener in Daytona Beach.
   "I didn't expect to win, because it was the first time I ever did it." Carter said.
    A back ailment has kept Carter's father, Bob, from driving the boat. Lee Murray and Steve Oropeza of Key West are to handle piloting duties in Marathon.
Monday, May 13, 2002:
Nick to Appear at 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT:
   Timebeat subsidairy 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT is hosting a Music Industry Summit with Nick Carter and other industry leaders in Orlando, Fl, May 23, 2002.
    Particpants will discuss the current state of the music industry including, consolidation of distribution, the short-term profit motives of major lables, and reasons why major record companys are reducing their efforts to develop new talents.
    At the conclusion of the summit, the participants will discuss opportunites presented by 2 LIVE ENTERAINMENT business plan that includes: identifying new artist, obtaining distribution, developing a music asset catalog,(listings of artists), developing a creative support team,(writers, musicians, choreographers), developing a revenue stream for the mastering & production of compact discs, and acquisitions of an exsiting digital production facility.
 The objective of the summit is to lay the foundation for new exectutives to join the management of 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT and to begin capitalizing on the opportunites present in the 2 LIVE ENTERTAINMENT business plan.
Nick Carter- a Grammy nominated Jive recording artist, who is one of the five members of Backstreet Boys. Nick has been in the music industry for over 10 years, and apart from his recording career, he owns a management company (Ncontrol Management) where he is currently shaping the future of new rock artist "Breakout".
Saturday, May 11, 2002:
Nick & Aaron to performa on CBS Early Show:
   Nick will be performing with Aaron on CBS Early Show, Friday, May 31, (during the 8am hour) on the corner of 59th and 5th Ave. They will sing their duet "NOT TOO YOUNG, NOT TOO OLD" off Aaron's "Oh Aaron " cd. If you live or are visiting the New York City area, come on down and party-- It's free.
Carters & Disney:
   The Carter Clan, including Nick and Aaron, set sail on the Disney Cruise for a week of family relaxation. Their voyage began on April 28, and concluded on May 2, 2002.
Nick Carter Racing Televised:
   Begining June 22, 2002, The Speed Channel will be televising the American Power Boat Association Offshore's 2002 Season. Check local TV listings for channel, and  for TV schedule.
Sunday, May 5, 2002:
Nick & Aaron to perform at B96 Summer Bash in Chicago:
  The B96 Summer Bash 2002 is Saturday, June 22, at the Route 66 Raceway in Juliet...featuring live performances by Shakira, Ja Rule, Mary J. Blige, Brian McKnight, Ashanti, and Nick & Aaron Carter, plus more artists will be announced soon. Tickets for the Summer Bash 2002, go on sale Friday, May 3 @ 6:00 at all Ticketmaster outlets. Ticket prices are $20-$75. For more information, go to .
Source: B96
Nick Carter Racing Team Set for Hometown Debut in the Florida Keys:
Marathon, Fla.-- May 4, 2002- Nick Carter, one of the acclaimed Backstreet Boys' pop musics group, loves offshore powerboat racing.
His father, Bob Carter, is even more enamored of the sport.
Between them, the two residents of Marathon, in the Florida Keys, have established the Nick Carter Racing Team and are sheduled to have their first hometown start Firday, May 17, though Sunday, May 19, at the APBA Marathon Offshore Grand Prix, the second race of the American Power Boat Association's 2002 offshore racing season.
To view the full story and to get Marathon race information, log onto   
Tuesday, April 30, 2002:
TV ALERT!!!!!!
   Aaron and Nick will be featured on 48 Hours "Teen Idols" tomorrow 5/1/02 on CBS at 10:00pm. Tune in to watch the adorable Carter Bros.
Monday, April 29, 2002:
Backstreet Boy Nick Carter's boat racing team wins debut
   Daytona Beach, Fla,- Backstreet Boy singer Nick Carter is once again at the top of the charts- this time in high-speed powerboat racing.
    The 22-year-pld pop star on Sunday watched his team, Nick Carter Racing, win the first race of this year's American Power Boat Association Offshore Tour.
    The event marked the debut of Carter's 40-foot, 130-mph Super Vee-class boat, which had never been tested in open- water competion. " I didn't expect we would do so well," Carter said. "I would have been happy just to place."
     Carter started the team in February so his father, Bob, could pilot the boat in races. Bob Carter let Key West chiropractor Steve Oropeza take the helm Sunday while fellow Key West resident Lee Murray handled the throttles.
     Nick Carter also announced that he was "seriously thinking" about buying another race boat and running it himself. " I've really gotten into the sport. I'll start off in one of the smaller classes, learn all I can." Nick Carter said.
     The Carter family lives in the Florida Keys. They were introduced to high-speed powerboat racing during last November's Offshore World Championships in Key West.
      The Offshore Tour makes it's next stop in Carter's hometown of Marathon  May 17-19.
Source:The Associated Press,
Sunday, April 28, 2002:
Nick Carter Racing takes Victory:
   Nick Carter Racing have just finshed their debut race at Daytona Beach with a Victory. The team placed 1st in the Super Vee race with maxium speeds of 88.9 mph. Below are the offical results as reported by the APBA offshore racing,
    1st - Nick Carter Racing
    2nd- Media Master
    3rd- Lady Sarah
Backstreet Boy in Town
    Backstreet Boy Nick Carter and his family have set up Nick Carter Racing's dry pit in the DIS infield along with the other boats here for the APBA offshore race.
    The Factory 2-class boat has one of the more noticeable paint jobs in a class of participants that generally run basic white. Mostly blue, it'll be easy to spot from the shore.
Source: Daytona Beach News
The Super Vee Race begins at 12:00pm on Sunday. To listen live to the race, log on to the APBA website.
*** side note***- For more information on the APBA Offshore Racing, log onto their website at
Saturday, April 27, 2002:
Nick to sing before offshore race
    Daytona Beah, Fl - Teen heartthrob Nick Carter of pop music's Backstreet Boys will introduce his 43-foot offshore racing powerboat--with two 750 horsepower engines Sunday's offshore powerboat race along the beach.
    Carter. 22, won't actually be in the boat racing in American Power Boat Association's Super Vee class. The 130 mph boat will be piloted by his father, Bob Carter. Nonetheless, the whole Carter family will be in Daytona Beach and Nick Carter will sing the national anthem on race day.
Source: Daytona Beach News
Aaron & Nick Summer Appearances-
    Aaron and Nick will be teaming up once again this summer. Not to record, but to perform. They are schedule to appear at the following events:
     6/1 : Boston, KIIS 108 Great Woods Radio Show
     6/2 : NY Giant Stadium, Z100's Zootopia 2002
     6/15 : Passadena Rose Bowl, Wango Tango

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